Well, See. And Now I'm Mad.

I haven't received a purposefully inflammatory comment in a really long time, so I'm a little out of practice. Not that I ever did the "don't take it personally" very well (or, you know, at all), but come on. Seriously?

Anonymous said...

I really am glad for you in that you are in a happy family situation, but have to say that the last photo (your new house) made me really sad.

It is just so.., well sorta really uncool. It's a natural progression (for some) to leave the city and move to a suburb, but did you have to go with the most boring mid-brow iteration on this theme?


The whole subject of our house-hunting thing has made me slightly uncomfortable for a few reasons. First of all, that Ish and I are managing to buy a place at all in this economy makes us extremely fortunate. Given the economy and how many families are losing their homes, writing about buying a new one seems insensitive.

On the other hand, not writing about it at all seems dishonest.

Secondly, there's the straight-up issue of money. I'd prefer not to touch that subject on my blog with a bazillion-foot pole. I'm far more comfortable discussing religion, politics, race -- anything. And not because I don't think I have the experience or perspective to write about wealth (or lack thereof) competently. Good lord. I have had my share of good times; I have also had my share of living paycheck-to-paycheck, having to figure out what portion of what bills to pay each month, wondering how or if or when I would ever climb out of debt.

But it's hard to discuss moving to a new house without so much as hinting at its relative costs. So I kinda wanted to skirt the whole thing altogether.

But then, maybe that's dumb? I don't know. Whatever. Here is what I have to say in "defense" of our home selection to an anonymous commenter who is purposefully raining on my goddamned parade the day before I move. (And I know, I know. If I didn't want to hear all matters of opinions, I shouldn't broadcast my life on a blog...)

Living in the SF Bay Area, even way up in the North Bay, is fuck-all expensive.

In Napa (much like everywhere in California) you have a few choices of house.

You can buy a home with "interest" (i.e., built before, say, 1997, i.e., not "boring."). In such cases, the home will either be tiny, a complete fixer-upper, weird and cold (think 70s with Swedish updating), or well over a million dollars. Sometimes if you're really lucky? ALL FOUR. (Note: I am not afraid of renovating a home, but I don't think that moving into a home that needs thousands of dollars of repair when I'm almost 6 months pregnant is a very wise decision.)

So what's left? Newer construction. A ton of subdivisions. Homes in the style of Everywhere, USA. Some neighborhoods are as generic as they come, some less so. Some had boring insides, some felt totally soulless.

We spent months tracking every house listed in Napa for under a million dollars. We toured almost 30 of them.

In the end, the one we picked feels happy. It is bright and airy. It has a semi-open floorplan we really liked and wanted -- one with a fantastic great room and that doesn't waste space with a big formal living room we'll never use. I guess it's on a fairly disinteresting street with a very non-particular facade. However, it's in a fantastic location and has an amazing backyard and view.

For what we could afford, this house was by far the best and I absolutely love it, uncool and all.

Oh, and look at that! Now I'm not angry anymore. Yay!

Also, I have an excuse to post some more photos:

The kitchen/great room

Our backyard (which ends at the fence) and view.
That yellow stuff is a vineyard.

Boring? Mid-brow? Perhaps. But I'm signing up for it anyway.


  1. Your house is SOOO pretty! I am currently house-hunting, so I've been looking at a LOT of houses lately... Yours is gorgeous, and quite frankly I'm a little jealous. :)

  2. That view is AMAZING! And as someone who also just bought a house in CA (Southern) I understand the dilemma of "tract" vs. "interesting". We opted for tract, since it needed a lot less money to just move into it.

  3. I actually looked at the pic of your house on the last post and went "Awsome!" And like you said, anything is CA is a bajillion dollars; I'm glad you guys can get in a home without losing any limbs. (You know, costing an arm and a leg.)

  4. Thanks, Laurelee (from the last post). Breezy elegance is sure to follow me.

    Lindsay - Thank you. The more houses you see, the more you know when it's right. I wish you all the luck in the world (because that helps, too).

    Anon 1:50 - I wonder if the original anon has ever looked at real estate in California. I'm guessing no. I was shocked (coming from the East coast) myself.

  5. I'm in CA too, and you're exactly right. I look at houses in DWELL and sigh, and wonder where those places actually are.
    We live in a tract house, and it's home. Yours is MUCH prettier, and it will be your home, which is what matters anyway.
    Congratulations on your new home!!

  6. It looks fantastic! Please feel free to post more pics :)

  7. Wonder where "anonymous commenter" LIVES and if they OWN?!? Some people just like to piss on parties because their own life is such crap they want to make others feel bad too. Their bad - not yours. The view from the backyard is AMAZING.....and hello Napa - nothing midbrow about it. It's gorgeous & your a lucky lady!


  8. Sorry, but that was just mean for the sake of being mean, and there's just no need for a comment like that.

    I love your house. More importantly, I love that YOU love your house. May you, Ish, and Baby-Walks-Around-With-It share many wonderful moments there.

