The First 2 Weeks

in theory, phase one of the sbd is supposed to end tomorrow.

in actuality, i've been phasing into phase two since i developed the SBD for Drunks (see earlier post) 6 days in. whatever--technicalities.

i don't much feel like going near a scale. i'm not ready to face disappointment. i'd rather wait till i know that i've lost something substantial. for now, my clothes are looser, my body is changing shape, and i know i've made a dent in my appetite.

yesterday my entire meal plan consisted of a handful of whole wheat crisps and a couple gin and (diet) tonics. i'm not recommending this as healthy.

i *am* looking forward to eating healthy in general, though. today's lunch is some pre-packaged meal called "carbtastic." i don't know if this qualifies as healthy, but it does involve some wheat-y pasta stuff, so it can't be all bad.

otherwise, yeah; if i can manage to go to the gym more than once a week, that might help, too. *grumbles*


  1. HI! i did SBD too, and it worked well for me. (though that means it got me DOWN to a size 14-16, lol) It also really really helped me to have a workout pasrtner. Someone to laugh at me and call me lame if i don't work out. Someone to say oooh wow when i move to another level in working out.


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