Have you heard the good news?

She's here!

We could not be happier to announce the arrival of our daughter,

Eve Elizabeth Boston Bartlett.

Eve was born on Wednesday, July 8, 2009 at 5:57 p.m.
(Or, as we like to say, "5 of 6 on 7-8-9.")

* * * * * * * * * * *

I tracked as much of the labor as I could (which was a surprising amount, if you ask me) on Twitter, and tried to update Facebook accordingly. Of course, there is SO much more to tell you about. Including announcing who won the contest below!

But for the next few days -- while I'm getting my bearings and trying to use any extra minutes I find for naps -- I will leave you with this announcement, photos, and the Tweets that Ish and I made from when we went to the hospital to when Eve arrived.
**A VERY special thank-you to our good friend, Amy, who was thoughtful enough to pull these together for us and send them in a surprise email!**

In the meantime, please accept my (and Ish's) thanks for reading and for coming along on this crazy ride.

I can't believe I'm not pregnant anymore.

I can't believe I'm a mom now.


* * * * * * * * * * *
Proud Papa

Happy (If Very Evidently Unshowered) Mama


(Yes, this is a picture of her breastfeeding. I think her expression is hilarious. No, nothing is sacred anymore.)
(Also, her eyes look brown here, but they're still very blue.)

* * * * * * * * *
The Twitter Experience

July 7, 2009

8:39 am - kristysf - BabyWatch Day [expletive] 12: Hospital still super busy this morning. Told us to call back at noon to find out when
to come in. SO RELAXING.

12:22 pm - Ish - Hospital has put us in a holding pattern for "a couple more hours." At this rate, maybe we should name this baby "Godot."

12:25 pm - kristysf - Update: Tiny hospital still busy. (Dr in surgery) They will call us when they're ready. WHEEEEEEE.

12:35 pm - kristysf - It's best I didn't go into labor during the memorial. Talk about tacky.

1:57 pm - kristysf - I can hardly believe it myself, but we are HEADING TO THE HOSPITAL. Stay tuned for confirmation that we'll be induced

2:50 pm - Ish - At the hospital now with @kristysf. Don't know if we're staying yet, but we got a nice room, so I hope so.

4:03 pm - kristysf - Giving me cytotec, will watch my progress over next 4 hrs. If nothing, might be sent home!

kristysf - BabyWatch Update: We're staying. 1st dose of cytotec not doing anything, but we'll keep at it every 4 hours o'night. By morning, who knows?

7:30 pm - kristysf - Suspect my next Tweets will either be: "Nothing. Nothing. Nothing." or "OW! OW! OW!"

kristysf - Have big room to ourselves. Small, quiet birth cntr. TV channels way ltd, but awesome WIFI! Great view. No one here
but me, @Ish, and you!

8:30 pm - Ish - TV speaker in the hospital room makes everything sound like Charlie Brown's teacher. Or a subwoofer in a Dodge Neon.

kristysf - Live-tweeting getting my IV put in. One-handed typing never felt so...ah...pinchy? Sharp?

kristysf - First IV attempt: FAIL. Blood down arm. Gonna try again, have warm towel on me now in interim. Nurse unfazed by

kristysf - Awesome! @AmySphere in labor, too. Yay, Twitter!

Ish - Having trouble following 'Deadliest Catch' with all this pregnanty medical stuff going on. Could you guys keep it down?

kristysf - IV is in - had to do it in my hand instead of arm (arm vein would not cooperate). Am starting to feel cramps/contractions...

kristysf - ...but they are BARELY registering on the monitor. This concerns me. They're pretty uncomfortable already.

9:30 pm - kristysf - I'm just at the eeeeaaarly stages of this. They're expecting me to sleep tonight (w/help frm Ambien). Is prolly gonna be a long one...

kristysf - Gonna try and get a little rest now. (Does that sound hilarious?) Will tweet as much as I can in the coming hours! Hopefully
while drugged!

10:30 pm - kristysf - Oops. I think my water just broke.

kristysf - I feel pretty strong that @AmySphere will give birth before me. Yes, my water broke, but she has things like
"effacement" and "dilation".

kristysf - Having experienced both "contractions" and "not contractions," I'm preferring "not contractions."

July 8, 2009

12:30 am - Ish - Who has two thumbs, an IV and her water broke? This guy...'s wife.

