And The Winner Is...!

Hi All.

My GOODNESS. (My goodness had nothing to do with it.) Who knew free booze was so enticing? I mean, other than to me?

Thanks to all who entered. I had lots of fun with this! We'll have to do it again soon.

As for picking the winners, I had this bright idea that I would cut and paste all the comments into Word, and then print them out and then cut them into strips and put them in a jar and pick them that way. Fun, huh?

But that was when I assumed that, at most, 50 of you would enter. Instead (yowza!) I realized that my scheme would result in approximately 75 pages of wasted paper and who-knows-how-many hours of cutting and frankly, that is a lot of unnecessary work. Even for gin.

Instead, I cut and pasted all of the comments into a text file. Then I deleted all the content of the comments except for the timestamps.

Like so:

Then, I cut and pasted the list of timestamps (with empty lines, which didn't really affect the outcome) into, which totally randomized the list (thanks for the suggestion, Jenny!).

I have determined that whoever has their comment's timestamp come up first will win First Prize, and the second comment's timestamp will win Runner-Up.

And the winners are...

Congratulations, commenter 9:35 a.m. April 16 and 6:43 a.m. April 16th! Please email me and we'll figure out how to get your winnings to you!


  1. I think it's simultaneously hilarious and really pathetic by how sad I am that I didn't win! LOL

    Perhaps I will console myself with some booze :)

  2. way to make us work to find out that we are losers!!!

    regardless, i still love your blog. keep up the terrific work!

    all the best for many years to come,


  3. wow that was a bunch of effort on your part, huh? :-)

    congrats to the lucky 2. I'll just have to go to the store and buy my own Hendrick's and pretend I won. heh



    YAY! for free BOOZE:)

  5. amyella - Aww, well. Sad or hilarious, it's sweet either way!

    becky - I figured it was better than just posting up-front YOU ARE ALL LOSERS EXCEPT _____ and ______. Keeps the suspense a little longer, right?

    unmuse - gin makes us all winners.

    kandace - that you are! Woo!!

  6. Congrats to Kandace & Lizbeth!

  7. Waah! Of all the week for me to be away from blog civilization! :(

    Congrats Lucky Winners!

  8. Congrats to the winners, alas, not me. I will console myself with my own booze, I guess...

    And K--awesome idea and such a generous offering!

  9. It's funny because one look at the time stamps and I knew that I hadn't won-even w/o going back to double check. what can I say-I'm not a morning person.

    Great idea though-hope you have an inkling of how great your blog is and the many people it reaches!

  10. Darn - - not me. *sigh*

    But many congrats to the lucky winners! Enjoy! :-)

  11. it's not whether you win gin or lose booze .... but that's as far as I got

  12. See, I like Angela up there, helping us all out with the names. She is my kinda ppl.

  13. and her avatar is sumooookin'

  14. Ah, damnit! Mine was 9:30. Crap.

    Thanks for having the contest! BEST. CONTEST. EVER.

  15. FREE BOOZE! I am so sorry I missed this!

  16. Congrats to the winner!

  17. I never said "congrats to the winners"

    It wasn't me.

    you may consider yourself to be "Anonymous", but there is ONLY one "Thenonymous"

    ......and that would be me

  18. I was excited because I usually comment early. Then I had to search the comments. Then I didn't win.
    No booze for me.
    I have three kids. I could have used the booze! lol

    Congrats to the winners! If you need help with your booze, call me!

  19. so, i missed your contest, but i just wanted to say that i think you are an absolute riot! and i love love love your blog.

  20. Darn, I was away and missed your contest. Oh well. I am still reading..

  21. So Kandace and... Lizbeth? Did I read that right? Congrats!


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