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I very much appreciate the empathy you've shown in response to my plus-size pregnancy post. I am stoked that a couple of you said that it's been helpful to have such a thing written, but I have to say: it makes me feel a MILLION times better that there are those of you out there who get it, who got it, who did it, who never had problems, who continue to send the message -- to me and to anyone reading -- to trust ourselves. Thank you.

I am almost as pleased to discover that so many of you also do not understand the word "escrow." It's a bitch and I hate it. Hate on it. Hate into it. Hate around it. Whatever.

Lastly, I am happy to say that I will be doing a GIVEAWAY tomorrow of a fun, sensual product. (For real!) I would have done it sooner, but I've been knee-deep in all kinds of weird house, car, exhaustion, and a cappella stuff.

(Notice how I didn't say "packing"? I mean, I've been thinking about packing and dreaming about packing...that's practically the same thing, right? Besides, I'm pretty positive the Packing Gnomes are coming tonight while I sleep, so we're all good...)

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One of the things I promised myself I'd do before time got totally away from me was arrange a medley of 80s TV Theme Songs. I'm pretty sure we've narrowed down the list, but just in case I might be missing/forgetting something...I open up the floor to you.

Update: I have looked on Google and have polled the group, but really, I'm looking for the most popular songs -- the ones the (non-existent) audience would really want to hear. What would we be crazy to skip over?

Please bear in mind that we're all female, and that the oldest member of our group is only 33 (hi) and that the youngest member of our group was born in 1986 (I know, ouch). So the mix has to be broad and both adult- and child-oriented. Themes without words won't work as well.

Looking forward to your thoughts...

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In the meantime, I will share with you that I was IMing Ish and my friend, Ben, about The Facts of Life. Ish and Ben were rather surprised that none of the Facts of Life stars ended up in softcore porn. (Quoth Ish, "That's an upset.") And then I was waxing poetic about the fate of the show, and IMed the following, in exactly the lines below, which Ben thought would make an amazing poem.

I concur. I call it...

"Not Even Skinemax"

Fame smiled on the set of Facts of Life
but, like that episode of 90210
when they were like,
"Someone is going to DIE"
and then it was a character no one liked and didn't really know,
Fame smiled, but not on any of the girls
or Edna
or Andy or whatsherface
or even Geri
Fame accidentally hit the handyman
oh well


  1. I had such a crush on Clooney back in the mullet days.

  2. The theme from Out Of This World is one of my most favorite TV theme songs ever. You should try to work that in.

  3. I read "80's theme song" and reflexively queued up "As Long As We Got Each Other" in my iTunes. No joke, it's playing right now, and I'm grinning. Growing Pains just did everything right.

  4. Greatest American Hero

  5. I was thinking the same thing as Robin. Hope you're going to be "sharing the laughter in luh-uhve..." Heh. Oh, Alan Thicke. So cheesy.

    How about cartoons? I watched "Thundercats" like every day when i was a kid. :)

  6. "Charles in Charge", "Fraggle Rock"...um...maybe "Moonlighting"

  7. Making your way in the world today, takes everything you got -- Cheers!

    I think you should hum Dallas. Seriously.

    Family Ties

    Golden Girls

    How about The Wonder Years?

    Bummer that Fresh Prince didn't come out until 1990.

  8. bosom buddies, the muppet show, different strokes, perfect strangers,and i 2nd fraggle rock

  9. Greatest American Hero...."Believe it or not I'm walking on air, I never thought I could feel so free-ee-ee!"

    and I second the Charles in Charge and Fraggle Rock!

  10. Ooh, ooh! And "Kate and Allie" -- 'Just when you think you're all by yourself . . . you're not.'

    I, um, also loved "My Two Dads," but I may be the only one. As I recall, it was pretty short lived.

  11. The Gummy Bears themesong is one of my 80s favorites

  12. The Fraggle Rock theme song!!!

  13. I've watched a bunch of Facts of Life on On-Demand lately, it's when they work at Edna's Edibles. Can you please tell me who Andy was, because I seriously can't remember. I just looked on IMDB and it didn't help. I was surprised to learn that the show started in 1979!! That was the year I was born, so I was pretty young when I used to watch the show.

  14. Perfect Strangers and, let's see, I may be the only one who really LOVED the theme song to the Garry Shandling Show. (This all depends on whether your group can whistle.)

  15. Magnum P.I. and the Muppet Babies

  16. Hi Nic,

    Sorry to be driving you crazy. Andy and "whatsherface" (his Aunt, I think, played by Cloris Leachman) came later, post-Edna's Edibles. Not to ruin the surprise, but Edna's suffers a fire. The girls decide to put a novelty shop in its place and Edna retires. That gives us Cloris and Andy (and the girls with a few seasons of extra pounds of clothes and hairspray).

    It wasn't really good, but George Clooney appeared and that made it worthwhile.

  17. OHMYGOD...do you know how obsessed my boyfriend is with 80s themesongs. I think you need to do Mr. Belvedere if only for him. He breaks out into song with it ever so often. Stewie sang it once on Family Guy and I think we about died from happiness.

  18. Mr. Belvedere song was great, tho quirky. I have greatest american hero theme on my ipod and still adore it. But people, hello, SILVER SPOONS!!! Here we are, face to face, a couple of silver spoons.....

  19. Yup - that's a poem all right. Copyright that puppy!

    As someone who is far older than you (think - actually old enough to be your mom if I was a middle-school reproductive savant), I dont' think my choices in 80's theme songs would really be relevant. I was in college. We ddin't have time for teevee, what with all the studying and such. Good luck with your polling!

  20. When was Golden Girls?

    Silver Spoons?

    Who's the Boss?

    I can't believe that I watched so much bad television and liked it. Sigh.

  21. Fraggle Rock, definitely. I was also born in 1986, so wasn't really aware of the show. But my husband just loves it. For Christmas, I got him the first three seasons, and we now watch it with our 2 year old son, who also now loves the theme song and claps along.

  22. The Greatest American Hero (Believe it or Not)

    The Fall Guy (The Unknown Stuntman)

    Designing Women (Georgia on My Mind)

    Perfect Strangers (Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now)

    Moonlighting (song name is the same)

    Gimme a Break (song name is the same)

    Webster (Then Came You)

    Married with Children (Love and Marriage)

    Saved by the Bell (song is the same name)

  23. Family Ties
    "What Would We Do Without Us?"


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