Sometimes These Blog Posts Write Themselves

I just have a brief update about the swim class.

Friday, Mr. Banana Hammock gave a repeat performance of "watch me get out of the pool and walk to the men's locker room." Which is when I QUITE ACCIDENTALLY discovered that not only is his Speedo flesh-toned, but the back is entirely see-through.

Yes. I was "cross-country skiing" toward the back of the pool when ole' saggy bottom decided to emerge from the pool and I could not stop in time, could not turn away, could not do anything but continue skiing toward his may-as-well-be-nekkid buttocks.

I should also add that I overheard this comment from one of the older lady swimmers today: "I think it's time we take Mom to the casino again."


  1. There are no men in my class. Dangit, you have all the luck.

  2. Oh yea! Be sure to rinse your suit after every class!! The chlorine will eat it up! Last suit, I kept wondering "I wonder if they can see my butt thru my swim suit?" I went like that for awhile before I decided if I worried they could, it was probably true!! I threw the suit away at the Y so I'd be forced to quit wearing the darn thing!

    I just quit my Y membership after 2 years, and am now doing DVDs from There's a try before you buy section if you care to check her out!

  3. I should have kept reading. Like I said....


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