Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Zeitgeist Pants (The First To Go)

what are zeitgeist pants, you ask?

are they pants that represent the "spirit of our time"? well yeah. sorta.

'zeitgeist' is actually a punk rock biker bar here in sf that is as low-key and unpretentious as you can get. however, as i'm neither punk rock nor a biker, most of my clothes are not very zeitgeist-esque.

i can be low-key and unpretentious, though, and so i have this pair of baggy, olive green jeans that i wear most every time i go to zeitgeist. and so i call them my zeitgeist pants.

now, these pants are a large size. and they were a tiny bit big for me when i moved to sf 3 years ago. and then they were less big. and then i couldn't fit into them anymore. and then, after last year's weight loss, i could wear them again comfortably. phew! so comfortably, i wore them all last summer for every group outing to zg.

tonight, i am meeting a friend at zg--the first time i've been there in months. and i decided to wear my zg pants.

i am thrilled to report that as of today, my zg pants are definitely, officially too big for me. they are not quite falling down, but i can pull these off without unbuttoning them (and they are jeans!).

so tonight will (hopefully) be the last time i ever wear these pants (ever). and when i return home, i can take them off, tuck them away, and officially start my "fat clothes"'s the new zeitgeist.

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