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I'm coming back soon. And in the meantime, you may have noticed that things look different around here. Again. Yay!

The BlogHer Conference is this week. I'm not attending the conference, but I am headed to San Diego where my company, Clever Girls Collective, is hosting a huge party the night before the conference begins. It will be fun and awesome and full of rock star goodness. I will wear something too low-cut and too short and drink champagne and meet all kinds of people. This will be "work."

(Yes. I am feeling pre-guilt for leaving my kids for two nights.)

In the meantime, I leave you with this video. We asked members of our network to send in videos of them lip-syncing to Pink's "Raise Your Glass" and while we only had a few folks brave enough to send something's really hilarious and awesome and so, so fun to watch.

So, please do.

Will I see you in SD?


  1. That was absolutely awesome!

    I'm hoping to see you in SD. I'm on the party wait list... and I sent in a volunteer form.

  2. All kinds of coolness!!! Loved it.

  3. big love to the phenomenal women in the video!

    blogher isn't my thing so i won't see you (boo!), but i hope all who travel to san diego have the time of their lives. stay safe and enjoy!

  4. Hi-larious. I watched it twice, and have a feeling I will be watching it again in SD! Woohoo! Can't wait to meet you!

  5. Um, how did I miss the call for videos?? My three-year-old loves that song and we would have rocked it. Props to those lovely ladies!!

  6. Love the amazing women in the video!

  7. Love that video, great job ladies!


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