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Do you remember like, a handful of posts ago how I was making fun of the TERRIFYING ads on Facebook? And how they're ridiculous and until they stop being ridiculous I refuse to listen to people who say "advertising on Facebook doesn't work"?

Here's the newest ad in a series of things that make me LOL.

I just barely even know where to begin with this. (Oh, but let me try.)

We are supposed to believe this is a real News Report?  Ahahahahahahaa.

Those TVs in the background look less like a newsroom set-up and more like maybe this photo was taken at a Best Buy.

Also? This is a hard-hitting piece of journalism about...berries? BERRIES HAVE BEEN EXPOSED! With all the flashing colors and exclamation points you'd think that someone had found a sex tape of the raspberries doing unspeakable things. Or like, maybe the blackberries had sent some unbecoming texts to a Hooters waitress or something.

Oh, and speaking of Hooters waitresses. Exactly who -- or what -- are we supposed to think this "news reporter" is? When was the last time you saw a journalist on-air in a tank top? But even if we could get past her ridiculous outfit and spray-on tan and hair that, I guess, is supposed to look "professional"...

...it's her expression. Look how serious this poor Hooters waitress looks. Whatever it is that she's saying into the (still) camera looks like it's paining her. She is trying to empathize with us. She is trying to let us know that this shocking berry news is really shocking. Really, really shocking.

Mostly she just looks like she'd really like her check now.


  1. ...and I thought I was the only one who noticed these kinds of things! :-)

  2. She's a Hooters Girl because she's pretty, thin, tan and wearing a tank top? Let's not insult the girl because she's trying to make a living as a model with her clothes on. The ad does suck though.

  3. Hee, I love that one. Whoever made it probably thought any top at all was formal dress for women.

  4. As crazy as it sounds, she actually IS a journalist and DOES wear that on air - the ad people just stole the picture. Her name's Melissa Theuriau and she's French. If you google her you can see some of her other not-so-professional looking on-air attire.

  5. Umm, excuse me, that is not a tank top, I believe that is actually a HALTER top. GAHD. EVERYONE knows that halter tops are the IN THING for news people to wear these days. I mean, just LOOK at Soledad O'Bri--wait.


  6. I googled her because she is hot. Thanks, Katie.

  7. You guys, your comments are kind of freaking me out.

    Do You Come With The Car: I think many Hooters waitresses are ALSO models trying to make money with their clothes on (and God knows waitressing is one of the world's hardest jobs), so really we're talking six of one, here.

    But seriously? She's actually a news reporter? In a halter top? Okay, well, fine.


  8. She's revealing the truth about berries, OF COURSE SHE LOOKS SERIOUS.

  9. Oh well.

    I still GREATLY prefer Kristy's description of her. The actual truth is no fun.

    Silly French, Spray-Tan-Having, Tank-Top-Wearing, Oh-So-Professional-Hairdo-Notwithstanding, News Lady!

  10. Also, that is a picture of raspberries and blackberries. Those aren't even acai berries!

  11. I LOVE your blog. I found it today and I was in hysterics!

    I don't know whether to thank the Facebook people for making us laugh or feel insulted that they think we're stupid enough to fall for an ad this dumb. What do you think the next ad will be? Fran Drescher paranoid about grapes?

  12. Thank you for writing this.. everytime I see that ad on the internet; all the same things you said ran through my mind..I mean when was the last time anyone saw Katie Couric in a halter during a CBS ground breaking news story!!

  13. Yeap, too many mistakes to make anyone think this was a real news report, anyway it has provided us a good time for having some fun by checking the scandal of berries!


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