Fun Friday Giveaway!

How do I start this one?

Back before Ish, when I was with TheBoy (who morphed into "T", who we should probably just call "Tony" at this point), my collection of Adult Products grew to notable proportions. This is because Tony worked for an online adult toy company and there were many unused, unopened products to be had and sampled ("Wow, that's COOL") and kept ("This goes in the drawer") and sadly, sometimes, thrown out ("What the hell is THAT supposed to be? Is that a -- nuh-uh, no way. Don't even THINK about it.")

Now, for the record, the website that Tony worked for was intended to be educational and sex-positive and, much like Eden Fantasys, was rather tastefully done. (But then again, "tasteful" only goes so far when you (by which I mean "I") start selecting products based on flavor or their relative amount of "sparklies".)

(Because sparklies!)

So on the one hand, we have that I actually know my stuff when it comes to Toys of the Adult Kind. I know what flavors are good and what shapes work better than others and I know that sometimes? Products can be way more approachable when they're pink and glittery.

Still, we have the other hand. The one where I never write about sex and sex-related stuff because HELLO, MY ENTIRE FAMILY! HOW ARE YOU? GOT PLANS FOR THE WEEKEND? OH, THAT'S NICE.

But whatever. Blogging, giveaways, la la laaaaaa.

I was very up-front with the Eden Fantasys person who contacted me about this giveaway. I communicated that I'd be more than happy to give a product away -- because who doesn't like free stuff? -- but that I wasn't sure whether you'd be all over it or kind of weirded out by it.

We decided to start with extra simple and tasteful.

The product featured above is called the Treasure Trove gift tin. The box it comes in is really pretty (it's here in my apartment, so I know what I'm talking about) and the contents are high quality. You'll be happy to know I didn't actually try these exact ones out, but I already own the feather, honey dust, and oil.

Please note: no one is paying me anything to say this, and I've owned the honey dust/feather AND oil for months.

Personally, I think the honey dust stuff is genius. It's literally honey in the form of a non-sticky powder, that you (or, ideally, your partner) applies with the feather. It feels so soft and if you do happen to taste it, it tastes like honey.

I will point out that unlike actual honey, it doesn't stick to anything, comes off easily in the shower, and won't ruin your sheets. (I'm just saying.)

I love this mostly because I live for light touches. No massage is light enough for me, and if it wouldn't be weird, I'd actually request that massage therapists just used their fingertips to touch me instead of actually kneading my muscles. But it would be weird, so I don't.

Not sure why I just shared that, but there you go.

Of course, if you like harder massages and can talk your partner into giving you one, the oil is kind of awesome. Yes, it's the kind that heats up. I personally think this kind of thing is awesome on places like the shoulders and back and not as great when you get to the...uh...privatey areas... but it depends on what you're going for and your personal preferences. I just recommend you try the heated oil on a "lesser sensitive" part of your body first. (Trust me when I say that's not a lesson you wanna learn the hard way.)

I don't know anything about the lotion, but it looks nice and says it's "cooling" and that seems pretty nifty. Perhaps you can add lotion if you get a little carried away with the heat from the oil?

So if you'd like to win this fun little gift tin, please just leave a comment -- about anything, really -- and include your location so we can avoid duplications in the case of same-name entries. I will pick the winner at random and post her/his name here on Wednesday morning, by 9 a.m. PST.

Good luck & Happy Friday!

(Updated: The contest will end at 8 p.m. PST on Tuesday evening.)


  1. Kiera Rochester, NY'
    Long time reader, first time commenter--the gift set looks lovely... and fun!

  2. Alexandria, VA

    Having just gotten into the world of, um, bedroom-related activities, I'd love anything that could give me a (literal?) leg up.

  3. Hubby says " COMMENT COMMENT " !!!!
    So that is my comment, you now have hs attention.

  4. Honey Dust! Covet!

    Oh, and, I'm in North Hollywood, CA. :)

  5. Count me in! As a newlywed and a new parent, we're obviously up for anything!

    Sara B. In east Texas

  6. yay! And may I say very adeptly worded & explained.
    San Diego, Ca.

  7. woo hoo! bedroom stuff :-) I'm a big fan of it.

    steph jax, fl

    (I've had similar dust before and it works nice if you're going to meet your sweetie and they have a habit of kissing your neck.. just you know, fyi.)

  8. This sounds fun! As another newly, both wed & parent, it would be nice to have something to do that doesn't involve chasing the baby to make sure he doesn't stick his finger into a socket.

