2012 In Bullets & Pictures & Bug Spray

I'm currently huddled over the kitchen table, trying to work. I'm wearing a tent-like smock dress because it's one of the few remaining (clean) items I own that I can still fit into post- "holiday gluttony." I shoved leggings on under the dress because it's like 35 degrees out and also let's not discuss the leg hair situation. (Oops. Too late.) I have a "for emergencies" (because it's horribly unflattering) sweater on on top of the smock dress and a scarf wrapped around my neck. My hair isn't totally dry from my shower this morning (a rare luxury, showering in the morning) and so it's piled onto my head in some sort of tangly mess, whatever. The point is, I'm next to the OPEN sliding glass door in the kitchen, letting a freezing cold draft in, wearing a sweater and boots and scarf with pseudo-wet hair while my laptop is precariously situated on the kitchen table (beside marker stains and a glop of kid-yogurt from this morning) because I can't sit in my office because of the spraying. I don't want to pass out from poison gas.

Well, no. The guy said I wouldn't. He said, "You know, it'll just make you dizzy for a while. It won't kill you." OH OKAY THEN.

Let me start again.

Happy New Year!

About 30 millionteen things have happened since I used to blog regularly (REMEMBER HOW I AM A BLOGGER?), although when I go to summarize it, it doesn't sound that impressive. Here's what happened last year (please see corresponding photos below):
  1. I worked a lot. Like, a LOT a lot. Like, regularly going 3 days without showering/eating lunch standing over the sink in under 10 minutes between calls/scheduling simple visits with friends 3 weeks in advance a lot.
  2. Ish got a new job and also worked a lot. (But he totally showered every day.)
  3. The kids got a year older and a year cuter, per Facebook & Instagram evidence.
  4. I decided to go platinum blond with a big, bright "Suburban mom trying too hard" streak in my hair. Because why the hell not? And I like to quote my haters.
  5. Eve started preschool.
  6. Ish and I went to Chicago for a weekend with our old friends Ben & Emily, and brought Ish's sister along for the ride. We had a great time, and packed a whole lot into two days.
  7. Um.
  8. In October, my sister, Samantha, drove across the country with her new boyfriend and they moved in with us, along with their dog. Surprise!
  9. In December, we all went to Disneyworld. ("We all" = 15 of us and it's a long story.)
  10. Christmas!
  11. Then it rained a lot and now we have fleas. Which is why the guy sprayed our house. (And I thought I was all prepared -- the animals are safely outside and the kids and my husband and sister are out of the house. Except OOPS. I forgot to make arrangements for myself. Thus, here we are. Me, a little dizzy. Probably actually will die.)

But otherwise I think you're pretty much caught up with the Sammis Highlight Reel from 2012. Pete and I took an overnight trip to SF for a Giants game once, and then later they won the World Series and that was neat. I attended a funeral last August and blogged about it. My cousins had a baby in November.

Personally, I'm great! Sort of!

I am happy with work although the stress has been, at times, totally overwhelming. I do my best to always spend quality time with my kids every day.

I don't do a lot of "me" stuff, though, other than zone out after the kids are in bed, which has increasingly meant drinking wine after 8 p.m. and snacking even later, and oh hey! I've gained 15 pounds over the last nine months. THESE THINGS MAY BE RELATED.

Still, at this point it's probably noteworthy that since I started this blog SEVEN YEARS AGO to chronicle my weight-loss efforts, the only thing that has remained constant is that I (basically) haven't lost weight.  The good news is that I truly, genuinely find this funny.

Can you tell me YOUR 2012 in bullets? I'll be here.

Photos for just because:
1. I had to add a tiara to my "professional" headshot.
2. Ish at Frog's Leap Winery (highly recommended! go visit!)

3a. Eve, January 2012
3b. Eve, January 2013

3c. Towns, December 2011
3d. Towns, December 2012

4. Pink Streak, March

5. First day of preschool

6a. Chicago
6b. Chicago, Ish's sister

6c. Also on the river in Chicago. Ben is being...Ben. And Emily is laughing at his ridiculousness. And yes, his shirt says, "Am I supposed to have a boner right now?

6d. Chicago, from our boat on the river

8a. I tracked Sam's trip across the country using Google Latitude. There she is!
8b. Sam and the kids do selfies
9. Disney - Breakfast with the characters, and pure bliss
10. Our "Christmas" card photo which became our "New Year's" card because we mailed them out on January 7.


Above: My cousin, Matt, and I at Christmastime in Connecticut.
Below: Matt's son and my daughter, at Christmastime in California.
Two impromptu shots, 36 years apart.
(Only after I took the one below did I remember I had the one above.)

Random SF Giants Game! 

