A List Of Random. You Are So Very Welcome.

  1. I feel like a complete idiot most of the time, but maybe never more so than when I'm typing quickly and misspell my own name and don't realize it until AFTER I hit "send." In an email to a client.

  2. You know what pisses me off a lot? Like, a LOT a lot? People who expect praise and accolades and promotions and raises simply for doing their actual job. Promotions and raises come from growth, from going above and beyond what's expected of you, from taking initiative. Promotions and raises are NOT the result of you showing basic competency at the job we hired you for.

    I am not referring to anyone in particular, although someday maybe I will tell you about the guy at my first job who made me fume on a regular basis for just this sort of thing. But wouldn't that be petty of me?

  3. Have you ever seen a dog eat a piece of cheese or meat that had a pill in it? And then like, gnaw and slurp at it but ultimately leave just the pill on the floor, covered in gross? That's sort of how I feel when eating artichokes.

    If a food is like, 90% inedible I kind of think humans maybe shouldn't bother with the other 10%.

    Pre-made artichoke dip is an exception.

  4. This morning I awoke to a text from my babysitter that asked if she could reschedule for tomorrow. A perfectly reasonable request. That made me cry.

    It's just four hours, but it means my plans for getting shit done today have been completely torpedoed. I won't be able to be productive. (I should not be blogging right now, I should be working; except I am full of writey/bloggy thoughts and need to get them out before Eve wakes from her brief, second-of-only-two naps.) I just suddenly felt helpless.

    And then I cried harder because I thought I was being so selfish, wanting four hours to myself. And WHAT KIND OF MOTHER AM I?  Who, at certain points in the day and week, prefers working to watching her own child?

  5. I just finished Week 6, Day 2 of C25K this morning and it was the hardest yet. Not because the run itself was particularly hard, I just was having an off day. (Possibly because of the babysitter text above?)

    So I guess I just wanted to say that the C25K isn't all sunshine and rainbows for me, either. Usually it takes a couple minutes for me to warm up and feel okay, and that just never happened today.  It sucked the whole time.

  6. Also, I need new music. I like stupid, bad, cheesy, pop/dance/remix stuff that has a great beat to run to.  Favorites right now (don't judge) (well, okay, judge, but try running to these before you do):
    - Now I'm A Believer (the Smashmouth version). AWESOME to run to.
    - Hey Ya!
    - Because of You (remix) (SHUT UP)
    - Talk Dirty to Me
    - Gimme Hope, JoAnna (Eddie Grant)

  7. Are you going to BlogHer? Because I am. And you know what? I am SO LOOKING FORWARD TO IT. In all the years I ran the conference, I never had time to do the stuff everyone else does. I shopped for clothes at the last minute and always felt like a stuffed sausage, draped in black, clomping around in shoes that gave me blisters EVEN THOUGH I opted for comfort over any discernible style.

    I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to having actual conversations with people that don't involve how much they dislike the lunch or how I could improve things next year.

    I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to not having sweat pouring down my head and the crazylady manic look in my eyes all day, every day, for a week.

    I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to NOT being the person that everyone comes to with questions that no human could possibly answer.

    I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to attending parties! To hanging out! To having a glass of wine mid-day because I just happen to feel like it.

    I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to getting to go out and see the city that the conference is in! I hear there are some things to do in New York.

  8. And speaking of hanging out at BlogHer, I'm suggesting we make a little pre-drinking happy hour on Friday. Please meet me at 4 p.m. at the Hilton Lounge. Just because! Fun!

  9. And not to make you jealous, although probably you will be, but guess who I'm meeting in real, live person while I'm in New York? Dan and Brooke.  And the angels wept.

  10. LASTLY! Do you remember what you were listening to when you lost your virginity? A friend of mine just launched this website called Virgin Ears. You should go confess there. It's good, hilarious stuff.


