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Hey, hey.

I have no fewer than 80 blog posts bouncing around in my head, but they're all stopped up right now because for a million reasons. I know. I sound like a broken record. Also, I owe you a post with all your Jerseylicious pictures, because they are the best things I've ever seen.


Today the Clever Girls are (is?) hosting a Twitter Party at noon PST/3 p.m. EST and we're chatting about Thanksgiving side dishes and desserts and we WANT YOUR INPUT. Plus, we have a few prizes to give away, AND a great deal on sparkling wine which you can BET I will be taking advantage of. (Because yes. I WILL have a glass of sparkling wine on Thanksgiving. You know, after the tequila shots and crack pipes are gone.)

No but really. I do need help. Because I'm hosting Thanksgiving again, because I love hosting even though I have little confidence in my ability to cook everything well. Last year I asked you for ideas and help and I ended up exchanging no fewer than 900 emails with one of my best IIFs who tried to explain to me how to add brandied cherries and almonds to the stuffing and I was all, "but WHEN? HOW MUCH EXACTLY?" and she was all, "um, you just eyeball it?"

So, let's see.

1. If you want to join the Twitter party, just hang out and follow the hashtag #cleverholiday.

2. If you want to be registered to potentially win one of our giveaways, please RSVP for the party before 12 p.m. (PST) today here, then answer the questions as they come up.

3. AWESOME DEAL ON SPARKLING WINE! Direct from the Clever Girls Wine Club. La la laaaaa! Free shipping, too!

Vallebelbo Moscato d'Asti

This Double Gold winner in the 2010 San Francisco International Wine Competition usually retails for $17.99, but we bring you this a clever deal: you can order yours for 25% off PLUS FREE SHIPPING!

Each bottle is only $13.49, and we guarantee it'll be a fantastic addition to any of your holiday celebrations.

Click here to order!

4. In case you're wondering, I'm only sharing the one side dish that I feel confident about at today's Twitter party: it's zesty cranberry sauce with red wine, and it's not SO different from the traditional sauce, but it has a little zing that I think makes it special. Recipe is below.

5. What about you? What are you making? What sides do you love? Or, wait, no. Let me ask this: what side dish do I HAVE to make that I won't totally screw up that will be awesome? Please share! I'll be happy to include it in our recipe-round-up!

Zesty Cranberry Sauce Recipe
(I don't know where I got this from, and I apologize for not attributing it. It's just scrawled on a piece of notebook paper in my recipe collection. Just call me Judith Griggs.)

2/3 cup sugar
3/4 cup dry red wine
1/2 cinnamon stick
12 oz pckg cranberries
strip of orange zest

Over medium heat, combine wine, sugar and cinnamon and bring to a boil.

Reduce heat to medium-low. Simmer, stirring occasionally until sugar dissolves and wine is reduced a little, about 4 minutes.

Add cranberries and orange zest. Simmer until sauce thickens, about 10-12 minutes.

Remove from heat, remove cinnamon and zest.

Set aside to cool. Do not refrigerate.


  1. What kinds of things do you plan on making other than the turkey? In my house, because I'm a lunatic who generally is only feeding me, the husband and the cat (he LOVES turkey liver - weirdo) I make: the smallest turkey I can find; a metric ton of stuffing - homemade, but with store bought doctored stock; mashed potatoes, plain roasted sweet potatoes (I'm the only one who eats it); homemade green bean casserole (basically blanched green beans, plus cream of mushroom soup - sauteed minced shallot, plus minced mushroom, pinch of flour to thicken and then cream, salt pepper) and then some variety of sauteed green. I'm partial to escarole. I don't generally do desserts, but might be tempted to make cookies.

    Yeah. OH I'm going to be in San Francisco December 2-5, and planned on hitting up a vineyard in Napa Valley on Saturday - Where should I go? I feel like you and/or Ish would know. Thanks in advance and happy holidays :)

  2. Okay, I'd love to help. But I don't cook. I stopped a year ago and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I used to cook because I thought I had to. And then I had a "burn your bra, aha" moment and decided to quit - cold turkey so to speak. So I'll be at Trader Joes again this year buying everything ready-made.

    And no, I won't attribute them when people ask. Most likely because I'll be hammered from drinking in the kitchen for 4 hours when I'm supposed to be cooking.

    Man, I love Thanksgiving!

  3. Thanks for a great feast for my eyes. Now I am ready to cook! Happy Thanksgiving!


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