    Something soothing :)

    Merced, CA

  9. Um, I'm in, looks like fun. Could use a massage after rough week at work anyway. Thanks for offering this! Hope everyone has a great weekend planned.

    Trish A.
    St. Louis, MO

  10. pittsburgh, pa checking in to say LE ROWL!! hell yes, i would love to win such a terrific contest. truth be told, he would love me to win as well. thanks for sharing with the internet!

  11. Laurie - Ottawa, ON, Canada.

    We could use a little fun around here! It's been cold!

  12. Heh. My vagina could use some sparklies.

    It's been one of those days, ya know ?

  13. Oh, and I forgot to say where I'm from, but really it doesn't matter because I shouldn't win anything anyway, since we met in person once and that would just smack of Blog corruption and since it involves sex toys - whoa, let's not even go there !! mostly I just wanted to use "sparklies" and "Vagina" in a sentence together, on the Interwebs, so thank you for affording me the opportunity to do that.

  14. I love the honey powder. We used to have some a million years ago. I would love to win this.

    Limor from WI

  15. Feathers, honey, lotion...I need to line up a babysitter for the weekend if I win.

    Fort Worth, TX

  16. As you can see, we all love freebies! Adult or childlike!

    Conway, AR :)

  17. The flatlands of Colorado here.

  18. At first, I totally thought you wrote "I will lick the winner at random" I blame the wine.

    Culpeper, VA

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Sounds interesting. It will totally freak my new traditional and very blue-blooded husband out. I'm in!

    (that's what he said)

    Oh come on....I couldn't resist!

    Ps that was me who deleted my comment so excited I forgot to include my location.

    St. Louis!

  21. Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Me! Pick me!!

    What? Too needy?

  22. I once dated a guy who got me an Easter basket full of sex toys and such. That was about the best gift he ever gave me.


    *(My word verification is PETER. It's a sign.)

  23. Count me in! Spokane is not exciting enough without the feathers.

  24. I think it's funny that I'd love to win this and I'd be embarrassed to win this all at the same time.

    I'm in Virginia.

  25. Ooh yummy honey dust!!

    Springfield, VA

  26. Honey dust sounds like fun! :)

    Vancouver, BC, Canada

  27. Is it wrong that I keep thinking of how I like honey in my tea and ooh, honey dust in tea?

    Yeah. I thought so.

    Daisy @ 10:54 pm CST on Friday night. (I do so have a life.)

  28. My friend uses Honey Dust and SWEARS by how AWESOME it is. She says it is not only yummy, but it also works amazing as an anti-chafing powder when you're wearing a skirt! :) hee hee. Here's hoping I'm the luck one! *crosses fingers*

    San Diego, CA

  29. Yes! Even in the exciting state of kansas.

  30. Aw that's such a cute set. I've been wanting to buy something like this. Love your blog :D

    Alix in Nashville, TN.

  31. Interesting. My 5 year anniversary is coming up, perhaps this could be useful! I don't usually pass up a give-away entry, I mean, what have I got to lose?!

    Dorchester, MA

  32. Oh sweet. I wanna be lickable. Which is slightly better than likable, but only when referring to my husband. I mean, I want other people to like me, but not necessarily do I want them to lick me. Usually.

    My name is Paloma and I live in Elk Grove, CA and I probably should have made up an alias after leaving a comment like that, heh.

  33. Sarah, Salt Lake City

    My BF is currently deployed and this would be a lovely addition to our MUCH ANTICIPATED reunion later this year.

    Totally unrelated, I loved your plus size pregnancy post. Thank you for being so honest and open.

  34. What? No strap-on?
    I kid!

    Rachael in PDX

  35. I would love this. the powder stuff is awesome :)
    Tonya Tennessee

  36. ohhh ohhh ohhh i need some :) Send it to me please :) pick me pick me :)


  37. YAY!!! Honey dust!! Love it!!! Want it!!!

    Michelle in Dallas Texas

  38. oooh, count me in.

    Cora in Pensacola, FL

  39. Pick me! Pick me!

    I'm Katey in Milton, GA!

    You know you wanna!

