A Cappella (And Nordic Dance-Offs) Revisited: UPDATED

:::This post has been updated! See below:::

I know this is a bit of a cop-out, but I've been more sleep-deprived lately than ever before. (Although Eve slept for 10 hours STRAIGHT last night for the first time ever, glory glory.)

My sleep-deprivation has been creeping into my daily life in sneaky ways. Not just the overt, "gosh, I'm really tired" ways. But in ways that tell me my brain is NOT firing on all cylinders.

The other night at rehearsal, for example, I was numbering measures. And I'm not exaggerating even slightly when I say I numbered them as thus: 54, 55, 56, 3.


But anyway. I have been doing a lot of work with/on my a cappella group lately, and realized I haven't blogged much about us since my Johan The Wonder Swede post, and thought, You know? That post made ME laugh out loud, even if it didn't translate that well.

So I'm going to post it again for your (read: my) enjoyment.

Johan The Wonder Swede!

* * * * * * * * * *


Sandra and Johan went out on a date and, sadly, there was not enough chemistry. Apparently being from the same country is not enough to force a love connection.


Razzmatazz was never mentioned again except in passing, and yet I have no idea why this is. Susan updated her FB page just yesterday and I saw that Razz had commented, and that's when I was reminded of this whole rehearsal, blog post, and ALLEGED dance-off (which, sadly, did not come to fruition). (And if I'm being totally honest, I'd have loved to see it because I tend to be attracted to Angry "SEXY BEEFY" types, Danish or not.) (What? Shutup.)

Haha, also? Rasmus was probably a bit confused when I commented "RAZZMATAZZ!" just below his comment with zero explanation.

But there is silver lining yet.

Sandra has been dating a very lovely Irishman, so things turned out well for her and her international-men proclivities, even if her Swedish is getting stale.

AND, Johan The Wonder Swede DID show up to Lisa's birthday, WILLING to enter a dance-off should the need arise. That makes us love Johan all the more. (We're sure there's a lovely geek-loving Swede out there who IS right for you, JtWS!)

Lisa is shocked and awed that Johan has come to her party after all.
I just look drunk and long-nosed. Whatever.


  1. But what happened on their date? You should update us on the status...

  2. Yeah, we need an update, I'm with Me.

  3. Totally agree - Did they have a second date? Did the dance-off ever ensue? Did RtAD ever go to anger management???? Inquiring minds are DYING to know

  4. On This American Life, they almost always give an update. Oh, be our Ira Glass, Kristy. BE OUR GLASS.

  5. Don't leave me hanging... what ever happened to Susan and her men? he, he

  6. write about the date status...don't keep is suspense !!!

  7. I think Johan ended up moving away... I will find out and report back!

  8. I am very pleased to have this update. Thank you for giving the readers what we want, consistently.

    I feel like, if you tell us where Johan lives and if he's still single, we can probably set him up with enough women that he's bound to find a love connection. Or have fun trying.


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