  1. Not liking artichokes is how the rest of us know you're not really Californian. ;-)

  2. Yay! I love your blog and read it religiously but never have anything to comment on. BUT! I can offer the best running album in the world (cross my heart): Get Ready by New Order. Seriously, it will change everything. Also Pump It by the Black Eyed Peas, which isn't something I'd usually listen to by choice but is FANTASTIC at keeping you moving when all you want to do is lie down and die.

    Congrats on the C25K :)

  3. Marinated artichokes are pretty damn good. steamed artichokes blech.

    You know what makes me feel like a terrible mother? When I get home from work and the last thing I feel like doing is playing with the kids that I have not seen all day. Instead I would rather sit down with a glass of wine and a book. Bad mama. Bad. Bad. Bad.

  4. I also feel the same way about artichokes. My hubby & I had a horrible experience a few years ago trying to figure what was edible. I also don't like avacodos. I will never be a true Californian either, and I've been here 8 years now.

    Also, I used to hate my 2 days a week of working. Now that I have 2 kids, I can't wait for my work days. You are not alone. I wish I had enough money to hire a babysitter on other days just to have some time to myself.

    And have you tried any of the C25k podcasts? I am planning on starting it next week when I'll be cleared to exercise again now that my tonsils are out. I am going to try out one of the podcasts made for c25k that changes music when you walk/run. I can't possibly time it myself!

  5. This Friday at the Hilton and in NYC?

    When is blogher and is it open to the public?

  6. As for things to work out to, may I recommend anything by GirlTalk or DJ Earworm? Right now I'm obsessed with this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iNzrwh2Z2hQ and am convinced I can do ANY workout move while listening to it.

  7. Lady Gaga's album is awesome for working out. Looks like massively commercialised overly-sexed pop does have its uses.

    Keep going, you're doing awesome!

  8. Long time reader, first time poster.

    You have many things in your life to be proud of: husband, child, beautiful home in Napa, career that you love (to name a few). But meeting Dan and Brooke -- DAMN! I'm officially jealous.

  9. I've gotta tell you, I do love my artichokes. . .

    But that's essentially the way I feel about lobster - WAY more work than it's worth!

    And isn't if kinda funny that ARTICHOKES are what most (not all, but most) of your comments are zooming in on?

    I listen to swing music for walking/running (mostly walking, though). That and George Thorogood.

  10. The past three weeks have been veeeery slow at work, so I spent them reading your blog - the whole thing, starting back in January '05 through current.

    I love you. :) There's no other way to say what I think about your approach to life, your honesty about yourself, how far you've come. You're awesome! There were so many posts I so completely related to, but they were old, so I wasn't sure about commenting on them.

    I saw a commercial yesterday for a movie with Julia Roberts - Eat Love Pray (or something similar) - wasn't that a book by a blogger that you ranted about?

    Some workout music:
    Born to Lead by Hoobastank
    Pour Some Sugar on Me by Def Leppard
    Lay Your Hands on Me by Bon Jovi
    Please Don't Stop the Music by Rhianna
    Wake Me Up Before you Go-Go by Wham
    Wait by White Lion
    Just Lose It by Eminem (takes some getting used to but the beat is awesome)
    Anything by Third Eye Blind

  11. I will try to make it for drinks on Friday. I will need to round up the fake husband though, as I don't know what his plans are for the day.

  12. Congrats on making it through Week 6, Day 2 on C25K! Recently I have been listening a lot to the newest Black Eyed Peas album. Every single song is great for running!

