Valentine's Mini-Break

it's currently thursday and valentine's day is monday. in my world, where celebrations last as long as possible, this entire weekend is devoted to valentine's-like activities.

and...i have decided to go off my diet for the weekend!

what? don't look at me like that.

i've been really good! today is the 10th which means that for one whole month, the only true transgression i've had is a piece of baklavah. everything else has been strictly SBD-approved or in strict moderation. (go me!)

taking a weekend off is my reward. i know it might seem odd--rewarding myself for eating healthily by not eating so healthily--but having this weekend to look forward to has helped me give up stuff in the meantime, e.g., "why ruin it now? i can hold off till valentine's."

so this plan has actually been helpful already. and plus, t is taking me to a swanky place on saturday and i'll be damned if i'm not going to have dessert. i'm not even a big dessert person (i'm seriously looking more forward to bread, mashed potatoes, and/or fries), but it's practically the point of the whole stupid holiday anyway. and i'm nothing if not festive.

as for my weight...i know i'm losing, i just don't know how fast. my ring has been erratic, as has my water weight. i had originally planned on weighing myself after valentine's day. now i think that's stupid. it's still early, my working out has not been as consistant as i'd like, and i don't think getting on the scale after a weekend's binging makes any sense.

my new goal weigh-in day: march 10. that's two months after starting, one month from today. what should my realistic goal be? 10 lbs? 15? 20? i'm afraid 20 is too much, though it'd be super. i think 5 lbs/month is a reasonable expectation, understanding that more will come off the first few weeks.

so okay: 3/10 = 15+ lbs gone.

*crosses fingers*

*drinks more water*


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