  9. Hey - original anon here. Yeah, I actually own a house in Northern CA (Bay Area). Yes, it is fuck all expensive here, but I resisted the newer shit for a cool (yes, overpriced, fixer) that I renovated.
    I just know what I like and a tract house with stainless appliances and hollow core doors just ain't cool by any standard.

    K - did not mean to rain on your parade. And what the fuck do you care what an anon says anyway?

  10. It's sad that people can't say what they feel without their name attached. It makes me wonder how true their convictions and opinions are or if there's some deeper issue there..

    But anyhooo..

    I think your house and view is gorgeous. It's YOUR life. (the inclusive "you", Ish, your peanut and yourself). As long as what you are doing is making you happy, there should be celebration, not faceless and nameless dissent. The fountain in fantastic by the way. I, for someone who doesn't know you in the 3d sense, am as happy as I can be for you, even with a little twinge of jealousy of "finding your spot". (it's not the physical home or money spent, it's the wholeness and completeness you speak of that turns my eyes a little green.)


  11. ps. Plus I loathe the "you're not in an art district and didn't over pay for your house" or "you should really live in X neighborhood because all the right people live there" snobbishness. (Hey! That's a real word!) I mean really, a tract of land is just a spot, a house is merely lumber and materials. A home is what you make of it.

  12. Seriously, this kind of comment annoys the crap out of me, and it wasn't even directed at me.

    Why leave mean comments? Why not think, oh, her choice bores/annoys/whatevers me, and then close the damn browser window? Why go to the extra effort of typing in a comment just to make you feel bad? This person needs a good poke in the eyes.

    Also, your house looks lovely. And light and airy. And ferfuckssake - YOU have a house in NAPA! How awesome is that? How much do you rock??!?!

  13. Your house is incredible! I love your last 3... err 4 posts. It sounds like you've had quite an amasing adventure discovering yourself. I'm equally jealous and in awe!
    Congratulations on the move and starting a new chapter in your life! YOU DESERVE IT!

  14. Beautiful!! I am officially jealous! Congrats on the new digs.

  15. I don't know what was wrong with that person, perhaps a bit jealous? I love the house. And I really think, having lived in New York City and Minnesota, and spent time in New Orleans, that there is no "average" American home. Each city has something new to offer. And I'm sure you'll enjoy what this place has to offer.

    BTW, I have been reading your blog since January 2005, I think. And sometimes it brings me to tears that you are in such a great place in your life. Cause I know what you went through to get there. And you give me hope that it's possible for me still. Thanks, Kristy.

  16. Anonymous is a dick. I LOVE YOUR NEW HOUSE!!!!! The backyard view makes me want to show up on your doorstep and never leave. You will totally make the inside of the house yours and it will be cool and funky because DUH it's yours!!

  17. Sorry to the bitchy anonymous, but it's beautiful. I'm looking out my tiny cottage at mounds of snow. The view is beautiful, and I love the kitchen/livingroom...so fuck 'er

  18. I will never understand the anonymous hater comments. If you don't like what you are reading, use your personal agency to go read something more agreeable to you. Why go to the effort to piss on someone just for the sake of it? It just makes everyone else realize you are a miserable person. We all run across things and choices and people we don't agree with out in blogland but most of us have the common courtesy to silently disagree and move on. We all make our own choices based on our own circumstances - I've been known to denounce suburb tract housing with the best of them but I've also been completely jealous of friends who have made beautiful homes in suburban tract housing. Just because it isn't for me at this particular moment in my life does not mean it isn't a perfect for someone else. Or maybe even me under different circumstances - I mean who wouldn't love that great room/kitchen?
    Kristy, I love your blog and the house looks beautiful. Good luck with the move, I am sure you will love your new house as you turn it into your home.

  19. Wow. Maybe I could see someone saying that moving to the suburbs is boring...but that house as "mid-brow"...What? It is stunning and gorgeous. And different strokes for different folks and all that.

    Best of luck with the move! May it be as low stress as humanly possible.

  20. i read you often. stalker emailed you once, but rarely comment. i'll leave you with this.
    fuck that commenter. in the ear or something.
    until last generation, everyone in my family has lived in government housing.
    that crib is fan-fucking-tastic. a totaly dream house for a bunch of people.
    and since it will be full of the people you've dreamed of...
    and its home.
    peace to you, kristy

  21. I've been reading your blog since the CL fireman post. I'm so happy for you all. Seriously. You give me hope that I'll find my 'somebody' someday. But in the pit of my reader stomach is fear. Here is my plea: Please don't let the Anon-know-it-alls get the best of you and let them drive you to pull a CrazyAuntPurl and kill your comments forever! Please please please!

  22. A home is what you make of it, not what it looks like or where it is.

    And? It will be *yours*...to decorate, garden, entertain in as you see fit. You will undoubtedly have some wonderful memories made there.

