Update: The South Beach Diet for Drunks

i decided to start this weight-loss endeavor with the south beach diet. for those of you who don't know (and are reading this and are interested), it's basically a liveable eating plan that advocates eliminating 'bad carbs' (sugars, refined starches) from your diet, and eating 'good carbs' (whole grains, beans, fruits, veggies) in moderation.
however! the way this is supposed to start is that for the first 2 weeks, you cut out just about all carbs. no sugars, no starches. (beans and tomatoes are okay, i have no idea why.) you're also supposed to limit your caffeine. and have no alcohol.

yes, you read that correctly. no alcohol.

still, i managed to get through the first six days flawlessly. then on saturday night i developed the new South Beach Diet for Drunks, wherein you follow all of Phase One strictly except for the part about not drinking.

makes perfect sense to me. i figure, i gotta do what works.

and speaking of what works. i'm also--of course--trying to work out regularly and make that a part of my life. i have transferred my curves membership to the one nearer to my apartment. my goal is to get to the gym at least 3 times a week. last week i made it twice. i haven't been yet this week at all. i figure i'm easing into these lifestyle changes. by february, i expect the 3x/week to be a no-brainer.

as for actual weight loss, i have no idea. i'm going to hold off on weighing myself until after this two-week Phase One thing is over. i'm sure i've lost some.

overall, it's been hard and is a pain, but i know it's worth it. and so long as i can indulge in the occassional cocktail, i think this just might work.


  1. and this is why i love you, you fucking alcoholic.

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