1:30 am - kristysf - Btw contractions I'm like, I should totally tweet! And then moments later, I'm very angry about that idea...

kristysf - A "breezy elegance" moment btw contractions: Standing, I just tangled myself up in my IV/monitor cords like a dog on
a leash. Nice.

kristysf - Also, I've dilated to a whopping 1. At this point, I'll get pain meds on Saturday.

2:30 am - kristysf - Why is it that during a contraction, the last thing in the world I want to do is breathe?

3:30 am - kristysf - Update: first pain meds administered. Halle-frickin-lujah. I can't feel my nose.

5:30 am - kristysf - Do contractions still hurt w/ pain meds? Yes, like a mofo. But at least now I am no longer trying to claw my face off.
Still not 3 cm.

kristysf - AM update: making progress. Will get epi as soonas it's feasible, next coupla hours? 99% sure will have this kid
sometime today!

6:30 am - kristysf - Birthing fun fact NO ONE told me: once your water breaks, you just keep on leaking! Am always amazed at the
body's capacity for gross.

7:30 am- kristysf - Poor @Ish has hung in there but is resting now. Snoring some. But evrytime he stirs, he says "you're doing great, sweetie!"

Ish - What did I miss??

8:20 am - Ish - update: @kristysf has been napping between contractions. She got some pain med starting around 3am which has helped
a lot.

Ish - Hospital room has a beautiful view overlooking vineyards. Kinda makes you forgetOH RIGHT. I'm not the one in blinding
pain. My bad.

kristysf - Starting the day w/no pain meds, no "let's help this along" meds. They want me walking around, to get a real active labor
going. I say: ow.

kristysf - Hey, and thanks for following! I'd be sending more personal msgs and @'ing more folks if I weren't Tweeting btw

8:30 am - Ish- kristysf: I'm going to try to [go to the bathroom] again. Ish: Should I tweet that? kristysf: ... (sigh) might as
well, at this point.

10:00 am - Ish - @kristysf update: trying to nap between contractions AS UTERUSALLY.

10:30 am - faville - I love it that @kristysf is tweeting her way through childbirth.

Ish - It's *very* unlikely that this baby will be delivered at 12:34:56pm today.

11:25 am - kristysf - I actually slept! No easy feat! Now I'm up and ready for the next phase to begin. Not that the baby is, and nowhere near

kristysf - So went from crazy-ass "good progression" labor last night to like, nothing now. Did you know labor could go backwards?

kristysf - Now listening to my all-female a cappella group. If our singing Bon Jovi can't incite activity, I will officially deem this child

12:21 pm - kristysf - More fun facts: The notion of food is abhorrent to me and I've been nauseated for the last 12 hours. This is supposedly a
good thing.

Ish - Some of you have suggested I pinch or prod @kristysf in various ways. Um, she's a pregnant woman with contractions.
Who am I, Steve Irwin?

1:00 pm - kristysf - I swear I am not making this whole pregnancy up. I'm still at <3 cm! Waiting for Dr to get out of surgery to develop game plan.

kristysf - ...aaaaaaand Pitocin it is.

Ish- It looks like I will have time to write the Great American Yelp Review this hospital cafeteria deserves.

kristysf- Me to doc: "I just don't want to miss the epidural window." Yeah, like that would be possible since I started asking
for it two weeks ago.

2:00 pm- Ish - @kristysf update: Pitocin (actually Oxytocin) is on the way

3:12 pm - kristysf - Rocking these contractions. At 6, dr will see if we're making enough progress or if we make the c-section call. 3
more hours of waiting...

4:45 - Ish - It's C-Section time.

kristysf - It has been decided: c-section, right now. Am fine with decision, but scared of procedure. Pls keep
sending good thoughts.

