A Word About Sizes

i haven't yet been very specific about what size i am or what size i'd like to be...but perhaps it's time.

when i was in the best shape i've ever been in (about 10 yrs ago now! gah!), i was about a size 6 in jeans.

now, this does not mean i could always wear a size 6 pant, because my ass never got below a size 8. if the pants (like jeans) were forgiving, i could pull off a size 6. in fact, i think i had an a-lined skirt in a size 5. however, not all pants are created equal, and i'd rather wear 8s than go the way of the cameltoe...

...and this does not mean the rest of my body was a 6 or 8, either. i couldn't go near a size 6 one-piece dress, for example. my breasts--smaller though they were--would just pop right out (and let's face it--that's not really the preferred look for a sundress).

anyway, while i'm watching the poundage in general, i'm not going by what i weigh so much as by what i fit into.

and when i talk about sizes, i mean whole sizes. so for instance, going from a size 10 to a size 8 is ONE size.

that means that the pants i was wearing yesterday were three whole sizes smaller than the pants i wore on wednesday. (and 6 actual numeric sizes smaller.)

and i have four whole sizes yet to go to reach my goal.

you do the math.


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