Things I Haven't Blogged About

Yesterday I got my hair done. Because I decided I wanted to stop making a fashion statement that said, "WEREN'T THE 90s AWESOME?"

(I don't think I look like Heather Locklear, God bless 'er.
I am using her to illustrated tired color, frayed ends, and dark roots.
This was a fashion "in" for about 11 seconds circa 1995.)

So I got to leave Eve alone with her father for a couple hours and it was totally, totally worth it. Not because I got time to myself, although, hi, hallelujah. But it was so worth it because of the look on Ish's face once we were reunited. He was happy, and relieved, and his eyes had a bit of giddy-cum-desperate-ness to them that, I'm not gonna lie, I relished.

In the two hours I was gone, he wasn't able to clean or work or get pretty much anything done other than baby-tending. "I-- I-- I couldn't even type two sentences!" he exclaimed, looking alarmingly at his open, untouched laptop, the Twitter screen aglow.

Oh, how I know the glowing Twitter-screen taunt.

My point is that I have been dying to blog. Dying to write, to be creative, to get to any of the dozens of little projects I've promised myself I'd get to. But mostly it's still all I can do to shower more than once a week.

It's getting easier. It's getting better. But it's still hard. Case in point: I started this sad little blog entry at 11:45 a.m. It is now 5:30 p.m. Who knows what time it will be when I finish this. (Ed note: 8:14 p.m.)

But in case you're wondering, here's some stuff maybe someday I'll write about:

- We have been trying very hard to make sure Eve gets out into the world (and also to make sure that Mommy gets out of the house). Before Eve was two weeks old, she went to her first winery. Here is a picture of me feeding her while taking a sip of something delicious and red:
Mother of the year.

- We've taken Eve to dinner a handful of times. We took her to Tahoe. We took her to an outdoor concert. We took her to the movies. And next weekend, we're taking her to Maine for my cousins' wedding. (At some other point, I'll have to explain why that apostrophe is where it is, and why that doesn't make it illegal.)

- I have only taken Eve out by myself a couple times, but that's because I was given strict orders not to until my 6-week check-up post-surgery. The first time I went to the gym for a post-natal workout class(!) and the second time I took her to a Napa mom's group event that I didn't hate(!!!). Don't these things seem notable and blog-worthy!?

- I have SO MUCH to say on the breastfeeding subject. For now, I will offer that it's going fine. And in fact, I am looking forward to sharing my experience because it has been so darn fine. Despite the mass hysteria I created when I Tweeted the word "formula," it hasn't seemed to ruin my child's appetite for breastmilk OR my ability to create it. But I will tell you. Sometimes I feed her every 30 minutes, sometimes every couple of hours. Sometimes not for 4, 5, or 6 hours. And sometimes? When I haven't pumped enough "extra" boob juice but want an extra martini? I'll give her formula. AND SOMEHOW WE ALL SURVIVE.

- Oh, but also? HAHAHAHAHAHA. You know what's hilarious? People who can nurse standing up. All the baby carriers use the "and it's a great way to nurse discreetly!" line as a selling point. Um, no. There is no "discreet" nursing when your boob is larger than your baby's head. Not in a sling, not in a wrap, not in a carrier, not in a million years. Diagrams to come.

- In other news, for those of you who empathized with my hatred of Vicodin, thank you. I have been off it for 4 weeks now. Eve continues to sleep for 6 hour stretches at night anyway. (Not all the time, but hey, we'll take what we can get.)

However. I read that women who are breastfeeding do not get REM sleep, and that that's nature's way of keeping new moms alert. So in the end, 2, 4, and 6 hour stretches basically all feel the same. And explain the drool on my shirt.

- I stand by the declaration that Eve is an easy baby. I'm certain I will pay for this in horrifying toddler years or something.

- Um. I dunno. There's more to come. In the meantime, here are some pictures:

The birth announcement photo.

Focusing on the dangly-toy playmat.

Look how happy she is in her Boppy Bouncer chair!
Is this not a look of baby bliss?

Taken this morning, to get a shot of her hair.
That fauxhawk is all natural, yo.


  1. To answer your question: YES, the 90s were awesome !!!
    LOVE the mother of the year photo. That one's a keeper !!

  2. She's a little Cupie Doll!

  3. I had a baby who had strawberry-blonde hair that looked like that, and she's now almost nine with some of the most luxurious, thick hair you've ever seen on a child.

    Ahh, the miracles of genetics, giving us children so much better than either of their parents alone!

    Glad you're all doing so well!

  4. oh my her hair is sooo cute :)
    glad you all are doing good and getting out. a must have to keep sane at time with new babies :)

  5. In most of the pictures I've seen, she has this awesome "woah. holy cow! wtf is that?" look and I love it. That's not meant to be anything other than a lovely compliment of how she comes across so inquisitive and eager to figure out her baby-ness.

    And yes.. that hair is FANTASTIC! :-)

  6. Kristy, I had boobs bigger than the kids head and nursed in the sling for all six of them. It can be done - if you want, just email and we can chat.

    Eve is ADORABLE, and one of my kids had hair just like that.

  7. mwhahaha, yes when your boobs are bigger than the baby's head it is interesting. I ended up having to make all my own nursing bras and shirts because NOTHING FIT...oh the joy of breastfeeding..I lived it but was never able to feed in the sling or while walking around in the mall. NO matter how many people were convinced I could....NOne of them were carrying around my 32 F's with them...

