Happy 4th!

I totally think it would be awesome if, somehow, this baby decided to shoot out of me before the end of the day.

Really -- it would be great fun to share this birthday with her, since it's a really fun birthday to have. Everyone's already celebrating, there are plenty of bbqs and parties and fireworks and good times to be had. Plus people tend to remember the date. Fun all around!

But, well, that's not going to be the case.

We went to the hospital yesterday for our routine check-up, and discussed our options with the doctor. He was all ready to start inducing us (4th of July baby!?)... until he saw the ultrasound. Not only has my cervix not budged from its high-and-tight position, but the baby hasn't even, uh, dropped. She's in the right position and she's close, but there's a big ole' gap between her head and my cervix.

For those of you with more than a passing interest in the mechanics of this, the "gap" means that even if they gave me drugs to ripen my cervix and/or start contractions, this wouldn't necessarily do anything. Except make me miserable. (And until she's where she needs to be, it seems no matter of home remedies is going to spark labor. It's almost like there's nothing to spark yet. Which is crazy, but there you go.)

So the doctor said we could try that. He said we could monitor my drug-induced crampy-contractions for four hours while the baby potentially stays exactly where she is -- which, hoo boy, sounds like fun! -- or we could wait.

We opted for "wait."

Let me state for the record: I am not opposed to inducing labor, I just don't want to until we have to.

But here we are, 9 days late. And if I don't go into magical, turn-on-a-dime labor by Monday, we go back to the doctor (and back to the hospital) Monday afternoon. And that, I believe, is when we reach "have to."

In the meantime, you should be happy to know I am doing what little I can to shake Peanut loose.

Yesterday, our friends Ben and Emily decided to come up to visit us, figuring they'd either help look after our house while we were at the hospital, or keep us company while we continued our waiting game.

At some point, we got the notion to start listening to records (yes, records), and that resulted in me deciding I should dance. Not, you know, a LOT. But I needed to get up and sway. And what better song to sway to than "The Lonely Goatherd" from The Sound of Music? NONE!

So if you will, please picture Ish sitting on a chair, watching as Emily (who is 16 weeks pregnant herself) and I and my eeeeenormous belly dance our version of The Preggo Shuffle to The Lonely Goatherd. It involved a lot of step-touching, arm-waving ridiculousness, and actually felt pretty good.

Sort of like this:

By the time we finished the rousing last bars of "Odl lay odl lay odl lay!" I was exhausted. Em was collapsed on the floor in a heap of giggles.

Ish just looked at the two of us and said, "That was the worst lap dance ever."


  1. I wish she had decided to come on the 4th, but when she does get here it will be great. Sing and dance it helps and it did make all of us laugh, too.

    I'm opposed to inducing too early. My dil's doc did that to her so he could have the weekend off. Dil thought it would be good to you know...like get it over and all. Since my grandson wasn't actually ready to come into the world we nearly lost both of them, for the doctor's convience. They finally had to do a cesearean after two days of intense labor and the cord got around his neck. Thank God they both are fine and he is such a cool kid.

  2. I am anxiously checking your tweets for news...and I don't want to discourage you, but I arrived almost 3 weeks overdue. I hope this does not happen to you...I am crossing my fingers for sometime this week :)

  3. When the dog bites
    When the bee stings
    When I'm feeling sad
    I simply remember my favorite things (like Kristy's blog)
    And then I don't feel so bad.

    Thank you. Enjoying the nervous/joyful anticipation right along with you...

  4. Hi Kristy,
    I love it that you danced to, of all songs, the Lonely Goatherd! Awesome!!! Your baby is so lucky to have you and Ish for parents, it will always be a fun time.

    I was induced with both my children. It is intense, but you'll be fine with such a good doctor. And from your comments, yours seems very good -- not too eager to induce but aware that there comes a time when it is the right thing to do. And monitoring you and the baby to be sure everything is fine.

    I decided after the second one that my body doesn't know how to "go into labor" on its own. Maybe not but it sure seemed like it. I was two weeks overdue with both, yikes. I know what you are going through.

    Just try to keep focused on the good parts of waiting like your 4th of July b-day and dancing. The baby will be here SOON :-).

  5. Soon the duet will become a trio... lady odle lady odle loo!

  6. Your MS Paint abilities continue to astound and delight me.

  7. Two words...warm bath.

    Did the trick for me.

    Just make sure ish is around to help ya outta the tub.

    Looking forward to 'meeting' your little un.


  8. DO you think they just mis-estimated the due date?

  9. I'm with anonymous here. I hope the baby pops out soon- preferably before I leave on a five week not very much internet use vacation.
    Many blessings on you and Ish and the little one, who apparently is going to be super easygoing, and perhaps a goatherd.

  10. I think Ripe Cervic is a good band name. May your cervic do the THANG ASAP (or you know, TODAY, as planned).



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