Boy Names?

Here's something hilarious and terrifying:

I am due in 8 weeks. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

We have not stocked up on new baby things yet at all. We have not dusted off Eve's bassinet. We have not transferred Eve to a new sleeping arrangement so that the Butterlump can have her crib. All of the baby gear we do have is pink. Because we didn't think that one through.

In short, if this baby came early for some reason, we would not do you say..."prepared."

But "stuff" aside? We also do not have a name. We have definite contenders (family names, mostly, including Sammis*). But we do not have a name for sure and the last time we talked about baby names on this blog you all had fantastic ideas for girls.

In fact, it was because of you that we came THISCLOSE to naming Eve "Finnouala."

So I'm putting it out there to you again: What are your suggestions for baby boy names? 

We like super traditional and old-fashioned but not super popular (see: Eve). Ish also LOVES the idea of naming him something that comes with a nickname he'd have been given in the 1950s. I guess like "Scout" or "Lumpy." (Except we are not naming our son "Lumpy." Not just because the name is LUMPY -- which should be enough -- but because Lumpy was the nickname of The Beaver's lame sidekick buddy on Leave it to Beaver, which is ridiculous when you think about it because Beaver was totally lame himself. So Lumpy is the name you give to a lame person's even lamer friend. Not cool.)

(Apologies if "Lumpy" is a friend of yours.)

Authors, Brits, and Celtic/Gaelic names always have appeal.

We love the name Dashiell (Dash!), for example.

Whereas we do not love the name "Lemuel." DID YOU HEAR ME, ISH? FOR THE LAST TIME, LEMUEL IS NOT ON THE TABLE.

*If you do not happen to like the name Sammis, please do not feel the need to chime in and tell us so. That is the reason people don't share possible baby names with other people in the first place.


  1. I believe your friend Beth would like to be consulted and would be willing to put together charts and graphs if necessary.

  2. JAMES!!!

    Or Lee?

    My (late) father was named James, and my douchebag brother (single, unmarried -- see douchebag reference) "claims" dibs on James. Which I don't even know what to think.

    So name the boy James, I say.

  3. I highly recommend the forum "Baby's Named a Bad Bad Thing" ( Those people will give great advice, and some really honest (and wise) criticism.

    Just tell them what you're looking for, and they'll be on it.

  4. I'm no help, as we used up our one acceptable boy name on Wombat (whose name is not Wombat). One of my front-runners was Rowan, though, and I still love it.

  5. I was thinking of Jeremiah, but you could use the Anglicized form Jeremy. Could lead to "Jerry", "Remo", or just "J".

  6. Name him Sammis. You are welcome.

  7. Leo, Charlie, Kellen, Bradley, Brendan, Cole, Taylen, Carson, Everett, Tristan, Forrest, Avery, Sawyer, Owen, Henry, Thatcher, Preston, Riley, Sonny, Talen

  8. I kind of like Kieran, but it might be a little too popular these days. I am a big fan of Celtic names, so I would for sure dig through a book or website (of which I think there are many) of those to see what might appeal.

    Good luck!

  9. Some suggestions:
    Stuart, Sabastian, Theodore, Clark, Finley, Vincent, Bram, Dugal, Eoin, Kenneth

  10. Like the other poster, I like Kieran too (not sure how popular it is in the US, but I only know one personally here in the UK). But I also like Ewan and Ethan. Also Liam and Graham. But this advice from a person who would totally name her little girl "Holly Noelle" if she thought she could get away with it. :D (I'd probably have to divorce her father before I gave birth to do that, however. ;) ) I do really like the idea of "Sammis", as it is a bit unusual, but has meaning for you.

  11. Hey, pink used to be the boy color... ;p
    I'm partial to Francis [=free] cuz it is my betrothed's. ;p
    Also nice: Nicholas [cool meaning, Samuel [instead of Lemuel], Sebastian is lovely as another commenter said. is super cool--you can put in parameters, which is what I'm doing now. With or w/o religion, for example.

