Good News And Bad News

I don't know why this happens every year.

I think, Oh hey, my workload seems totally manageable this year! I'll bet I can actually enjoy this holiday season!

And then my holiday spirit is slowly crushed under the weight of endless to-dos I never saw coming. Which results in things like crying over a festive Chex Mix gone awry.


The bad news is there won't be much blogging happening for the rest of the week because I'll be frantically rushing around trying to finish everything before Xanax and Ish and I leave for my sister's house in Massachusetts on Thursday night.

[On an unrelated note, my apartment is so cold and the heat so inefficient that I actually just felt wind here on my livingroom sofa. Oh the weather on your sofa is frightful...]

The good news is that I'm bringing my laptop and will actually be blogging throughout the holidays. Are you so excited?

Live! From Dysfunction! It's the Sammis Family Christmas!

Not that our family is really that dysfunctional anymore. With both my parents gone, not only is Christmas a bit more quiet and tender and sad, it's also far less dramatic. I do not think that anyone will be throwing a meat fork at anyone else while screaming obscenities, for example. But then, who's to say?

In the meantime, I leave you with this crazy tidbit: for pretty much no reason, I knitted myself a hat.

It started when my a cappella group decided that we'd do a Yankee Swap this year, with gifts we made ourselves. And I decided that I would have to haul out my knitting again, since it's the only thing I know I can actually make (as opposed to something like "baked goods" -- remember how I cried over the complexity of Chex mix?).

The scarf I ended up knitting was quite cute, if I do say so. Although I have to attribute that entirely to my selection of yarn. Because I learned early on that if the yarn is interesting enough, you can just do knit stitches and it seems like you did something really quite amazing.

Thus this evening, when I was faced with a full inbox, a crazy schedule, an upside-down apartment, and piles of dirty clothes that somehow have to be cleaned and packed, I decided that the single most pressing thing for me to do was to not let great yarn go unused.

I am maybe losing my mind.

But at least I'm gangsta.

Yes, I took this photo tonight. Also, no, I'm not so much making a gang sign as I am making a sideways peace sign because I have zero idea what a gang sign actually, like, is. Pretend I made a peace sign for Christmas or something. La la la.


  1. jen from wifenofun.com5:44 AM, December 19, 2007

    That hat is just adorable! Also, since I too am a white girl gangsta, I also make the sideways peace sign, because I am mostly sure that it doesn't mean anything. Either that or I got it from some lame 90's rap video. Have a good holiday! I can't wait for the updates!

  2. I want a hat too. It's all I want for Christmas. Really.

  3. Hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

    (like the hat!)

  4. Ooo how cute! You got skillz, sistah. Yeah lol so not gangsta either. Happy Holidays!

  5. You're the only person I know who had holiday traditions. What was the book y'all read? I hope you still keep those traditions.

  6. The hat is super cute! I want one! oh and you are in an acapella group? news to me

  7. I sort of thought.. Marky Mark and Good Vibrations and whatnot.

    Hat looks cute, though.
    One of those days when you wish you could knit and have world peace and be the next dogg....

    Its all good.

  8. Fantastic hat (what yarn is that? I really need a few hats to tuck into coat pockets/cars...)

    I'm not sure I've ever commented here - so hello!


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