Kim Kardashian, Salman Rushdie, Twitter, And Everything Winning On The Internet

Maybe you were like, "I wonder how Kristy's diet is going?" and decided to stop by to find out. And then instead of learning anything about my weightloss efforts, you discovered that I'm actually BFFs with one of the world's greatest authors ever to live, ever. And then maybe you were all, "Um, if Kristy was actually friends with Salman Rushdie, she probably would have mentioned this earlier," to which I replied, "That is absolutely not relevant."

Here is what actually happened.

Perhaps you may have heard that Kim Kardashian is getting divorced. I know, I know. But it's true. And just when I thought I'd seen every kind of Tweet and trending topic possible on the subject, this magic happened:

Yes. THE Salman Rushdie. Making fun of Kim Kardashian. In Limerick. ON TWITTER.

My mind was happily blown, as I was reminded that not all intelligentsia live in a technophobic cave ignoring everything pop culture. Some artists just have funnier things to say about it.

I was moved to tweet this:


You can imagine my surprise when my phone pinged, just moments later, because he replied.

I literally started sweating and had to hide in a closet while I composed myself.

I nervously tapped out my lame (yet actually? totally accurate) reply:

Quite obviously my brilliance stunned him into silence, although that's not really surprising. What IS surprising is that he allowed our friendship to become public knowledge. But I guess this means I can finally admit we're, like, totally besties.

It feels good to get that off my chest.

UPDATE: HAHA. The Gothamist noticed the tweet. Thanks for letting me know, Sophie-Anne!


  1. Awesome! You go Kristy!

    I have received private messages on tweets from two people I've seen on the big screen (more times than I should admit to publicly), and it felt AMAZING! And when a celeb retweets it's a real Rushdie. (Oh yes I did!) Thank you for reminding me that I really adore twitter much more than facebook and other internet timesucks. I haven't signed on in weeks!

  2. i love that you got all fan girl. i would have done the same. and there would have been lots of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! involved.

  3. This makes my Twitter interaction with Howard stern show producers, Gilbert Goddfried, and some of the Real Housewives of NJ husbands seem so lame! I have to say...I totally understand your shock and giddiness! You shot back with a wonderful line! I would have been all..." sorry! No cash here!"

  4. That wins any other Twitter exchange I can think of. Ever. Contest over.

  5. Without cultural relevancy, we are ignorant. To be "above it," is to be below everything.

    You and Salman get that. Good work, Kristy!

  6. That is super awesome! I would be way excited, too!

  7. This is awesome!! Sure his account has not been hacked?

  8. Totally jealous of you AND of Dana for going there with the "a total Rushdie" comment.

    The internet is the only thing that wins this week, but clearly it wins big.

  9. Your posts always make me laugh. Then I get mad. Why can't I be that funny? :)

  10. Nice post, I should gong to bed but I stop for reading this.

  11. Kim is so 2 centuries ago. Get over her already.


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