Becoming A Better Blogger

Thanks, as always, for the tremendous support and well-wishes you've bestowed.

(Gosh, remember when I used to have horribly mean commenters? Guess I got boring! HA! Oh well!)

So I'm looking forward to being a better blogger. More posts, more regularly. And with feedback, too.

When I first started blogging, I thought leaving comments in the comment section (of my own blog) was kind of tacky. I tried to only make comments for purposes of clarification (uh, or defense, as necessary). But I think it's different now. Now I think it's tacky NOT to acknowledge people who've taken the time to comment, and I've done a lousy job at so doing.

Now that I will be at the same computer all day, that my work and home computer are the same thing -- and that my work will probably just be something I'm doing all the time -- I feel like I'll be here all the time, too.



  1. I have not been one to "comment back" but I think you may have changed my mind...

  2. I like to comment back as much as I can but it is hard to keep up with sometimes. I reply to a lot of comments by email directly to the commenter. Congratulations on your new job, you are truly going to be living the dream now. Don't forget about us small time bloggers when you make it big!

  3. Shari - I really don't know what the protocol is, except I realized that when I comment on other people's blogs (which I don't do very often, because I always think I sound annoying or stupid) I check back to see if I've been acknowledged in some way.

    And then realized I don't do it here. But I totally get if ppl feel otherwise.

    Jen - You know, I have zero idea if my being part of BlogHer will change the popularity of my own personal blog. I suspect not, really.

    But anyway, that's nice of you to email people. I'm horrible at that, too. I love receiving email, but am so bad at replying (mostly for the same reason as above -- that I always think I sound annoying and/or stupid). But still, I'm working on getting better.

  4. congrats on your new job.
    stop worrying whether you sound annoying or stupid - you rarely sound either.
    Also, I was wondering about that too - where did all the negative commenters go? Perhaps your content just doesn't elicit anger anymore? (which I mean in a good way)

  5. So, will you be officially paid to blog at the office now? As opposed to, you know, blogging while being paid presumably to do other activities... ;)

    Pretty cool! Congrats on the new job!

  6. I'm new to the blog world, and I wish someone had told me ages ago how great it is to have this amazing window into people's lives. And I think it makes it even more interesting to see a dialogue between the blogger and commenters.

  7. I remember the mean commenters.. You used to think I was one of them. Well, I'm NOT, I just try not to censor myself. I'm happy for you.

    Now, if you would kindly remove the word verification...

  8. congrats on the new position! change can be so scary, even good change, but you are going to be fabulous and i'm certain you will shine bright.

    jester says november is post or die month (or some such thing), so since i don't have a blog i'm commenting instead of lurking here. great site...can't wait to read more about your soon to be old company once you are officially gone.

    good luck! (not that you need luck!!)

  9. Congrats on the new job! Purrrfect for you. I'm finally at least POSTING on my own


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