7:01 - kristysf - Eve Elizabeth Boston Bartlett born 5:57 pm 7/8/09. 7 lbs 10 oz

Ish - Eve Elizabeth Boston Bartlett born 5:57 pm 7/8/09. 7 lbs 10 oz


  1. Congratulations!! She's gorgeous. And look at all that hair!

  2. oh welcome to the world, beautiful baby eve. you are gorgeous and had the entire internet sending happy and positive energy / prayers your way. you are a precious gift, little one!

    congrats to the happy parents. you gave us a wonderful adventure with the play by play tweets. thank you for sharing the journey.

    p.s. that photo of her breastfeeding is perfect and adorable.

    all the best to your family,


  3. She is a doll!!!! Congratulations again!!!!

  4. She's beautiful! Congratulations to the new family!

    And I'm peeved at myself for not guessing Eve. It's my all-time favorite girl name. Sheesh. (See how I brought it back to me? ALL ABOUT ME. :P )

  5. Oh Congratulations! She is lovely!

  6. Yay! Congratulations! She's beautiful! Welcome to the world Eve!

  7. OMFG!!!
    I signed onto my boss's Twitter to follow you (She's the doctor). Eve is beautiful. You guys are a Mom and Dad!!!

    The best to you three, always.

  8. Her eyebrows are totally yours, Kristy

  9. So much hair! Very cute. Perfect size!

    You did it! Great job, Mom! I bet you're exhausted!

  10. She's so sweet! And the name is fantastic. I'm very happy for you.

  11. Omigosh, she's gorgeous! Adorable and.... so much hair! She's lovely in every photo, and you're glowing in the one of you both. Congratulations!!

    Oh, and I love her name, hehe.

    Evie.E xx

  12. Congratulations! Love that breastfeeding photo. Her expression is so cute.

  13. She's so cute! May warm wishes from my family to yours!

    Enjoy this adventure and take lots of pics! They grow soooo fast, next week she'll look totally different!

  14. She is so cute and squishy! That second pic with all the hair! Love it...although, I can't help but "hear" her name in my head as Wall-E says it in the Pixar Movie. Eeeeeee-vah! Adorable. Congrats!

  15. She is beautiful, you look great, what a rock star you are tweeting through LABOR!

    Congratulations to you both and keep napping all you can!

  16. Hey Hot Mama! What a beautiful little girl :o) I was following your tweets on her birthday and let out a squee when you announced that she's finally here. Big congrats to you and Ish!

    I love the name Eve. when are you going to start her Twitter account so we can hear from both of you?

  17. This is wonderful. She's gorgeous and I'm so glad that you are doing well.

  18. Eve is beautiful - Love her headful of hair so cute!! :)

    Congratulations to you both.


  19. She's just gorgeous! Congratulations for all of you on embarking this adventure. She looks so cute.

    And thanks for tweeting all the way, it's such a special thing to be allowed to be sort of included in this breathtaking ordeal. Thx - and best of luck.

  20. I've said it before, but it warrants saying again: Congratulations! Also, jeez, she is beautiful.

    Welcome to the world Eve.

  21. How is it that you found time to blog when you had those delicious rosy baby cheeks to devour? She is gorgeous!

  22. she is beautiful. congratulations and best wishes!

  23. That was so nice of your friend to put this together!

  24. P.S. Kristy, I think you should say she was born at "5 of 6-ish on 7-8-9."


  25. So cute! And "Boston Bartlett" totally sounds like the name of a drink.

  26. Lovely, and I mean that sincerely, not in a "you have to say the baby's cute" kind of way.

    When does she get a twitter account?

  27. Congratulations! That is one helluva beautiful baby you got yourselves...

  28. Congratulations! She's beautiful and I love the name!

  29. She's a beauty! She certainly has a lot of hair. Congrats again :)

  30. Congratulations you guys! She is adorable!

  31. Wow - congratulations!!!!


  32. Congratulations. However, as what appears to be the only male respondent here, I think a NSFW tag would have been appropriate for the sixth picture.

  33. She is a beautiful baby and you and Ish look pretty good, too after all that was asked of you to get this little darlin' into the world.

    I'm so grateful to the one who kept all the twitter posts and that you posted them all together. I'd looked on Twitter and sort of kept up, but couldn't really.

    Wishing you all happy days ahead and hope to see how it goes from here.

  34. congrats on the new arrival. sleep while you can. she is perfect

  35. She is so adorably precious.

  36. Oh, she's gorgeous! As I now have 12 weeks under my belt, I consider myself an experienced parent (hahaha) I have learned that it's all about Trial & Error. I hope you have the time of your life learning what your teeny one is all about. Try to enjoy every moment, even the frustrating ones.

  37. Congratulations! She is a doll and I love her eating expression :)

  38. beeyouteefull. wow.


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