Skin Is Blue

I'm working from home today which has allowed me the luxury of watching the morning news on television.

Now, normally my news is obtained through the radio and by reading articles "online." This means I miss out on the version of the news as colored by the major networks trying to be "accessible."

This morning they were talking about the Forbes Web Celeb list and honestly, the interviewer may as well have asked the interviewee to remind viewers what "The" "Internet" is again. (A "web...log?" What is this crazy futuristic writing machine of which you speak?!)

Then later, they highlighted this news bit that was just so hard-hitting, I had to take a picture of my television to show you.

Ha! Take that, NPR.


  1. If anyone is interested in watching why the man turned blue, you can watch it at

  2. So Papa Smurf does indeed exist eh? Kinda cute.


  3. I saw that on CNN, of all places, this morning. I paused the DVR, hit rewind and called my bf into the room... i couldn't believe it. Oh, and he didn't think the blue color came from DRINKING LIQUID SILVER to cure all of his ailments, but rather from the time he RUBBED LIQUID SILVER ALL OVER HIS FACE.


  4. I don't watch the news at all, and you are the second person to tell me about this.

    Hard hitting news, indeed! *laugh*

    Nice to see I'm not the only one with the elusive 'I got nothin' for ya today' blog post. *grin*

  5. Sadly, the poor guy looks like a Blue Santa. That would be an awesome claymation Christmas Movie: The Year Santa Was Blue. You could star as the kid who cheered him up!

  6. Whoa.

    And also, Merry Christmas! Hope you and your family have a great day.

  7. I have inexplicably gotten in the habit of turning on my local news station in the morning. I especially pay attention to the traffic part, since I walk to work. Be careful, those "Skin is Blue" and "There were 11 murders in the District this weekend" stories are kind of addicting.

  8. i went to a small engineering school in colorado that used to have a huge rivalry with CU Boulder (this was WAY back in like the 1930s or something). The students at my school had access to all sorts of chemicals back then (before regulations and whathaveyou). One year, they somehow turned the CU football team blue by using the liquid silver - but i'm not sure exactly how they did it. i guess it took a long long time to wear off.

    blue and silver were our school colors, so it's fitting.

    unfortunately, that's all i remember about this story - an alumni told it to me freshman year. :)

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