  40. I love adult toys. And the oil sound fantastic!

  41. Whoooo! I could put that to very good use. I'll shut up not to avoid apalling and traumatic mental images.

    Jen in Sacramento

  42. This just sounds so cool! :-)

    Dizzy Ms. Lizzy
    Decatur, Illinois

  43. Hey there hi there ho there -

    In case you're not aware, honey dust is great for under pregnancy boobs (which might get sweaty) & pregnancy belly (right above your hoo-ha, where a c-section scar would be), as later in pregnancy you might find that area getting itchy. Just to give you something else to look forward to. You're welcome.

    Gina in NS

  44. I'd like some of that.

    Angellee in Los Angeles.

  45. I'm home sick with the flu and need something to look forward to. Sex toys seem like the perfect pick-me-up.

    (And Chicago.)

  46. Herndon, VA

    Greatest blog give away EVA! Please can I win? Please??

  47. I <3 honey dust - Sweaty summer cleavage, no MORE!

  48. Use the words "warm", "massage" and "oil" in a sentence and you have my attention!


    Kim in Nyack

  49. Honey dust gives me warm fuzzy thoughts...ahhh.

    <3 ~M

  50. Not SURE if I want it or would pass it to a friend - but I've never won anything so I want to try!

    Tristen, in Canada

  51. Ooo, ooo, pick me! pick me! I am just getting back into the dating thing after a long, doomed marriage, and I *think* I have found The One - this gift box would make it even more fun!!!

    ~Karen in Twin Cities, MN

  52. Shannon in San Bruno4:32 PM, March 07, 2009

    As I scrolled down my eye caught the right-hand box called "Recently.." and maybe it's all your fault because of the content of your post but suddenly I thought one of them said "Warning! Labias!" and I was all "!??!" and then I re-read it and... I just need to add that I know OF a girl named Labia and that just makes the whole world funnier. Except, you know, for her..

  53. Annemg in NorCal5:20 PM, March 07, 2009

    Sounds fun!

  54. I'll be married for 16 years in May and we are always looking for things to spice up our life :)

    Marie, Avoca, PA

  55. ooh this looks neato! (is neato too little kid of a word to use for this product?)
    San Jose

  56. Wow this stuff looks like something my husband would be happy to see arrive in the mail :)
    I hope I win!

  57. I need to win this, and here's why:

    Remember when I lived in Philadelphia? Remember how muggy and sticky and awful the summer was? Well, my then 16 year old nephew came down to visit and over the course of the weekend he developed the nastiest smelling sneakers from all the walking around and insisting on not wearing socks. I mean, my god, the smell of his shoes went through the whole house.

    Finally, we just couldn't take it. His Dad asked if I had any talc or powder or anything we could sprinkle in his shoes. You see where this is going...

    The only thing I had was this Kama Sutra honey dust. I hesitated mentioning this, but it was late and the smell was making me gag, and so finally I went into the bedroom and brought it out. We dumped a bunch in his shoes and shook it around. It helped a little, so we thought, hey, maybe a little more? It totally worked.

    So, that is why I no longer have any honey dust. It is also, coincidentally, how my sister-in-law learned a lot of things about her brother and what's in that box in the closet.

  58. Pick me! Pick me!

    Tami W

    Huntington Beach, Ca.

  59. Pick me! Hubby and I are having our 7 year anniversary 3/15, and I'd love to surprise him with this. We had a similar set waaay back before we got married, and I loved the honey dust too. Thanks!

  60. Me, me, me! Pick me!

    As a first-time commenter, I feel compelled to tell you that your divorce saga stories are so well-written and compelling that I've read them three times and cried each time. (And only ONE of the times was I under the influence of crazy hormones!)

  61. I love your give aways!

    Dahli - Minneapolis, MN

  62. The time change must be messing with me because I've come up with several witty things to say and each time I get errors when trying to post... Hope this works!

    Kristi, OKC, OK

  63. Free stuff! Classy and sexytime in the same gift package.

    Amelia, St Paul, MN

  64. Newton, MA
    My girlfriend would adore this set... our one year anniversary is coming up shortly and what a great way this would be to celebrate!

  65. YES! I love this contest

    Philadelphia PA :)

  66. Fist time commenter, long time reader. Love the blog!


    "East Hollywood" Los Angeles, CA

  67. Sounds like many nights of fun!
    Portland, OR

  68. i'm game!
    heather in the spokane, wa

  69. Hi, I'm Monica in Pasadena, MD (sadly, not CA). Love your blog and wishing you and Ish all the best with move and baby.

  70. OK, well, I am ALL ABOUT the free stuff... so here's a commenty comment from North Carolina (although, so help me, I can't believe there'd be a dupe of my blog name out there)

    Love your blog!

