As something of an addendum to the post below, I thought I'd add just a few quick snapshots of the weekend in Maine. Because I hardly ever post pictures. And having just gone through the 200+ images my sister, Sam, uploaded, I figured why not.

In no real order...

Here is a photo of one of the "trails" on the island. Doesn't really get more New England-y than this:

Well, or this:

Here's the dock at sunset:

There are almost no real cars on the island, so the preferred method of getting from one end to the other is via golf cart. Here we have my sister, Healy, with her son, Charlie. My bro-in-law, Brian, is hanging on in the back. In the driver's seat is my dad's friend, Tom (aka "Duck"). Duck and my dad had known each other since middle school:

Charlie is cute:

I don't know which day this was, but here's a picture of a sofa in the gorgeous summer home/cabin we stayed in. The cast of characters includes my cousin, Matt, my sort-of/would-be/might-be/long-story cousin, Liz, Sam and Ish. Given that time sort of stops when you're on the island, the expression "It's 5 o'clock somewhere" holds especially true. So the drinking tends to begin at "whenever o'clock," as such:

Eventually, the drinking catches up with us and we decide to be silly. And um, Newspaper Sea Captains:

(Ish has maybe had some gin.)

I can't get my hat to stay on right, so I do Newspaper Hat all gangsta:

(OMG it does not get whiter than this.)

There are very few recent photos of just me and my sisters, probably because each time I see them I discover I have gained more weight and my head is inflating at an increasingly frightening pace:

(I swear, my head is not usually so flat and wide.)

(Nice cleavage, too. HOW VERY APPROPRIATE.)

Here's the gang, just before our makeshift "ceremony" at sunset:

Sam and Mike are now thinking about possibly getting married on the island. They're cute, too:


(because what sort-of-near-my-birthday-blog-post-with-pictures would be complete without a shot of my perma-inflated rear-end? NONE, that's what.) is a picture from May '06, the night of my dad's actual funeral. It is late, and we are exhausted, and also maybe a little crazy. Healy has taken to hopping around and singing and dancing like a lunatic. Because we may have had our share of sadness, but gosh. We are fun.



  1. Nice photos. And I think I'm ready to move to Maine.

  2. I have always wanted to live in Maine, but haven't even visited. Now I see why, it is effin gorgeous!

  3. guess which two pictures i like best!


    - cuznate

  4. Were there really no photos where I didn't look like a drunken doofus? Really?

  5. That was awesome. Can I be in your family ? Mine is all normal and boring. And I have no boobs. I am thinking maybe I'd become more interesting and buxom if I hung out with you.

    And by the way ..

    I bet your dad would have LOVED that last post, complete with photos and tongue action, too.

  6. The pictures are great, but it's the cleavage that keeps me coming back! ;) The place looks beautiful, I've always wanted to visit Maine.

  7. I always thought that Healy looked the most like your Mom. Now, I believe it is Sam. It looks like you all had fun. Your cousin Matt looks just like he did years ago.

  8. the shaved head guy is pretty cute :)


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