Fun Friday! Now With A Cappella!

If anyone asked me to write a "modern" version of Snow White -- and no, there is no reason on earth anyone would ask me to do this, but whatever, these are the things I think about -- I think I would change the whole,

Mirror, Mirror
on the wall,
who is the fairest one of all?

bit around.

I think in these trying times, the scary, breast-implanted, hair-extensioned, botoxed queen would ask a question more along the lines of:

Mirror, Mirror
on the wall,
who is the psycho bitchiest
one of all?

And then as long as Mirror didn't say, "Why, you my queen," she'd be okay. Also in this version, the queen is played by Kim Cattrall and the Mirror is Miss J (J. Alexander from ANTM).

Are you wondering why am I writing this? Me too. There was a reason but I can't remember what it is now.


On a couldn't-be-more-unrelated note, my a cappella group is having our second big, huge performance of the year on May 2. We're part ready for it, part hoping that everyone fills up on free booze before we start.

So in the meantime, I thought I'd embed a couple mp3s of us, recorded live from our last concert. Keep in mind this means we were on stage and that the recordings haven't been "produced" in any way.

As you may know, we're called The Loose Interpretations. Keep that in mind.

Here's "Bridge Over Troubled Water." It's pretty, kind of choral-y. (It's supposed to be gospelly, too, but we're a little too white to pull that part off.)

Midnight Train to Georgia. The audience laughter and the uneven sound at the end is due to our "Pips," who provide entertaining choreography.

And our version of "The Adverb Song." It's originally from The Electric Company, and is supposed to demonstrate how different words can end in -LY. We make up our own verses, and we think they're clever.


  1. Gorgeous!! I love Bridge Over Troubled Water and Midnight Train to Georgia has always been a favorite of mine. Y'all are awesome. I need to find a singing group somewhere near me (I'm in a new town now...)...any ideas as to how to find something like what you've got going on??

  2. I love the adverb song. Have you ever heard of Da Vinci's notebook? They are now disbanded but here's one of their classic a cappella songs ( They are now Paul & Storm and have great stuff still.

  3. Beautiful! I really wish I lived near you so I could come see your next concert. The Adverb song was brilliant!

  4. Sounds amazing! Where are you guys going to be performing? I'd love to come see The Loose Interpretations!

    -Jenny in SJ

  5. Midnight Train to Georgia is one of my favorite songs ever - you guys rocked it!!

  6. Very nice! That arrangement of "Bridge Over Troubled Water" sounds just like the one we did in high school, brings back memories. One of my favorites, we sang it at graduation. Ah, I miss choir.

  7. Awesomeness !!!


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