The Great De-Plumping Project! Week 3!

This week was a tremendous success and not really a success. It depends on how half-full your glass is. Mine is definitely half-full. Of protein shakes that come out of little packets.

Hello, and welcome to my third week weigh-in on Medifast. Wherein I share a valuable life-lesson with you and I'm not even kidding.

You know. The more I make/watch these videos, the more I'm shocked I'm doing them. And also how bug-eyed I seem. I'm not saying that to be mean about myself, I'm just saying that I never SEEM bug-eyed in the mirror and then the camera comes on and...I don't know. Chins I get. My face looking rounder I get. But bigger eyes? Is this something having to do with lenses and physics?

Anyway, to prep you for this week's adventure-on-camera, please note the following:

  1. I dispense advice? Sort of? I don't know, I'm not what you would consider a "helpy" kind of person so feel free to ignore me. I just happened to learn a valuable lesson this week. So I shared.
  2. Some weird dubbing things happened. At least, I think it's called dubbing. I don't really understand how to make iMovie work -- I HATE IT. I HATE IT. I HATE IT. For some reason, my sound and picture get "off" somewhere halfway through and it seems like I've dubbed my video incorrectly. Which is just stupid. If I knew how to dub my movies I'd give myself a wicked cool accent and/or a Japanese voice track that I'd just publish captions over. DUH.
  3. I'm getting my roots done on Thursday.



Thank you all for chiming in last week about scary bra-shopping and giant boob sizes. You are very helpful. (More "helpy" than I, anyway.) The reality is that I have NO idea if my boobs will get smaller as I lose weight, but that's what's happened every OTHER time in my life I've lost weight, so I'm hopeful. 

I agree that it is worth getting fitted for a bra if you haven't been. I have, repeatedly. 

I also agree that shopping at weird European stores is the only way to get some bras that fit. My sports bra cost more than my running shoes and it came from London. Which sounds kind of sexy but I assure you IT IS NOT. It's like a Medieval torture device updated to be soft and white and to "breathe." But even less sexy than wearing it is getting IN to it. NO I WILL NOT POST THAT VIDEO.


Sorry, that's a total douchey question. ("Like reading about ME? Let's ask more about ME!") But honestly I have NO idea what I'm doing making these crazy videos, so if there's something you'd like me to say or do or answer, I'd love to have something to go on. 

As promised, you can order Medifast at a discount ($50 off an order of $275 or more) by using Coupon Code: SHEWALKS

Yes, Medifast is sponsoring me, but I'm certain they didn't expect a frizzy-haired lunatic with bad roots to start posting videos on YouTube talking about her issues, so kind of the disclaimer goes both ways. 


  1. Sarcasm and self-deprecation are two of my favorite things; like you, I didn't realize how damaging it can be until I was around children. Specifically, the teenaged girls I was teaching. I realized that if I wanted them to see themselves as smart, beautiful, and valuable, then maybe I needed to stop being snarky about myself and to try to be a ... gulp! ... role model for positivity.


    But oh so valuable.

    Kudos to you. Again.

  2. DUDE! I'm just impressed your hair is fixed. Not only do I need my roots done but I look like I've been laying with pigs recently.

  3. Awesome! So glad to see post 3.

    I have been working on my language as well. My little guy will be two October 10th and hubs and I are both veryvery guilty of "humorous" negativity. We have been trying to work on it but it is now time to!

  4. Ugh, I use the sarcasm and self-deprecation all the time too, but try to watch myself in front of the keeeeeds.

    Also, I think you're adorable.

  5. Wow, you bring up a really good point that I think will resonate with a lot of your readers. Congrats on the good work this week!

  6. I'm from England. I don't get it. If we don't teach our kids to be sarcastic and self-deprecating how will they appreciate irony and not grow up to be, well, smug?

  7. But jolly good show on the whole slimline plan nonetheless x

  8. I struggle with this too, not because I have a child, but because I know it's not healthy for me to constantly send negative messages to myself about myself. Even when it's meant to be funny.

    I mean, we wouldn't tolerate anyone else talking about us in this way, would we?


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