Just Because I'm Not Blogging About The Wedding

Dear Smart Internet,

Perhaps you've heard? Ish and I are getting married. Hurrah! And not surprisingly, I have no shortage of crazy ideas about what this wedding thing could, should, might be like. What I do, apparently, have a shortage of are venues that agree with my "vision" by which I mean "budget."

I have scoured all the available resources, but I feel like I must be forgetting something.

Anyway, if any of you local-ish folks have any brilliant suggestions for an off-beat and fun wedding venue in San Francisco (the city itself), please send it along.

We're thinking March.




  1. Hey Kristi!

    I've heard that the cruise around the bay is an inexpensive and elegant way to get married.

  2. ::First time commenter, but long time follower!::

    The Palace of Fine Arts is beautiful (as you already know) and to book the outside part is pretty inexpensive - so are a lot of the places with SF Rec and Parks. Plus, SF in March is would be so great for an outside wedding!


  3. No thoughts on SF, but we got married in March (in Canada no less! brrrrrrr) but it is most definetly the greatest month of all time to get married. Here's why (um, why am I convincing you of something you already know? Not sure).
    1. The weather is always crappy in March, so you won't be disappointed it's not a perfectly warm, sunny day.
    2. Nobody gets married in March so you can get DEALS on everything (our whole shabang was Cash-No-Tax styles).
    3. Shit. I'm out of reasons. But those two are really really good.
    Have fun planning. (which seems up your alley, so you might actually not hate every minute of it as i did).
    Cheers, Rebecca

  4. Oh! I love the idea of the Palace of Fine Arts!

    Ish does comedy, have you guys thought about doing it at one of the clubs?

  5. AAAAA!
    congrats. Have been following your blog for a few years now and that is just the happiest news!

  6. Along the lines of the Palace of Fine Arts (since it will be March ... in San Francisco), my aunt got married in one of the buildings at the Presidio a couple years ago in January. Not sure exactly how much it is, but I remember her saying it was amazingly cheap compared to most of the rest of the places she had looked at.

  7. We're having a BBQ in my parent's backyard. Course they live in Massachusetts, so I recommend you make friends with someone who owns a house with a big backyard in San Francisco (i.e. a millionnaire). We're having another wedding in the Oakland Hills, just cuz that's how we roll, so we're ending up paying a lot of money anyway.

  8. Do you have any friends that live in a fabulous apt building with a great common room they can book for free? That's what we did. It was elegant and super cheap.

  9. Exploratorium! What's more romantic than saying your vows in a listening vessel?



  10. I got married at city hall, it was beautiful and though they say to only bring 6 people, you can actually herd in quite a few more. We had about 20 but I imagine with family and all you might have more. Here is a really good site for a multitude of marriage questions, tips and tricks. The "kvetch" section is my favorite

  11. the only wedding i ever went to in the bay area was at mt. tam at one of the hangliding sites- very magical place. it was windy in august but still amazing!

  12. People - she said "inexpensive". K - do you want it inside or out? In March, I assume inside. What do you mean by offbeat? Tell me what you think of these ideas and then I can refine my suggestions: ask Flora Grubb if they rent out their space for a party or rent a restaurant such as Slow Club. How many people?

  13. I live right by the Slow Club-- it probably doesn't seat more than 70, and it's not inexpensive.

  14. Faville -
    I live near the ocean, so that makes me an oceanographer.

  15. Hey, Holly over at http://www.nothingbutbonfires.com/ is planning her San Francisco wedding for next year, late summer/early fall. Perhaps you two can trade tips?

  16. My brother in law and sister in law got married on the beach at the marin headlands and had the reception at the art center there. Youth Hostel and the beach... SO fun!

  17. Hey K,
    My daughter got married in San Francisco a year ago. She got married at the Swedenborgian Church (no religion involved. It was beautiful. It was part of the "Arts and Crafts" movement and although not wacky, completely charming



  18. Way way way back when I took that plunge, we had our reception at the Haas-Lilienthal house on Franklin. It's gorgeous, historic and you needn't waste your money decorating it.

    You can have your ceremony there, too, if it's the right size. You can check out the entire house on a public tour, so you don't feel pressured, ahem.


  19. I had a similar experience when searching for my wedding - beach venues on the Central Coast varied from $3 to 5 THOUSAND for the cermeony location cost. WHAT? Turns out that if you simply go through the Harbor Counsil (or whatever) is $25 for the location cost. Yea, guess which route we went? I'm sure going through the city parks you'd be able to find a really great option that is totally within budget.

    Happy Planning!

  20. Kristi!! I can't believe you guys are getting married! Best wishes! Good for you :) I used to follow your blog WAY back when - maybe 3/4 years ago? Anyway, just having gotten married myself, check out weddingbee.com - not that you need another blog to keep up with, but. Full of great ideas :)

  21. Have you considered the Marines Memorial Club?


    I was there for a post-tree-lighting dinner on Friday night and the view was spectacular. My dad was a Marine though so I can get past the displays in the lobby, but should pigs ever fly and I get married, I'd totally consider it as a reception spot. I don't even have a boyfriend, but I did look at the Yelp reviews JUST IN CASE and it looks like it's a surprising value in terms of SF weddings!

  22. wow... congratulations to you! i just swung by to catch up on the blog and read the good news.

    i'll second the Swedenborgian Church for ceremony, our friend got there and it was a tucked away cool church. lots of charm.

    also check out the log cabin in the presidio. it's a cool venue with a very cozy, rustic feel with a huge fireplace. with 10 hours you get more "bang for the buck". we got married there and you can do ceremony & reception in one place! plus free parking. can't beat that in SF. i just shot a wedding there so it was cool to see it decorated in a completely different way and still be a fun offbeat wedding.

    good luck planning!


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