    Neville [= new village...I'm a Harry Potter fan], Oswald (pronounced OZ-wald), is of Old German origin, and it's meaning is "God's power". It may also derive from a different Germanic phrase, meaning "man from the south woods", Seneca [Native American and Roman], Conrad [wise counsel], Davy/Davey [short for David, beloved], Lionel [little lion], Duncan:
    Anglicized form of the Gaelic Donnchadh, a Gaelic name composed of Old Celtic elements donn (brown) and chadh (warrior),, Vaugh[a]n: Welsh name meaning little, Wilson is nice but you might get some people thinking baseball fever? ;p

    Sammis is nice. I'm a fan of family names. Strongly considering family names if I ever have kids. ;p

    Hope this helps...that website is really cool, I like their Voyager, too, you can see popularity through time for the top 1000 names in the US. Enjoy! ;p

  12. The obvious one, of course, is Adam. And Eve. Right? So no.
    But how about Finn? Short, boyish Finnouala....

  13. I've always loved the name Tobias.

  14. Declan

  15. Finneas is Gaelic, nickname Finn (trying to stay with Finnoula)

  16. I love the name Sammis. Love it.

  17. Well living in Scotland I have been bombarded with Gaelic names, and I like a whole lot of them, but ones that I would actually saddle a kid with are few. My favourites are:


    I also like:


    And who cares if all the baby stuff is pink? It's not like your little fella is going to know that pink is a "girl" colour until much later, when somebody tells him it is.

  18. Frederick. Tobias. Spencer. Desmond.

  19. My first son is named Nickolas Daniel (Nick), and my baby boy (almost 6 is still a baby, right?) is named Rory Joseph, after his dad. Both fine names, I think.

  20. Grant Logan was a name that we didn't use. I have two boys named Braden Adam and Tegan James.

  21. There's always Myron, with Mike as the nickname. :-)

    PS - Grant Logan was the street that I bought my first house on. LOL

  22. Love the suggestions you've gotten so far! I'm a big fan of Bennett (my son) and Callum (my nephew).

  23. Names that are old-fashioned, but not super popular and come with built-in nicknames include:

    Linwood (Woody)

    Thaddeua (Thad)

    Jerrold (Jerry)

    Emanuel (Manny)

    Wallace (Wally (I couldn't help myself))

    Spencer (Spence)

    Steven (Stevie)

    Dominick (Dom, Nick)

    Frederick (Freddy)

    Oliver (Ollie)

    Archibald (Archie)

    Earnest (Ernie)

    Franklin (Frankie)

    Theodore (Teddy, Ted)

    Victor (Vic)

    Abraham (Abe)

    Augustin (Gus)

    Ezekiel (Zeke)

    Zebadiah (Zeb)

    Or, you could just name him Herbert and call him Bud.

    Hope these help!

  24. I think Sammis wouold be perfect. I love maiden names for first names. I also like Finn, not a long version like Finneas. Just Finn. COme to think of it, if I can pop out a boy next that will probably be his name =)

  25. oh kristy, i LOVE the name sammis for your son! sam is such a strong name. i always thought if i had a son i would name him sam or max. nothing longer, just the three letter first name, with the other name being the middle name in its longer version (like sam maxwell or max samuel).
    sammis would be perfect.
    or, ya know, optimus prime is always a good strong name...

  26. I love the name Dax. Maybe make it Daxton?

    I like Jack, Salinger, Liam, and Aiden.

  27. Did I detect a note of hysteria in that laugh? 8 weeks is lots of time to get everything ready - so breathe girl! It will all fall into place.

    As for names, I love the idea of an old,uncommon name that comes with a nickname and there's been a lot of great suggestions here. My favorites so far? Charlie Henry Theodore Oliver Avery Sawyer.

    Best of luck to you!

  28. Delurking to say:
    If we'd found out yesterday that we were having a boy, his name was going to be Malcolm Henry.
    As it stands today, we are having an Alice Elizabeth:)
    If I get my boy in the future, however, his name will be Malcolm! It will!
    I love it:)

  29. I've got it. I've got your name.

    Cormac. Call him Mac.

    Ta da! You owe me a martini!

  30. I just met an Emerson and I wanted to keep him.

  31. I'm not always a fan of last names as first names, but Sammis works, and can be shortened to Sam. I like using family names, so I support that idea.

    I also suggest these old-timey names:
    Gregory, Atticus, Mitchell (though I don't care for the nickname Mitch, ymmv) And I must second Cormac (mac). Perfect.

