I'm Baaaaack

I feel like I've actually used that as a blog title before, but frankly I'm too lazy to go look for it. Oh well. Let's just pretend it's the first time, k?

So let me just state -- again -- for the record -- that getting back into regular blog posting is hard. There's a build-up of all these things I thought about writing but then didn't, and it's kind of weird to start writing about that funny thing that happened that time four months ago.

But I think it'd be even weirder to write about random serious things from out of nowhere.

Thus, I have no idea what I'll be posting about, but I will be posting. Hurrah.

* * *

My apartment, for what it's worth, looks like a cyclone came through it. There isn't a single clean surface anywhere, which isn't maybe all that shocking, but looking at the mess just exhausts me. I have no motivation to clean. Instead, I just randomly straighten the one corner of my desk that wasn't messy in the first place, and then go sleep at Pete's.

I don't think my cats mind when the apartment is messy. In fact, they use the clutter -- magazine stacks and clothes piles and un-put-away suitcases and un-torn-down boxes -- as makeshift beds and hideouts. I sort of think that cats are zen enough as is, you know? What the hell do they need feng shui for?

I am mostly decompressed from the last few months of my life, wherein every moment of my consciousness was (at least in part) devoted to the conference.

I say "mostly" though because just last Friday night, I woke Pete up to yell at him about where he'd put the name badges. WHERE ARE THEY? WHERE DID YOU PUT THEM?

I accosted him in the middle of the night about this, while I was both panicked and unconscious, which is a fantastically sexy combination let me tell you.

When he then got kind of uppity with me (the nerve!), and insisted that he did not have them and I was forced to consider this, I woke up.

Me, blinking into the darkness: Was I dreaming?

Pete, grumpily: Yes.

Me: Was I talking to you?

Pete: You were yelling at me about name badges.

Me: Oh. Sorry!

So no, not entirely decompressed, then.

A week before the conference I woke Pete up very similarly, demanding to know about the sponsor fees. He was no help then, either.


  1. Am I the only one having trouble adjusting to Ish's new name?


    Welcome back!

  2. Tyra, no you're not. When I first read it, I couldn't figure out why Kristy went to sleep at a coffe place to begin with.

    I was feeling overwhelmed by mess recently too. On Monday I did nothing but walk around my house, looking at the messes, thinking about how messy they were, and thinking about how upsetting it was that they were there. Finally, yesterday, I cleaned and felt like the weight of the world was off my shoulders. I hope your Tuesday comes soon for you.

  3. I hear ya...I was going through a huge bout of travel lately, some of it international. The other night, DH came home super late, to me screaming, "Where am I?!? Where am I?!? Is this London?" I think I need to stay home for a while....


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