So What's The Point?

the story goes like this:
One day, my mom took her four-year-old niece, Lisa shopping. My mother decided to try on a pair of pants, so she brought Lori into the dressing room with her. As she looked in the mirror, it was evident that the pants were too small. My mom stared despondently at her rear-end.

"My god, my butt is huge," my mom said -- to herself and to the impressionable child. "What am I gonna do?"

Lisa answered immediately, casually, with a wave of her hand:
"Oh, my mom gots dat. She just walks around with it."

so really, the point is twofold. first and foremost, i'm sick and tired of walking around with it. i'm tired of being overweight. and even though i've been walking around with this torturous mass for several years now, i'm tired of not recognizing myself when i look in the mirror. and i'm tired of not doing enough about it.

now i'm going to do enough about it.

i'm going to lose the weight i want and gain control of my body and health. i'm going to diet and i'm going to exercise. and i'm going to whine and be a basketcase the whole time. and i'm going to track the entire mess of it here.

the second point, however, is about attitude. i know this is going to be hard and i know it's going to take me the better part of 2005 (the year i turn 30 thankyouverymuch) to get to my ideal size. which means that even though i'm expecting great things to happen, there will be many days when i feel defeated: gross, ugly, unattractive, and really really fat. on those days -- the days when i feel like i haven't made any progress, or when i feel like the progress will never be enough -- those are the days i will have to remind myself that sometimes the best we can do is try and stay positive, put on lipstick, grab a martini, and just walk around with it.


  1. I love your blog! God bless you and all the other overweight snarky girls out there. (I'm more overweight than snarky but I have my days.) I also love that you're in SF...I'm in Santa Clara and I know how hard this area of the country is. When you live in the South/Mid-west and have a (self proclaimed) big ass you can still line dance and sing Karoke and pick up guys. But when you're in SF and you have to compete with the tiny little scantily clad girls in line for Ruby definitely puts a damper on things.

    Oh, I'm one of the internet dating success stories, but please don't hate me for it. It's what brought me to SF and we've been together for 5 years...however, still no ring on my finger. *sigh* Anyway...good luck with your weight loss and stay as funny and snarky as you are now.

    One last thing, if you've never read Jennifer Weiner's novels, check her out.

  2. I just wanted to say congrats on your decision to lose weight. It's nice to read something other than "it's not my fault, diets don't work" and other excuses. With the attitude you have, you'll do what you want!

  3. You are better than Carrie Bradshaw & her NYC - You are our very own Kiki of San Francisco! &&& i love it!


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