The Big Three-Oh. (Uh, Ah-Gen.)

What's funnier than turning 30...for the third year in a row? I have no idea, but thought I might try and find out.

Well, right. I had so much damn fun turning 30 *again* last year, I thought I may as well keep doing it. So to celebrate, I'm booking a private comedy show just! And my friends! (And maybe you if, you know, you're interested.) (And you totally should be because otherwise I'll keep throwing exclamation points at you!)

When: Tuesday, July 3rd. Because you have July 4th off.

What: Birthday Comedy Show & General All Night Good-Timery

Time: Doors open at 7. Show will start at 8. Party goes all night.

Where: Email me for deets.

I always like extending the invitation to the Internet at large,
because very few of you ever actually reply. Technology is very weird.

This really is a private comedy show, and will be featuring some of my favorite comedians from around the Bay Area, hosted by none other than Peter Bartlett (that's Ish to you). You're welcome to invite your friends along and share the love. No cover, and we have the venue for the whole night.

Cash bar, because hi. I am not made of money and you know how to drink.


As always, gifts are wholly unnecessary. Tiaras are encouraged.

And this year I will try not to end the night by throwing up into an ice bucket.

But I'm making no promises.


  1. Wish I could be there.
    I think you really have no clue how very special you are, and how truly funny, and WORTH IT.
    I wish you all good things, Dear Girlie.
    You go.

    From the Old Dame in the San Fernando Valley.


  2. Wow, I haven't been here in a while and I just wanted to say:

    I LOVE the new look! Of the blog, I mean.

    Good luck with your trainer and your tiaras.

  3. wish i could be there...sounds like a spectacular night. my 36th birthday is thursday the 5th so i would have totally appreciated the laugh fest.

    alas i need to stay here in the burgh. family shin dig, pirates baseball, big & rich concert and fireworks is still not a bad way to celebrate.

    happy, happy birthday!!

  4. Sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to be able to go - - unfortunately, Central Illinois is quite a commute!

    But Happy Birthday, and have a great time! (Might want to consider bringing your own ice bucket, though . . . lol)

  5. Some people are 29 for years. At least you have been 30 for a while.

    Wow, this sounds like so much fun. Will there be any strippers, too?

  6. Hey I made it to the FIRST 30 party! YAY! Wish I could be there this year. I just finished partying for the week of my birthday.

    Happy birthday kiki!

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  8. This year I was 30 for the 20th time. Don't fear. Life just gets better and better.


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