Ring of Bloat

i asked for some jewelry for christmas and received a few lovely pieces. one in particular is a silver ring that's actually three bands of silver loosely intertwined.

the ring currently just fits my (ring) finger on my right hand. so i decided that i'm going to wear it regularly as a sort of weight-loss gauge. dropping clothes sizes and losing pounds are good indicators (duh) of my body's changes, but i like the consistency of the ring and the day-to-day "feedback" i get from wearing it.

for example, i put the ring on this morning and wore it for about 15 min. before realizing it's too tight to wear today. with it on, my finger looks like a little pink sausage with a silver belt.

now it's off and in my bag, reminding me that eating salty foods and drinking too much wine right before bed is a bad idea. (the ring is kind of bitchy.)

i look forward to the day when the ring becomes too loose to wear.


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