We went to Vegas for a weekend and got hair/makeup done just because.
(Kinda foxy, right?) 

OMG. Eve took a dance "class" and this was the big recital. She's dancing to "Firework" by Katy Perry.

Yep. This happened.

Sunday in Napa (@ Biale Winery)


One of the awesomest things that happened this year was that we grew closer to our friends in Napa.
This is Erin
I tried to start a meme and totally failed, but whatever.
Funny picture.


  1. Fun! So happy to see a post from you.

    Here's my bullets:

    1. I realized the company I moved to San Diego for was going under.
    2. I was trying to decide if I wanted to stay in San Diego and flipped flopped between moving back to the Bay Area
    3. I decided to leave my job and move on to another company.
    4. Whoops. The new job didn't start for a month. Hello, credit card debit!
    5. In addition to my new job (at a retail giant = LOTS of walking), my exercise classes really started paying off and I needed to buy new pants (for a good reason).
    6. I took a second job to pay off the credit card debt.
    7. Lots of work
    8. Lots of work and stress
    9. Lost of work and stress and I quit the second job
    10. I realized staying in San Diego was the right choice
    11. I stopped for a minute and looked around me, realizing, "Oh. I've made friends. I have a group of girlfriends". (BTW this hasn't happened since Elementary school).
    12. I worked a lot. (Retail, Christmastime).

    PS I love the picture of you and your cousin and the comparison with your daughter and cousin's son. So sweet.

  2. happy, happy new year!

    my 2012 bullets:

    1. rang in the new year with family
    2. got back together with the guy i dated for a few years after a separation of three months
    3. broke my wrist on cinco de mayo when i tried to learn how to ride a bike
    4. spent a week in marco island, fl for my dear aunt's memorial service and my birthday
    5. spent a week's vacation helping a friend apartment hunt here in pittsburgh
    6. did a lot of fishing and hiking
    7. did a lot of relaxing (as my huge ass can vouch for)
    8. celebrated halloween with fantastic friends in orlando, fl. in a strip club in the middle of the afternoon. then in the streets of downtown orlando.
    9. started working on a *massive* project for work that makes me wanna cry and / or punch things. often.
    10. ended the relationship that had rekindled in april. (fuck him!)
    11. had the best friendsgiving that has ever been had.
    12. my dog died. on my 14 year work anniversary. (fuck cancer in dogs)
    13. i got the pukey / shitty 48 hour bug. kuck!
    14. christmas!

    i'm sure there is more, but that is pretty much the highlights. and honestly, it was a good year. ups and downs, but mostly ups.

  3. Just wanted to thank you for that "surburban mom trying too hard link" :) Silver Palate Oatmeal, you really are living the high life. I paid roughly a million dollars once for two tiny streaks in my hair, did not seem worth it. Can never seem to get a hairdresser who wants to do anything too funky for me either.

  4. Okay, this is fun. Here's mine:

    1) I dropped my phone. In a toilet. That same day, I got three (count 'em THREE) emails about reviewing apps for the toilet phone. I am now using a phone that's best feature is the fact that it was never in a toilet
    2) My kids got older and cuter. I got older, not so much cuter.
    3) I took a job making just above minimum wage because no one seems to think "blogger" is a marketable position and I really would prefer to work from home.
    4) I stopped dying my hair entirely, going for the "suburban mom who's not even trying to look hot anymore" title.
    5) I joined a few FB groups because I'm a glutton for punishment
    6) I started a diet program because I never, ever want to actually lose the babyweight
    7) I hate every.single.thing about my job except the fact that they pay me, except I hate how small the checks are for what I'm giving up
    8) Lily started SCHOOL! Kindergarten next fall! (sniff, sniff)
    9) I found some old videos and it was confirmed that my son looks like me with a butch cut. My daughter, however, looks like she might have been adopted.
    10) I haven't had a haircut in forever because that seems like a crazy indulgent luxury.
    11) I feel like I should have more bullet points...

  5. Kristi - thank you for posting again. I miss reading about your goings-on. Have been in a bit of withdrawal when Crazy Aunt Purl stopped posting for a long while too. You are great, don't forget that,and foxy no matter what the scale says, OK???? Your IIF in Seattle, Tiff

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  7. OH, Kristy where are you. Your IIF's are waiting for your return. I was totally loving your video posts with each weeks weight loss. (Remember that?)
    Ok, come back to us, we need you!

    BTW - the only reason I am anonymous is because I don't know what the other stuff on the list is.....what is AIM? Something I am lacking, apparently. :)

  8. The funny thing is that I would have to describe my 2012 with actual bullets. Thanks, East Oakland!

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  10. Oh east Oakland I hear you! and the bullets!

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