  32. I like Dashiell and I like Sammis, although if you wanted it to be more first name like, you could go with Sam or Samuel, both of which I like. I am pretty sure that you and Ish can call the baby Scout if you like, no matter what his actual name is.

    Names I like that might fit your style: Theodore, Milton, Felix, Conrad, Alton, Gideon, Leo, or Langston.

    There are about a zillion English authors with the names: John, George and William. It might be cool to go William Blake Sammis B. or similar. Or Elliott; but then you have two "E" names, depending on how you feel about that.

    Can't wait to hear what you guys name the little man!

  33. Henry/Hank would give you author, Brit, and 50's nickname!

    But I think you'd have the ULTIMATE 50's nickname if you named him Phillip and called him Flip!

    My husband is British and has friends named Hedley, Nigel, Simon (several named Simon, actually with one who goes by Simes), and Gareth.

  34. My vote is for Noah... that's the name I want if I a.) have a child and b.) it's a boy.

  35. We went with a family name - Brett. It's the last name of a big branch of my husband's family. Middle name is my dad's - Henry. Not sure about kicky 50s nicknames, although sometimes I will call him Bretters for sport. :P

  36. I wouldn't go with Steve. Eve and Steve would just be a mean thing to do.

    I had these names picked out for my future son and then didn't go with them for my first son or my second (I'm also due in 8 weeks!)

    Andrew (Drew for short)

  37. Can I just say - Dashiell, shortened to Dash - coolest boy name EVER!!! I wish I'd thought of it when my son was born.

    Also love Sammis. Isn't that the name of the little boy alien on "Enemy Mine"? That would be awesome!

    As a final note, I think we are in some kind of time warp. Wasn't it just yesterday you announced you were pregnant? With the FIRST child?!? How did this time go so quickly?!? Man, I'm old.

  38. I have always loved these names for boys. Connor, Colton, and Donovan. Just me, I am so excited for you!

  39. I love Sammis. As you probably know, my college friends call me Sammis, and I dig it as a first name. Of course, it may be possible that I'm biased.

  40. Well, since you and my daughter are following very similar paths with your pregnancies, I will share my grandson's name of Gavin. We were supposed to be having a GIRL this time, but another boy in on the way. I will let you know what they come up with this time. I do like Sammis, a LOT.

  41. P.S. I have to add that my son's name is Paxon and he goes by Pax which is Latin for Peace.

    But I still like Sammis for your little one!

  42. Nicholas. Philip. Sebastian. I really liked the suggestion of Cormac. Anthony. Graham. Walter? Harvey? Chase. Donald. Julian.

  43. Kennedy is kind of a cool first name, if you think about it.

  44. LOVE Sammis! I also like Abel. This is what I'm trying to convince my husband to go with if we have a boy :-)

  45. Love Sammis - my only hesitation would be the issue with the possessive form of the name? (gah! is that considered chiming in and being a PITA?? apologies!!)

  46. Dashiell Sammis would be as close to perfect as you could get for 1st & middle.

  47. i disagree with sam that dashiell sammis is perfect...because i just love sammis dashiell

  48. Arthur.

    And call him Fonzie.

    Seriously though, names for boys I've always liked

    Jack Henry
    Ronan (it means "little seal")
    Scott (we called my cousin 'Scooter')

  49. cameron
    christopher robin (stop laughing i wanted to name baby after a character in my favorite childhood books)

  50. I'm really liking Dash. Personally, I'm a big fan of August for a boy or Sterling. And I discovered via Facebook that a high school friend has a son named Grey, which I think is distinctive, yet spellable and pronounceable.

  51. I have irrational love for the name Alistair...

  52. A friend, who just birthed a boy, wanted an old-timey name and went with Buster. I was a bit surprised.

    By brother is currently working on a boy name and I'm afraid he's going to go for something horribly common. I don't get how parents can knowingly give a child a name from the 'top ten' baby name list. I'm not advocating weird names, but a little something to make the kid stand out.

  53. I like Dash. I also like Cash, I wanted my boy to be Cash but Cash King? And born in Vallejo, ehhh not such a good idea. I like Seamus which is Gaelic for James, and Searus(sp?) pronounced Shaw-rus.

