And Now I'm All Fancy

so welcome, new readers from Feedster.

i have no idea if there will be hundreds of you, or dozens of you, or just like, one of you (um, hi?), but i have been bestowed the really cool-sounding honor of being Feedster's "feed of the day."

i have pretty much no idea what this means.

however! they have sent me this cool "award" button*, so i figured i'd post it all front and center for you. (assuming i can get the photo linky things working properly, which is always hit or miss.)


see? fancy!

so yeah, if you're totally new to these parts, i have a couple words of introduction.
  1. 1. i'm kind of a mess.

  2. people started reading this blog when a post got linked to/from craigslist about my ass and firemen. yeah. see point #1. iamsodignified.

  3. other similar posts can be found over there <--. you might wanna start with those.

  4. i don't moderate my comments, which sometimes explains the insanity of some of my commenters. just sayin. don't let this deter you from chiming in.

  5. i try and post every day, unless my job** makes it impossible.

  6. this blog is sometimes about my quest to lose weight, occassionally about my misadventures in knitting, and often touches on things like wine. and boys. (but not 'touches on boys' in an inappropriate way. did that sound inappropriate? sorry. let me clarify: i do not touch on boys inappropriately. well, except when they are very cute and ask me and-- uh, you know what? nevermind.)

  7. i have no idea why i seem compelled to give things alter-names. i guess because when i started this, i wanted to keep my friends' names anonymous, and so had to come up with what to call them (snarky, PinkJaime, Ish). then that morphed into also naming concepts (breezy elegance, The Crazy). but why i also seem to name and personify things like my fridge (Fridget Jones) and my job (Bob) is not entirely clear to me. not that i plan on ceasing this behavior or anything, i'm just acknowledging that it's a bit, you know, weird.

and i think that's probably just about all the intro you need or want, huh?

hope you enjoy.

*if they have an official "button" then it MUST be good!

**stupid need for income.


  1. So my first time following Firefox's link to Feedster, I made my first click on the Feed of the day link. That brought me to my first viewing of this blog and my first comment. Hopefully what I write below will be slightly more clever:

    I like the way you write, it reminds me of when I used to write a blog. In fact, I think you just convinced me to start up again.

  2. its not weird. I name all kinds of things, people, etc... don't know why either, but its kinda fun...

  3. so does feedster place ads on ur blog? how does it work? cuz I would like to sign up, but i'm not keen on adding ads to mu site.. can u explain k..

  4. I heard that feedster got a big investment from Mitsui...

  5. uzi,

    i have no idea whatsoever. i don't even think i signed up for anything, i just got notified.

    the internets are sometimes a great mystery to me.

  6. p.s.

    anon 9:05 -- thanks! good luck!

  7. "the internets are sometimes a great mystery to me."

    Are "the internets" plural like how chinese menus will list things with "shrimps"?

    cuz I thought it was just The Internet, like one big World Wide Web, no? ;)


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