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The insanity surrounding the current healthcare "debate" makes me, in my new-mom, blurry-eyed, sleep-deprived, drooly state a little bit nutty. I mean, yes, it would make me nutty were I not already in a new-mom, blurry-eyed, sleep-deprived, drooly state, but now it's just so much worse.

I stare at the television, looking as disheveled as it is possible to look, and just go, "HUH?" And then in a sweet, sing-song voice, tell Eve how much we love Rachel Maddow.

Sigh. I can't bring myself to get into the political debate here. I've just written and deleted about nine paragraphs, realizing that I have too much to say but I'll either just be preaching to the choir or my words will fall on deaf ears. My blog is not the place to change minds.

But it is the place for me to spout off. And so my top thoughts on the current state of the healthcare "debate" and Town Halls and astroturfing are thus:
  1. Whoa, there, crazypants. No one is coming to take your guns away. On my planet, giving all citizens access to healthcare doesn't have anything to do with your interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. So while you're busy defending yourself against lower insurance premiums, please keep in mind that your right to bear arms does not supersede my right to peaceful assembly.

  2. Obama cannot be a Fascist and a Nazi AND a Socialist and a Communist. While also being a secret Muslim.

  3. Oh, and speaking of secrets? Obama is not talking about a nationalized healthcare option because he is secretly a citizen of Kenya. No, really.

  4. You want your America back? From whom? Where did it go? I swear, it was here just a second ago. Oops! See, it's still here, right where you left it.

  5. Ohmigod Obama's mother-in-law does not practice witchcraft ohmigod.

  6. I would LOVE to hear your ideas on how to keep the government away from your Medicare.

  7. Can Barney Frank be my uncle? Please?


  1. I want Barney Frank to be my uncle too. Oh my gosh, can you imagine family dinners? It would be awesome!

  2. I just went through all the hell of getting signed up in Medicare and AARP and a helluva lot of letters for other things JUST IN TIME, the gov't is pretty slow.

    I got at least a mailbag full of ads. Hell, they could have paid for all the medicare I wanted with what they spent in advertising. I heard about the "changes" just as I was walking out the door the other night to meet with my secret knitting group and was pretty pissed off about all the time I'd wasted reading and badgering my friends about which policy is better and just worrying about it all.

    I know I typed some bad words, but I'm pretty sure Eve isn't reading yet. Don't tell and it will all be ok.

    I think you have sort of a handle on the truth and it is gratifying to see it in black and white that I'm not the only one who has some sense. Like the President of the United States, or POTUS, is not on or for the other side. He is one of ours.

    And the news is all about how Michelle Obama wore shorts when they went to see the Grand Canyon and how Nancy Reagan and Pat Nixon would never have worn such an outfit. Oh Lord, just put out my eyes if I should see any of the previous First Ladies in shorts. And they weren't short shorts, either...they were mommy shorts.

  3. Thank you. I have to link this!

  4. *singing*

    (I'm in the choir. Get it? GET IT??)

    My favorite part was how the first three words of your thoughts on the healthcare debate are "Whoa, there, crazypants." In fact, I'd say those three words could be used to sum up the WHOLE DEBATE.

  5. Thanks for this post. I am an American living in Australia and was beginning to wonder if everyone had gone nuts over there! You put my mind at ease.

  6. I would LOVE to hear your ideas on how to keep the government away from your Medicare.

    OMG YES! Me, too! How can we keep big government out of this government program.

    People really FUCKING amaze me. Like, really, a lot.

  7. your country is some lotta crazy.

  8. I'm of the opinion that the average American (although, who exactly is the average American, I would have thought you and the others commenting would be?) doesn't actually want a government to do any good....from the North looking down, that's really the way it seems...

  9. Aww, I want Barney Frank to be my uncle too. If he's both of our uncles, we get to be cousins right? Yes? awesome.

    Man, I hate the healthcare debate. So many nutjobs, so little time.

  10. I love this post. So right on. I especially am tickled by your use of the term "crazypants" and this:

    Obama cannot be a Fascist and a Nazi AND a Socialist and a Communist. While also being a secret Muslim.


  11. Well said! Thank you! (Long time reader, first time commenter!)

  12. Well said Kristy - and above commenters !!!

    Kristy, you forgot to mention legalized human euthanasia. I about died (no pun intended) when I heard President Obama say at a town hall meeting that his plan did not include euthanasia for senior citizens - WHERE THE HELL DID THAT COME FROM?

    Give Eve a kiss from me (in a totally non-stalker way of course!)

  13. Bravo Kristi! You, in your sleep-deprived new mom state, have said what I've been thinking better than I could have.

    Sign me up to be another cousin through Uncle Barney. He is my hero.

  14. omg. i just love you. in a totally safe blogosphere not creepy kind of way...

  15. J & I loved this! Giggle... and amen, sista!!

  16. That's what's great about our country....we can each have our own opinion and we're free to express it. I don't particularly agree with yours, but I thank God that we have the freedom to openly disagree. It's my hope
    (and prayer) that it never changes.


  17. Wow, i hadn't heard about the mother-in-law thing. That's HYSTERICAL.
    Oh, crazypants. Making the news exciting, once again.

  18. oh.... my sides hurt from laughing so hard...

    I really can't seem to wrap my head around the fear that a lot of Americans have towards socialized health care.

    I kinda wonder too if it's a fear of being more like Canada- heaven forbid, the US might lose their image of being "big brother" to us!! ohmygodthehorror!!!

    Love your take on the political hubbub- I think it's the only way I even COULD understand American politics!! :D

  19. You have precisely summed up my own reaction to the antics of the crazy right wingers.

  20. I always liked the bit about the woman who says "Medicare is my constitutional right!"


  21. I loved this post. I was laughing about all the points you made, not because they were funny, but because you were dead on.


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