Let's Buy Wine!

You guys.

So, okay. I am part of a fantastic social media company called CleverGirls Collective (and when you go to the site you won't totally understand what we do but that's okay because it's changing and awesome things are going to start happening soon).


I live in Napa among the wines now, as if the mother ship has called me home. (Insert ray of light with choir singing here.)

It seemed only logical that I try to figure out a way to put those things together, right?

Well, right. So just this week, we've launched The CleverGirls Wine Club. And it's awesome!  A couple times a month, we will be bringing you great wines at exceptional values. We've hand-selected them (so you won't be embarrassed to serve them, we promise) and are getting great deals. Best of all, ANY TIME you order three or more bottles, shipping is FREE. 

It's like a dream come true. I'm doing the social media equivalent of selling wines on my blog. OH GLORY DAY!

Here's what we're offering right now. (And hey -- if you buy some? Tell me and we can drink together on Twitter.)

X Winery 2006 X Carneros Chardonnay
CleverGirls Wine Club Price: $12.37 (regularly $18) Plus FREE SHIPPING on 3 or more bottles
About The Wine: Offering crisp, mineral notes on the front palate rounded out with rich, tropical, buttery flavors on the finish.
Noteworthy: “The most obvious question with respect to X Winery and proprietor Reed Renaudin is how can these wines be this good at these prices? Everyone is looking for good values today, and here are some e(X)ceptional bargains.” – Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

Bonneau 2005 Amador Zinfandel
CleverGirls Wine Club Price: $15.71 (regularly $22) Plus FREE SHIPPING on 3 or more bottles
About The Wine: Fragrant suggestions of blackberries, dark plums, raspberries and cassis with supporting notes of black pepper, clove, and nutmeg. On the palate, the wine is smooth, juicy and plump with great integration of fruit and spice, with full body and great purity. The finish is long and refined.
Noteworthy: Zinfandel! Big, spicy and delicious. Plans to BBQ? Give this a whirl!

Speedy Creek 2006 Knights Valley Sangiovese
CleverGirls Wine Club Price: $18 Plus FREE SHIPPING on 3 or more bottles
About the wine: The color is dark cherry red, ruby-hued. Nutmeg, potpourri and sweet strawberry on the nose, black cherry and plum palate, and a black pepper spice finish. The wine has a firm tannin structure that relaxes over about 20 minutes.
Noteworty: This Sangiovese won a silver medal at the 2009 Sonoma Harvest Fair after getting a bronze in 2008.


  1. Is shipping free even to Canada? Cause if yes I'm all over this!

  2. I just ordered 3 bottles of the chardonnay. Thanks for the offer! I'm not a fan of marketing, but I love your blog and I love wine! :)

    ~~gundersonbee from twitter. ;)

  3. hey Kristy! i just found your blog and am mad jealous you live in Napa:) i'm in Australia where yes, we have great wine, but we don't get a lot of imports. (i miss my California zinfandel, damn it!) but hey, if you have any questions about Aussie vino, i'm here for you!

  4. oh, this is a sad, sad day for people who live in states which prohibit direct shipment of wine, like mine (MD).

  5. OT: I hope you're happy, Kristy. My husband and I have started walking in the evenings. And you know how I feel about WALKING.

  6. Kristy--do you have a favorite of the three?

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