  71. sounds niiiice!

  72. I want to play too!

    Flint, Michigan

  73. OOh, honey dust sounds like perfection. And: man, you are a good writer.

    Megan S/Potrero Hill

  74. oooohooohooohoooh!!! pick me!!! pick me!!!

    I want the massage oil for when I'm in labour.

    I know... SOOOO not kinky- but seriously??? (if there is a woman who feels sexy and in the mood while getting your insides pummelled mercilessly by spawn please raise your hand- so I can smack you!! lol)

    and cooling lotion- tell me that isn't the shiznit for any pregnant woman who can actually get her man to rub her feet?? :D

    Have I told you I love you?? lmao... gawd i'm shameless aren't I??!! :D

    Oh.. and did I mention- I'm from Canada!! Everyone luvs Canadians!! Don't they?? eh??!!


  75. Can't win if you don't participate, right?

    Arlington, VA

  76. well as a single mom finally on her own, this would be great!

    St Paul, MN

  77. Oh, fun!

    Kate, San Francisco

  78. So. Um. I'm entering!

    Let's just say that It's Complicated. Because that's how I'm referring to him. ("He's my It's Complicated.")

    Jeanne in SF, naturally.

  79. ooohhh! Honey dust....I'm gonna have to look into that!

  80. If I win, I'll give it to Heather in Alexandria, and will never let her live it down!

    Milwaukee, WI

  81. Love the honey dust!

    As there are NO adult type stores in my neighborhood (and very FEW in Salt Lake City) I think the giveaway should go to me! Take pity on me Kristy!

    Salt Lake City

  82. 1x1 mile town mid-Jersey

    This Honey Dust is intriguing.


  83. Who doesn't like Sparklies? I'm still a newlywed. Hook me up!

  84. Me me me. I'm in San Jose, CA.

  85. Thanks for sharing with us! I'm in Santa Barbara. :)

    Hmmm...sorry if I post this twice - it's not showing up for some reason. Stupid work - blocking my favorite sites...

  86. Love it! The Boy loves it! And gosh darn it! I love you (but not in toy kind of way).
    Maggie in Oakland, CA

  87. wooo hoo...sounds wicked fun :)

    K. Schae
    Cambridge, MA

  88. Stacey S.
    Portland, Oregon
    Long time lurker:)

  89. longtime lurker... not my first the honey dust (and the little feather that comes with it).

    hope you PICK ME!

    sugar land,tx

  90. Another long time lurker. First comment. First contest!! Love your blog!
    Pueblo, Colorado

  91. Just had a baby and we need something to spark our non-existent sex life back up. Heh.

    The Colony, Texas

  92. Orange County, CA

    I have been looking for something like this for ages! Pick me! Pick me!

  93. I figured I'd be the only one from Kansas to comment but I see someone beat me to it! Anyhow, my bedroom supplies are currently not very exciting so I'm hoping I'll get to add all this soon!

    Manhattan, KS

  94. My bedside drawer has been looking a little sparse...

    Monroe, OH

  95. I have to win. It would cheer me up. And please send a lovely man to go with it (tall, strong legs, delicate hands, gently wicked). Thanks! HJ. Northern Virginia.

  96. the honey dust sounds verrry interesting ;)

    Count me in!

    Bri in St. Louis

  97. Ha! I read the first part of the post about leaving San Francisco and immediatly thought you were decluttering and giving away your personal stuff and then I saw yummy intimate stuff and got scared and started reading and thought it was some old leftover stuff that you found in the closet. I am extremely happy I was wrong.
    Fallbrook, CA

  98. Pink and sparkly totally makes some of these things more *ahem approachable. Fun times!

    Also, I'm from Columbus, GA..whee...

  99. Never tried honey powder. I do love feathers. Your massage preferences cracked me up. I like massages to really put my muscles through the ringer. If I could, I would take my muscles out myself and stomp on them to loosen them up.

  100. Oooohhh! Yes, please!

    Lauren in Chicago

  101. Fun stuff...yay!

    Alaina in Washington DC

  102. I’m a huge fan of the light touch too---I’d love to try the honey dust. And it would be weird to ask for a fingertip only massage…not that I tried or anything…
    Columbus, Ohio

  103. Yay, Kristy! Thank you for doing this...
    Becca in Burlington, VT

  104. I'd have to dust it on myself. Hmmm, yeah, I still wouldn't mind winning!


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