Don't Look At Me Like That

I'm tired and cranky, and have not been able to break away from my computer long enough this week to tell you all about how well my personal training session went.

And by "well" I mean I am halfway through a Manhattan the size of my head.

We'll be discussing this soon.

Meantime, I feel as though I should remind you why I am so gosh-darn busy, what with it being post-Memorial Day and THE ENORMOUS CONFERENCE THAT ATE CHICAGO AND MY LIFE AND PATIENCE is a mere like, seven weeks away. And all.

So um, are you going? We should totally hang out. I may have extra valium and everything.

BlogHer '07 Fun

(And p.s. If you want info and/or low-down on the event, just let me know!)

* * *

p.p.s. Are any of you in/from France? Please email me if so.


  1. Code ? There's a secret code ? Or ... crap, am I supposed to learn that stuff before I can be a real blogger ? Damn.


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