March Photos of the Day: Days 9-14

I am just going to have to cram all kinds of pictures into this post, because I haven't been keeping up with blogging even though I have been taking my monthly photos diligently!

Given that I once tried to participate in National Blog Posting Month and failed after like 4 days, I think I should get a prize.

Here are some pictures from my life, completely out of order.

Day 13 - A Sign
Probably people got really creative and artistic and inspirational with this one and instead I took one because the "THICK & ROUGH" made me giggle. The store was out of my regular oatmeal, and, well, I don't know. Probably this isn't funny to anyone but me. Those are just some really assertive adjectives for oats.

Day 10 - Loud
This is a photo of my Sonos. It is a speaker, kind of like a BOSE, that allows you to play music from any portable device. It integrates with your iTunes library and with Pandora. IT IS AMAZING. My Sonos app is totally easy to use, and it's just magical. Here, let me swipe, touch, and then listen to all the music ever. 

Day 11 - Someone You Talked To Today
This is my parents' favorite picture of my parents. It hangs on my wall wherever I go. They were, quite evidently, groovy and hip and happy. And while maybe not aloud, I definitely talk to them everyday.

Day 12 - Fork
Over the weekend, we hosted a very small, potluck dinner party based on The Hunger Games, somewhat on the insistence of a very particular 13-year-old boy. It ended up being quite a feast that included (because of course it did) lamb stew with dried plums, Katniss' favorite.

The bowl was for the stew. The napkin was filled with goodies, kind of like a parachute. The orange card had quotes on them, and we each went around guessing who said what.

It was quite a nerd-fest: real or not real?

Day 9 - Red
I've had a love/hate relationship with my stylist since moving to Napa. She is a little on the nutty side and I think she's a hoot...but every time I visit her and ask for something "funky" or hip, she gives me slightly blonder highlights or slightly shorter bangs. This is a soccer mom kind of town, and I don't think she gets that I am clinging desperately to a stylish version of myself (that maybe never even existed) that could pass as a city-dwelling internet startup person.

So I wound up going to the local beauty academy to get the funk I have been seeking.

This was happening when I walked in. It's as if he knew the photo-prompt of the day was "red." TOTALLY AWESOME.

But actually, the "red" photo I wanted to take was/is this:

Yep. I'm now totally Gwen-esque platinum save for a crazy hot-pink streak. And I love it.

Lastly, because that's six whole pictures that don't feature my children, I present to you "Day 14 - Clouds":

Running in the rain. To clarify, she's gleeful, not furious. Fine line. 


  1. Your photos show off quite an upscale life - Sonos, Bose, Silver Palate oatmeal (really??. That combined with the blond/pink streak kinda scream "confused suburban mom trying too hard". IMO

    1. So awesome of you to come here to (and?) insult me, but okay.

      1. "Confused suburban mom" is correct. I live in the suburbs and enjoy some aspects of it and hate others.

      2. "Trying too hard" to do what, exactly? Keep it together? Marry non-suburban parts of my life to the suburban ones? Yes. I do try to do that every day. It's a balancing act, but I refuse to give in to either side!

    2. On second thought, what if I'm not actually TRYING and just AM THAT COOL?

  2. 1)My comment was not that mean - have you read the awful comments most 'mommy bloggers' get?

    2) You WERE cool, back in the day

  3. Well, that was rude and entirely unnecessary. I have ventured to the comments section because I was moved to tell you that your parents are gorgeous, what a a wonderful picture. Also, I like your hair, it's cute. And I live in the city and am childless, so my opinion is valid.

  4. I love that photo of your parents. Something to cherish, definitely.

    Anonymous comments will always be 97% of the time from assholes.

  5. "My snotty remarks about you aren't that bad as other snotty remarks I see online, so I'm totally justified in being an ass."

    Nice. Not sure why people spend the time reading and then slamming things they don't like. Life's too short, people.

  6. Another childless city-dweller the hair. Will "Anonymous" please help clarify: Am I allowed to eat oatmeal if I'm not in the suburbs? Should I be eating a downmarket variety of oatmeal based on geography? Is there such a thing as "trying too hard"? This is life, why wouldn't you try hard? Do you see how his/her crumminess just ends up causing *more* confusion?!

    Also, why do the meanies go nameless? Stand behind your jerkdom, people, or go kick a tire if you need to anonymously take your angst out on something. Or, maybe, try just a little bit harder at your own life.

  7. What made the oatmeal comment even more fun, is that you said it wasn't even your regular oatmeal... lol. I don't know why I found *that* funny but I did. :)

    I love your hair!! I recently went very drastically short, after having it down to my butt for almost all of my life! I LOVE IT. :D

    Also, the photo of Evie - love love love! And your parents too!

    Elvis in the salon is just surreal. Has anyone told the authorities that he's not dead, but entertaining people whilst they get their haircuts? :)


  8. Ya can't win. If it were walmart brand her post would be about you supporting sweatshops. She is just jealous because you made the thick and rough comparison. Someone needs to buy her a toy and some rechargeable batteries...

  9. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.


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