    Also hello backpain! Boobs + baby on the front. I loved my babies but was so happy when they were old enough for the back carry.

    Also you daughter is darling.

  8. Very cute.
    But I gotta ask - why is it so important to get Eve out and about? I understand it for you, certainly. But at her age she doesn't need any particular stimulation (everything is fun to stare at at her age). You are only exposing her to germs and virus' for no reason (imho).

  9. You sound like you are doing a wonderful wonderful job. And she is beyond beautiful.

  10. Oh how I love the hair. She is just so beautiful. Also, I totally noticed the apostrophe in cousins', because I am a huge nerd. Story sounds excellent, and also like a play currently at A.C.T.

    I agree that it's important to get babies out in the world, too. Otherwise you might end up with an airplane screamer, because being out of the house is such a new phenomenon, and I'm sure no one wants that.

  11. She is so cute with that updo, and especially the picture of her laying on the floor looking up at the toys. That is a keeper! Everything about her is adorable. It is great that you got out of the house without her. I was in Florida helping my dil when our grandson was just a littl guy and she got out to go to a baby shower. She was so happy to have a few minutes with other adult women it was pathetic. I had fun with the little guy.

  12. I say getting out and about is good for you all. Woo. And I saw the boppy chair picture on facebook and it still makes me laugh. She is so freaking cute.

  13. I sort of managed to nurse discreetly, except for the gulping, slurping sounds.

    And I'm pretty sure Boppy will be asking to use Eve's picture in an advertising campaign.

  14. yay thanks for the pictures! She is so cuuuute! and that hair, oh my goodness, adorable!

  15. Oh my god the hair! Love it! My daughter's hair is similar. We call her Kramer.

    I can't believe you've already been to the gym, you're a crazy woman.

    Yay for pictures!

  16. What a beauty! My niece had the same awesome sticky-uppy hair. She's five months old now and it mostly lays down, which makes me a little sad.

  17. Just echoing the AWESOMENESS of your daughter's hair!

  18. omg- I soooo love the pic with the wine drinking while bottle-feeding.

    As for the "discretion" while feeding with large boobs- sooooo know how you feel!!

    the point of this comment: omg CUTE BABY!!!! I LOOOOVE LOOOVE LOOOOVE her hair!!!

  19. Chiming in as another with boobs bigger than baby's head. I have not been able to master nursing while standing either. They hang too low, and my baby can't hold on to it by her self.

    Also giving baby one bottle of formula a day, starting at 4.5 months because I can't pump quite enough to keep up with her. She's fine and still accepts the boob happily.

  20. She's such a doll!

    I breast fed and supplemented with formula too and felt I was doing the right thing and that my daughters got the best of both worlds - all of the benefits of breastmilk, plus the added nutrition in the formula, because let's face it... Sometimes all I wanted for lunch was a Snickers. :)

    As far as inconspicuous breast feeding is concerned... I used to throw a baby blanket over my shoulder and drape it over my boob and baby. My oldest was happy. My youngest hated it and would yank it off, exposing my leaking tata to the world. Good times.

  21. Adding my admiration for your daughter's gorgeous head of hair. Adorable! And just to let you know how lucky she is, my son had nothing but fine downy blonde peach fuzz until he was almost 2. Then he started losing his hair in high school. Poor kid only had about 15 good hair years. Treasure the fauxhawk!

  22. Can't wait for the wedding story.
    My BIL married his cousin....
    I've gotten years of enjoyment out of that, giving my wife shi- about her hillbilly side of the family.

    love the fauxhawk...

  23. "cousins'" Hmmm, I am guessing two cousins got married to each other?

  24. Her hair is so freaking adorable I can barely stand it.

    I'm glad you got some solo time because it's imperative to a new mom's survival!

  25. love the hair.
    BFing mums get no REM sleep?? ridiculous! we die without REM sleep...and while it may seem you are close to death on those occasions where you haven't had long stretches, it simply isn't going to happen.... in a sleep stretch longer than one hour, you will have a period of REM sleep. one cycles through REM and the 4 stages on non-REM, about every hour.
    keep rocking!

  26. I hear ya on the breastfeeding while standing thing. I too have large boobs & Alexa's head is still smaller then one of my boobs & she's 6 months old. There is definitely no discreet feeding. Since this is my second time around, I've gotten much more comfortable with it in public & figure too bad if someone gets a quick peak at the girls!

    Also, so glad to see you took Eve wine tasting cause I'm taking Alexa on Friday up to Napa. Decided to leave the 2 year old at home for that one though!

  27. and so let it be a refrain for all time as we recount the story of our falling in love and getting married...


    seriously, we're not even remotely cousins, it's just that our families are close and we've known each other for most of our lives.

    (can't wait to see you guys soon)

  28. The hair. Oh my god, the hair. How much do I love that hair?

    Now, as for the new-moms-don't-get-REM-sleep stuff, I still dream. Bright, vivid, messed up hormonal dreams. You only dream in REM, right?

  29. That picture is why I love you - and yes, the hair, the awesome hair, I love it.

    I'm always happy to see some new words and pictures from you - I can only imagine the time this little one takes. I'm glad you're updating what you can.

    Looking forward to hearing about her first trip east.


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