Amazing Cupcake Making Class WITH WINE

For those of you in the SF Bay Area who know that I ADORE cake (despite my unfortunate run-in with The Kerry Vincent Fan Club who misinterpreted my dislike of mechanical cakes for a dislike of cake on the whole), please consider signing up for this cupcake-making class.

Because A. It's a cupcake-making class! B. A friend of mine is hosting it (WHICH PROBABLY EXPLAINS THE WINE THING), and C. I would go if I weren't going to be in the hospital with a newborn. (I might have cake anyway, though.)

Find more details (and register) here!


  1. Ah, if only I didn't live in Philadelphia. Cupcakes! Wine!

    But more importantly: Newborn! YAY!

  2. i could do with that, today's experiment was not all it could have been. There are pics that look great but the eating is an experience.

  3. Ahhh ... I wish I were in the SF aea, (for more reasons than cupcakes) but CUPCAKES and WINE! Go Mission Mini's ... what a great idea!


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