The Music's Gonna Get You Through

A friend of mine has asked me to spread the word about this amazing documentary; it (and its participants) deserve to have their story told far and wide.

Please contribute if you can, and pass it on!

About this project (which I grabbed from here)

The Music’s Gonna Get You Through is a testament to the power that community producing can have. We started this film in 2003 with $1500 and some borrowed equipment. Seven years and lots of great volunteer work later we’ve managed to keep tabs on New Orleans piano virtuoso Henry Butler, as well as the kids who participated in his 2003 music camp, and put together a film that was selected by American Public Television for national broadcast…all because of donors like you!

Though the film will air in many cities, it's not running everywhere and many people will miss it. We are launching a grassroots effort to get The Music’s Gonna Get You Through out into the world beyond public television, so that it can be used effectively in deepening understanding of issues facing the visually challenged (and so that more viewers can enjoy Henry, his students, their music, and their victories!).

Please enjoy The Music’s Gonna Get You Through and help spread the word to others. Thank you!
For more info, including where and when the film will be airing and reviews, go to:


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