In Honor Of National Toilet Paper Day...

Yes, folks. Today is National Toilet Paper Day. I don't know what to do with this fact other than share it because why? How? What? 

Here, I'll make a totally lame connection. Ready?

Anytime I see an image of The Thinker sculpture, I can't help but imagine that he is on the toilet. I don't mean to think this. I never meant to think that. But I did, when I was a kid, and it never ever leaves my brain because LOOK. 

It's not hard to imagine, right? 

My point is. Sometimes people do some thinking when they're on the toilet, ostensibly using Toilet Paper.

Note: there is no toilet paper in my drawing because it hadn't been invented yet. And if you feel like telling me that toilets ALSO hadn't been invented yet, shhhhh. 

And one time when I was "thinking" (SEE HOW THIS IS ALL RELATED?) I decided it would be nice to have all of my favoritest posts from over the many, many years I've been writing here in one place. 

So I did it. I went through all my archives and picked out what I thought were the best posts (because apparently I don't give a crap (HA! MORE POTTY HUMOR!) what YOU think) and now they're on a page called -- oh-so-humbly -- "The BEST posts.

Like remember that time I had the picture of my fridge? And when I got lost on my own street? They're all there. For you to read the next time YOU are, you know, "thinking."


  1. you have some seriously fantastic drawing skills!

  2. The two most civilizing inventions in human history: the indoor flush toilet and soft-but-strong TP.

  3. Hilarious! How is it that he was always just thinking when I looked at him?


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