Taken at the ever-lovely Ma(i)sonry in Yountville, CA

Last Saturday, I got to go on a wine tasting tour with Ish, all because of this crazy blog.

Not because some company came to me and asked, but because the funniest, sweetest, cleverest woman with the best taste in bloggers EVER found this little website several years ago and, well. We became internet friends. And then Kristin had this brilliant idea to visit Napa during a girls weekend in San Francisco, and she invited Ish and me to tag along with her and her two super awesome girl friends.

Which of course we did because wouldn't you?

The trip was amazing. And I'm not just saying that to be nice. I'm saying that because I've done a lot of stuff around here -- from the super-touristy to the super-hidden -- and this was absolutely awesome.

Next time you're thinking of coming to Napa, please consider using Vin Ambassador as your guide. We had fantastic wines...
Round Pond Winery

...great views...

O'Brien vineyards

...a "hidden" private lunch catered by Napa Style (Michael Chiarello's shop & sandwich place, a side-shoot of Bottega) that involved truffle potato chips...

The sandwiches were great. But.

 and a guide you will adore with the best stories ever.


Happy Kristin! (Not the best portrait ever, but I think it captures the moment.)


  1. Kristy - you and Ish were the most wonderful additions to our day, and it wouldn't have been half as fun without you both. You are SO welcome. Also - in my lifetime, I have taken ("taken" as in "been captured in") some truly HIDEOUS photographs - I simply DO NOT photograph well, I accepted this about myself long ago, but we can't have it ALL, can we ? - so it doesn't shock me in the least that in the photo above I look a little like a beastly drunk woman in the midst of a stroke. I have seen worse. (Please explain to your readers that I am generally mistaken for Heidi Klum's younger sister. Didn't that happen at least 5 times last Saturday ? And all the staring ?)I can only imagine the shots you rejected before picking this one !!

    Thanks for the great write up and for mentioning Andres ! I also thought the day was MAGNIFICENT, thanks to him.


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