  13. I've been inspired by you and Nikole to give the C25K another shot, although so far I've mostly been walking the whole thing. I think of it as getting in shape to get in shape. Anyway... here are some picks from my "running" mix:

    Cobra Verde "I Feel Love" (yep, cover of the Donna Summer song)

    Black Eyed Peas "Pump It"

    Teddybears "Cobrasyle"

  14. Pretty much any of the following are great for running:

    OK Go
    Alien Ant Farm
    KT Tunstall
    Afro Celt Sound System

  15. Here are some of my favorite running songs:
    Hey, Soul Sister - Train (great warm up song)
    Empire State of Mind - Jay-Z
    Stronger - Kanye (this song ALWAYS helps motivate me)
    Fell In Love With a Girl - The White Stripes
    Ruby Blue - Roisin Murphy
    Stop Breaking Down - The White Stripes
    I'm Shipping Up to Boston - Dropkick Murphys
    Run, Run, Run - Velvet Underground
    Lose Yourself- Eminem
    Who Let You Go - Killers
    Float On - Modest Mouse
    Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake (ridiculous, I know)

    While I am not attending BlogHer (work is insane, which is also why my blog has nearly shriveled up and died), I do work essentially across the street so if there is any way I can stop by (evn though I'm not "official") I'd love to meet you! I'll see what I can do.

  16. I was going to tell you how sad I was about the whole not being able to go to BlogHer thing (mostly on account of not being able to meet some of my favorite bloggers - like you!), but now I'm intrigued by the Virgin Ear thing.

    Do they mean at the exact moment I lost my virginity? Because I'm pretty sure The Golden Girls was playing in the living room. And yeah, hot.

    Now for songs I like to listen to while working out, I really like "Run" by Gnarls Barkley. If you read Linda over at sundrymourning.com, I know she's asked for suggestions before, you might find some more there. I also like "Take me on" by A-ha and "Chain me free" by The Matches.

  17. I'm still listening to the Ullery's podcast for C25k so I haven't had to choose my own music yet, but here are some I'm planning on using when I get done with the program and can just put my iPod on and run:

    Timebomb - Beck
    Beggin' - Madcone
    Iko Iko - The Dixie Cups
    Hot Mess - Cobra Starship
    Smooth Criminal (or maybe Billie Jean or Beat It or Wanna Be Startin' Something)- Michael Jackson
    I Love Rock'n Roll - Joan Jett
    If - Janet Jackson
    Telephone - Lady Gaga & Beyonce
    So What or Funhouse - Pink
    Hey Jealousy - The Gin Blossoms
    Beggin - MadCon
    Devil Inside - INXS
    Boom Boom Pow - Black Eyed Peas

  18. I'm starting C25K on Monday, mostly because of you so THANK YOU! (in advance).

    Also, could you tell Dan that he just needs to friggin blog! We miss him.

  19. The song that most gets me going is Fighter by Christina Aguilera. I don't own anything else of hers, but I bought that for my running mix and I swear I run faster when it comes on. That same version of I'm a Believer works well for me. Also the Foo Fighters Learning to Fly, Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson and (don't you judge me!) Papa Loves Mambo by Perry Como. For the last song of my first ever five mile run, my iPod shuffled up Home by Marc Broussard, which was also pretty motivating and highly appropriate. Yes, Marc Broussard, take me ho-o-o-ome!

  20. Dan and Brooke. Holy cow. You just crossed into entirely new levels of awesome.

  21. It IS awesome that you are meeting Dan and Brooke. Now you can tie them up until they (he) promise(s) to start blogging again. Tell them they are missed. Please.

  22. Great list! We all have those off days in training. Good luck keeping on!

  23. Footloose is an awesome running song. For realz.

  24. I wish I could meet you at Blogher. You're probably having a blast being all sophisticated and fit and thin and perfectly tipsy. I'm picturing Madmen (except with women) mixed with Sex and the City and a bit of Friends thrown in for good measure. Am I right? Have fun...

  25. Music= Lupe Fiasco. No, you've never heard of him. But the beast are cracking fresh, and the lyrics are intelligent.Skip over the sheep pen and ch-ch-check him out.

  26. I totally identify with not being able to be productive until all of my writey/bloggy thoughts are cleared. And "Gimme Hope Joanna" should be happy to listen to, except my name is Joanna and I don't like being compared to a pro-Apartheid Johannesburg, South Africa. That's funny to me that you run to that song...


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