Knitting Help Needed! The Tiny "White Blanket Project"

Dear Internet and Blogworld and Knitters and Crafters,

My very close friends, Missy and Dan, recently gave birth to a sweet baby boy.

15 weeks early.

15 weeks!

It has been an incredible story, watching this tiny little baby fight for his life, and grow, and succeed. He's doing an incredible job.

And the hospital, way out there in Nebraska, has been an amazing facility -- providing the best technology and care.

Except, really, for one very small thing.

The hospital is host to a lot of preemies, but it cannot provide enough preemie-appropriate blankets.

Missy explains the situation in her letter below, but I was thinking it would be SO GREAT if some or even just one of you out there with a little bit of time and inclination wouldn't mind sending a soft, soothing blanket to a preemie in need.

What do you think?

Here's the info -- please feel free to ask questions!

: : White Blanket Project : :

My son, Jonah, was born June 1st, arriving 15 weeks prematurely and on
the threshold of viability. He weighed 1lb 8.8oz, was 12.75" long and
was given an APGAR score of only 2. He spent his first 6 weeks of
life on a ventilator, unable to breathe on his own. He fought
pneumonia and only barely avoided having heart surgery. Today, he
weighs 4lbs 0.9oz, is taking a few of his feedings by bottle each
day, and is breathing on his own with supplemental oxygen. He is
still struggling, but he is finally having more good days than bad.

The hospital provides blankets and bedding for each baby, but these
have been washed so many times that they are scratchy and faded. All
babies enjoy the feel of soft textures against their skin, but for
premature babies this is even more important. They have so many
unpleasant experiences each day, having a soft blanket can go a long
way to soothe them. I made a soft white blanket for Jonah early on,
and since I have made blankets for a few of the other babies when I
can. I wish I could make blankets for all of them, but I can't. So, I
am asking you for help.

I am collecting white blankets, knit from soft, machine washable yarn
or sewn from soft white fabric. These will be washed and given to the
nurses to give to other families in the NICU as they arrive. Not only
will your contribution give comfort to a small baby as it struggles to
survive, having a blanket made just for their baby helps parents feel
supported during this very difficult time. These blankets don't need
to be very large, only 20" x 20".

Time is of the essence. If you are interested in participating, the
blanket(s) you make will need to be mailed no later than August 25.
Please email me at for a shipping

Thank you very much!

Jonah thanks you, too!


  1. This is incredible.....I will send this link to friends.

  2. what a cute little foot! -el snarkster

  3. This is a huge problem all around the world. I live in Australia and we luckily have alot of wonderful ladies who like to donate products all the time. I also donate products to from my own store Moment by Moment.
    I know how important they are too as I am also the Mummy of a premmie baby girl. She was born at 27weeks due to pre eclampsia and HELLP Syndrome and weigh 861grams.
    When I couldn't find what I needed for my baby girl I started up my own website to offer it to all the other families too.
    Baby Jonah, Mummy and Daddy we wish you well on your journey you have come so far already big boy.

    Good Luck with your White Blanket Drive. Try going to your local media and get them to do a story this can always bring forward many helpful hands.

    take care

  4. I emailed for the address and I'm knitting as we speak...wishing Jonah the best of luck and care!!

  5. I'm certainly not a knitter by any stretch of the imagination, but I'll post and send this link.

    Many Smiles to baby....

  6. oh my goodness, this is the tiniest little person i have ever seen! sending warm hugs that way.

  7. Wow! That is an admirable task to take on. I sincerely hope that White Blanket Project is an overwhelming success. If I knew anything about knitting I would jump right up and help. I hope that your friends' son is continuing to grow stronger and healthier every day. I couldn't imagine what they have been through.

  8. I hope everything is still going well with Mr Jonah.

  9. Nebraska NICU misses all of you very much and thanks you for starting this wounderful project. We want you to know that 5 blankets have been given away.

    NE, NICU Staff

  10. What a fantastic project and something that is needed here in Australia. Well done!

    Julia -


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