Let's Get Serious About This Now

hey everyone,

i know i have posted this before in a wishy-washy kind of whiny way, but i was thinking that i really would like to have a real, professional website and redesigned blog.

meaning, i'd like a simple site about me (in theory one that i could eventually use for comedy gigs/promotion) that includes a link to my blog. and then i would still use blogger, but with a somewhat redesigned look and with logo.

i know that this could take considerable work, so while i have some skills* i would rather have the bulk of the sites designed for me.

if you know someone who would be willing to do this (and who actually reads and likes my blog!), i'd love to talk with them about possibilities (timing, $, etc.).

email me!

*but not enough to spell it "skillz."


  1. Why don't you ask Crazy Aunt Purl to design a site for you?? She reads and likes your blog. Let all the IIF's know how it goes.

  2. thank you for NOT writing "skillz."

    *shuddering at the thought*

  3. www.sapient.com

  4. Well, I know a really kick ass graphic designer, but she's kinda busy right now with another web site...

  5. If you can wait a bit, check out my girls at Moxie Design. In addition to regular sites, they do beautiful blog skins.

  6. Many hosts now include decent website builders with a hosting plan. Look into some like dreamhost.com and 1and1.com


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