Sunday, June 09, 2013

All Good Things

I have good news and I have bad news.

The bad news (which isn't really) is that I am giving up the ghost.

I am retiring this blog. 

Retiring it, I must add, after...wait for it...EIGHT-AND-A-HALF YEARS. Eight is a lot of years, Invisible Internet Friends.

And you know that everything in my life is so far, and so different, from where it was when I began this crazy blog-thing. Writing about being huddled over my laptop shirtless, slurping soup, before another internet date. (Shirtless because I didn't want to get soup stains on my date-night shirt; soup because it was literally the only thing in my entire apartment that could come close to qualifying as "dinner material.")

It's not like I have my act together now. It's just packaged differently. Not SF; Napa. Not single; married. Not bored at work; overworked. And there are kids somewhere around here, probably using permanent marker to draw "pirates" on "your fings, mama." And yet in soooo many ways? My messy, crazy, full-of-silly-spills life is exactly the same. It just has totally different wrapping paper.

And so, I decided, so should my blog.

I've launched Napa Candy. It's just me, except with different wrapping paper.