  54. I always liked Phileas (a-la Around the World in 80 Days. The book, not the movie.)

  55. Love several of the names suggested here ... Cormac is one of my faves.

    But the real reason I had to comment is I have a wonderful, fun, super-smart and cool friend whose nickname is LUMPY.

    (to be honest I don't know why, it's not in any way related to his real name, apparently he got it in college but the story has never been revealed to me.)

    So to me, Lumpy is the name of a guy you can count on, who will be there for you, who is great fun to hang out with, and an all-round terrific guy!

  56. Solomon
    Elliott (That's my daughter's name, but I love it for a boy too!)

  57. Dexter. (Dex). Who wouldn't want to be named after a fictional serial killer? I am also in favor of Sammis.

  58. Jamie. (I may have a thing for the Outlander series.)

    Duncan. (I may have a thing for the Highlander.)

    Adrian. (I may have a thing for the actor who played the Highlander.)

  59. I think Sammis would be neat. It's different for a first name, and it's a family name so it means something special to you.

    Sammis has my vote! :)

  60. Lawrence Lavern (Larry or Vern)
    My dad's first and middle names!

  61. Henry - nickname Hank

  62. Ooh, I didn't have anything to say until I saw the comment with Thatcher. I never would have thought of that as a first name, but I love it!

  63. I saw it mentioned previously but my favoritest boy name is Bennett!!! Also like Thacker (Thack), Oliver, Cassius (Cash), Colton (Colt...or pony boy, get it?), Ashton or Ish Junior :)

  64. Someone beat me to it -- Dexter! I think Dex is a great masculine name with just a touch of the nerd.

    A friend named her boy Finnegan (Finn) last year. And I don't think she even knew about the character on as cute as it is, I have a feeling there's gonna be quite a few Finn's in the next few years.

    Sammis is super cute.

    And since I'm pretty sure I've seen ever episode of LITB at least twice; Lumpy is Wally's friend - not the Beav's. ;) Beav was friends with Karry, Gilbert and Whitey.

  65. I was counting on Yves. Already had the shirts monogrammed and everything.

  66. I regret that I didn't name my third son Cooper. *sigh* I love that name.

  67. Names I liked but didn't use:


    Names other people have suggested that I love

    Finn or Finnegan
    Sammis (or as a middle name)

  68. My nephews are Dashiell and his brother Sullivan.
    My son's name is Quinn.

    three choices.

  69. please not lemuel.

    our list, unused so don't feel dirty picking one:

    futureman (not kidding)

  70. Edison.

  71. Maxwell (as in James Maxwell, the physicist)

  72. My fave is Jackson, nickname Jack. It was Steel Magnolias that sealed the deal.

  73. I actually love the idea of using your maiden name as his given name.

  74. i also loved the name 'Dash', as in Dashiell. Once I was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I watched this mom scream over and over, "CHASE!! COME BACK HERE! Chase! COME! HERE! RIGHT NOW!"
    On her third or tenth pass by me shouting for him to come back, I said, "Oh, his name is Chase? Didn't think THAT one through, did you?"
    She didn't kill me but probably only because I was like 7 mos pregnant with the son I wanted to name Dash.
    Who I named Ezra.

  75. By the way, I saved our son from being named Arbuthnot, which was the first choice of the father of the child...who was NOT named Arbuthnot.

  76. Ha! I'm first. Sammis is a nice name. He can be Sam for short- or Sammy, wihch I love. My husband is Tunisian, and has a sister who named most of her children some form of Sam---. So the boys are Sami and Samir.
    I like Jackson, but that might have become too popular.
    (Lemuel- no way!)

  77. We are three months away from number three and have not really been talking about a name at all. I definitely have to say that it is hard to prepare for number two while running around after number one. When I was pregnant with Tatum (#2) we had a early scare a couple weeks before her due date which really made us realize that we needed to get ready. We ended up tossing a couple of things in a bag and had to bring Landon (#1) in his PJ's to the hospital with us - thank goodness it wasn't "go" time!

  78. What about Samuel? Part Sammis and part Lemuel? Love Dashiell! I like combo names. Mary and Asia became Maia for my niece. I also like Aiden, but might be too popular. Congrats on the diet change, can't be easy whilst hormonal.

