I have decided to try out this whole "Photo Of The Day" thing an awesome woman started. She goes by @fatmumslim which you probably just read as "Fat Muslim" because I have thought that was her name for at least six months. Until today, when I went to type in her URL and was like, STOP TRYING TO CORRECT IT TO FAT MUM SLIM, GOOGLE! THAT DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE!

Except of course, Google was right. (And that is why it is taking over the entire world.) Her name is not "Fat Muslim" she is "Fat Mum Slim" and the latter is, I suppose, more likely to explain her cute blond hair.

The point is, you take a photo every day, following her prompts. Today's March 1 and the prompt is "up."

I submit two photos:

Pulling Himself Up

Townsend, who we mostly call "T" or "TT" is almost 10 months old. He has taken a few steps, even, and clearly wishes it were more. He spends most of his day pulling himself up on anything that sort of seems stationary* and then practically LEAPING from it, in an effort to walk. Mostly he just falls down and then speed-crawls to the next stationary object and repeats the process.

I love this photo because it captures two things. The first being that he is clinging desperately to Virginia's leg to gain purchase; the second being that he has absolutely NO INTEREST in Virginia. His feet, torso, face, and eyes are facing in another direction entirely -- the direction in which he will momentarily catapult himself.

*I say "sort of stationary" because he will try legs, cats, and the Sit-n-Spin to varying degrees of success.

However, the photo I actually tagged as "Up" was this one:

Things Are Looking Up

Because of his unapologetic cute.

And while I know this post makes me seem like a tried-and-true, in-the-trenches MOMBLOGGER, I promise that not all my photos this month will be of my children. And I will resume swearing and saying inappropriate things. Penis.


  1. On another positive note, I guess this means that the blog name "Fat Muslim" might still be available !!

  2. I thought that was her name too :)

  3. Adorable.

    I wish FB and twitter and photo of the day memes were around when my kid was a baby because he had hamster* cheeks that people would swoon over for days. But now he's older and wants to be the cool stud and I can't post those pix for fear of being disowned as his mama.

    So I say post those kidpix as much as you want! Nowadays I post abstracts and photos of my dogs. Same thing, right? ;)

    (*seriously hamster cheeks. I would find entire bites of food in there at night while brushing his teeth. Not just chewed up stuff. Whole entire bites of food, unchewed and intact. It was like he was doing it on purpose. Insane.)

  4. Thank god for dirty words and limited kid photos. I've had to cut back on mine (the kid photos) not the dirty words.

  5. Hahahaha, "penis." Also, may I again say that I love his name?


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