So Neil had this cool idea. He asked that readers send in photos of their beds, because really -- how interesting. How we sleep, what our beds and bedrooms look like, say so much about us. (Not that I contributed. I mean, you pretty much know everything there is to know about me and seeing my lovely-but-almost-always-disheveled bed is not going to provide any new insight.)

Taking this one step further, Laurie decided to ask her readers to provide snapshots of their favorite knitting spots. And of course, her awesome readers replied and she compiled them and it's quite remarkable.

Sometimes I am blown away by how humanizing the Internet can be.

Anyway, I was telling Ish* about this, because a) it's so humanizing and interesting and b) I talk about my blog acquaintances as though they are everyday friends in "real life," because to me, they are.

"Hey, so did you see what Neil did with the pictures of beds?" I asked.

"No, what?" he replied.

"Neil asked his readers to send in pictures of their beds, and then Laurie asked people to send in pictures of their favorite knitting spots and it's just really cool."

"Did they get a lot of pictures?" Ish inquired.


He paused only briefly.

"I think I should do the same thing on my blog..."

"Oh?" I asked.

"...But I'm going to ask for pictures of boobs."

I stared at him. He grinned.

"Think it'll work?"

*For those of you just joining our program, Ish is my boyfriend. He is so named because he is, among other things, an aspiring comedian. As such, someone once said he is funny...ish.


  1. Dammit! I rushed as fast as I could over to Ish's blog and no boobs! Just China Stories Part 30. Way earn some web hits, Ish!

  2. Ish, all men do think alike. I tried that once also, and it DIDN'T work. Internet love only goes so far. Now if it were for charity, maybe...

  3. I bet he'll get some just because you posted this :P

  4. You'd think he'd get more photos because most women only have one bed but two boobs.

    -Tom Coffee

  5. That is excellent!! I was thinking that "Ish" was just short for his real or something?? Your story is much more fun though.

  6. I'll send him a picture of MY boobs if he really wants them.

  7. Two things:

    1. My nickname is also Ish, because I was once quasi-dating a friend of mine and he was asked if I was his girlfriend. He replied that I wasn't but that I was gorlfriend-ish.

    2. Daniel at Don't Feed the Monkeys got the boob picture thing to work (gallery in his sidebar under "Melons"). Not that I would ever contribute to such a thing...ahem...

  8. Pictures of boobs...on the Internets? It's just crazy enough to work.

  9. gentlemen, would you rather do boobs or booty?

  10. Amber, no... you'd never do such a thing.

    Damn... boobs or booty on the internet?? hmm... I vote for BOTH!

    Love the female form. What a piece of art.

  11. LOL @ the origin of the name "ish"

    Tell him to be careful asking for breasts on the internet. Usually, the women most willing to show them are the unappealing ones who should keep them covered at ALL times.

  12. Wow. I can't WAIT to see what the search engines pick out of THIS particular thread.


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