  79. Here's my list, I'm done with it. We did use one of them but I'm not telling you which one. You should have seen my husband's list - it was horrid! It was waaaaaaaaaaay worse than Lemuel. Einer and Ion were just two examples.

    Alexander (Lex)

  80. I'm a big fan of family names and I dig Sammis.

  81. Was going to think of some names, but you have two FANTASTIC options! I love family names, so Sammis is great and Dashiel --- wow love it, think it sounds great with Eve and, how cool, Dash! for a nickname. Spoken as someone who has always wished for a different name so I know how important the choice is :-).

    And don't worry about pink baby stuff, just dust off that bassinet. He can be a 21st century boy who doesn't care that pink is traditionally for girls right????

    So happy for you and Ish and Eve!!!!!!!

  82. I have always loved the traditional James, David and Phillip. You can shorten them you know.

  83. I've always loved Benjamin Scott. Of course then I dated a Ben who happened to be a Benjamin Scott, so now I can't name any son I have that...

  84. I'm voting for Donald. It's traditional, underused, allows you to say, "Oh, Donald!" like you're Marlo Thomas, and most important, is the most common formal name used with the fabulous fifties nickname Bud.

  85. Boy names are so hard. It was way easier naming my girls. the boy names I fought for were, Colin, Sam, Ben, Henry (my favorite) and Sean.
    Good luck! Can't wait to see what you choose.

  86. Tobias/Toban is one of my favorite classic names, and Toby is a great nickname. Tobias is Heidi's fathers name in Johanna Spyri's classic, Heidi.

  87. How about Qwilleran? He could be Will or Qwill for a nickname...

  88. I love Sammis! If my son Joshua was a girl, we considered Rose (my maiden name), but decided to use it for a middle because I have tons of family and they're all either last or middle named Rose, so it would feel unfair to claim it as a first name.

    We had a horrible time picking Joshua because of our huge family full of names we loved but couldn't use.

    I love my brothers names Jonathan and Nathaniel.

  89. Sammis is a great name!

    I also like Iain. It's just like Ian but the extra "i" it makes it very English!

    My boys are named Evan and Joseph (Joe). Boys names are hard to choose!

  90. I'm 9 weeks along right now, but if I'm having a boy (please,please, please) his name will be Rhys(its Welsh) Collin!

    I also like the names Holden, Sterling, Alastair, Connor and Grayson

  91. Wait. No one used my second sons name. It's old fashioned. It's traditional. And we've only met one other in eleven years.

    Gabriel. Shortened to Gabe.

    (And the stupid box below won't accept my name and sign in, but it's Carmen from Mom to the Screaming Masses. :)

  92. Jack
    Ezekiel (Zeke!)

  93. Thanks for your kind words on twitter about Happyolks! I'm so glad you found me, your blog is so fun! I will be turning to it often when I need a smile :) I love the names Hayden, Noah, Austin

  94. I have two boys so I understand your pain. Boy names are hard. I like Sammis.
    The name I held onto in case I had a 3rd child ever was Dashiell, I gave that one to my dog though, so if you use it (though I doubt you will since CityMama just did) know that it is also the name of a beautiful but profoundly simple Great Dane too.

    My next name on my "I love this name" list is Cosimo.
    I also like Sylvan, or Silvano, Hale, Lincoln, and Atticus. (though that last one is WAAAY overdone lately)

    And best of luck with your new little man.

  95. I've always been partial to my middle name and since I will never, never, never, never, never be pregnant again and this greatly decreases the likelihood of me having a boy I want to use it on, I'll "give" it to you if you like it - Foster.

    Plus he can develop a lifelong relationship with Foster's lager.

  96. Just read your "bad hair" blog and loved it, then moved onto "boy's names".

    OK. So here are my recommendations. They are in the celtic vein since daughter is an Irish dancer, has red hair and, well, we are around alot of celtic folks.

    Jameson (my son's middle name, and a nice Irish Whisky as well)

    Good luck!

    p.s. we almost went w/Fiona

  97. Teague Sammis or Sammis Teague

    I love the idea that you want to keep Sammis in the name...

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