    *That* is home. Enjoy it.

  23. OP here -
    You guys can say 'fuck you' to me all day. The truth is that K has a public blog and she posts her life and allows comments. If her goal is to only get stroked and positive reinforcement of every decision, I doubt she'd have this public forum. I am allowed to have an opinion and express it here according the rules K established.

    Really now, I did not say anything that bad. Given her previous lifestyle, it just struck me as a bit out of sync.

  24. I think you house looks delightful! Honestly, I love old houses and apartments with character too, but damn if they don't need more repairs and are harder to clean. Especially when people have been living in them for near on 100 years. So new construction can be awesome, and your home is what you make of it, and the inside where you live as a family is what matters most!

  25. Kristy, I LOVE your house! It's a happy home, for a happy family. Which is what you are a part of, right?

    It's beautiful. You and Ish and Baby are very, very lucky! :-)

  26. K... the difference between you and Anonymous is that you have the courage to put your name to what you write, scary as that can be.
    It's so easy to throw around harsh words and opinions when you can hide behind Anonymous. What a chickenshit.
    Your new home is beautiful. And it looks perfect for this new stage of your life.
    Besides, cool is over-rated. Since middle school.

  27. Oh and see...when I saw the house all I could think was "Oh how pretty and wonderful."

    Okay. No. Honestly all I thought was "SQUEEEEEEE"

    It's a cute house. I love the openness and that view...splendid.

  28. Anon (original) you need to grow the hell up and not take out whatever frustrations you may have on others by dissing them and their choices. I'm sure Kristy doesn't expect everyone to agree with her on everything but jesus christ you're just being a real bitch.

    Kristy, I really like your house - we bought about 20 months ago (3 weeks before the market topped out - ouch) and like you, we bought what was in good condition and what we could afford. Yours may not be vintage but it has about 5 times the personality of mine. :) Nevertheless, mine is home and I'm happy with it even if it is like just the one across the street.

  29. Anon, you were totally out of line with your harsh comments. However on some level, I agree that it does seem weird to go from city living to suburbia dwelling...it almost seems like that is what you have wanted, deep down, all along...

  30. My hubby and I bought a house, against all given advice, in an older section of town where the houses are old "Sears" plans and we love it. It's not cool, it's not high end, and it's old and it needs work. Most of the folks we know live in overdone, trendy houses they can't afford (even in Ohio) and they look down on my little yellow bungalow. Screw 'em. If you like it, if you have all the space you need (my god, I want your kitchen!) who gives a rat's behind what other people think. You have space for the kiddo and that's all that matters.

  31. Hi Kristy, I've been reading your blog since I found it on best of CL. The other day I mentioned to my mom that everyone was pregnant, such and such from work, someone else I know, and this girl who's blog I read...and she just kinda looked at me, lol. Anyway, I just started working at a nonprofit that does outreach to new mothers about lead poisoning prevention. I never gave it much though until I started this job. I love old houses with character as much as I'm sure you do too. But at least with your new house you dont have to worry about your baby being lead poisoned and you not even knowing it. People start renovating old houses without even thinking about all the lead paint/lead dust they're disturbing. I know this was random, but I wish you a happy, healthy baby.

  32. The comment made me really mad, too, and it's not even my house :)

    First off, your house is gorgeous.
    Secondly, what kind of stupid snob tells you that your house isn't interesting enough? Or haven't they realized that people are supposed to make the INSIDE of the house interesting -- by being themselves and living their lives. The OUTSIDE is just that -- the outside.

    Whatever. That commenter was shallow and I hope they end up living in a subdivided duplex for the rest of their natural life.

  33. This is not "uncool", this is growing up. Life is about evolving and you should be proud of your new place. I am buying a place right now too, it is very stressful and can be worse when people are throwing in their negative two cents. congratulations!

  34. I bought a house with that "interest" of which you speak. I may have lathe and plaster walls with archways, but I also have a 1941 kitchen, original furnace, zero insulation, and blocked studs that make dropping down or pushing up new electrical impossible. Your house is beautiful and your view to die for. Enjoy!!! And happy moving day!

  35. I think your new home is so beautiful and whoever annonymous is well...pooh on them. They are eaten up with jealousy for goodness sake. Fiddle dee dee..don't give them another thought.

  36. I think your house looks great! And it's none of our bamn disuness how much or how it was paid for.

  37. Who cares what anyone says about your choice of home?? If YOU love it, and Ish loves it and you feel happy and content there... then YAY! :)

    That's the main and only thing that counts.

    And for my 2 cents... I think it's a beautiful house and view!!!

    Congrats Kristy :)

  38. I'm so glad that you posted pictures via blogger and not photobucket this time. I can't see the photobucket photos at work. Damn firewall.

    Your house looks brilliant! It'll be lovely for bringing a baby home to and jeezus: That's all that matters.

    Houses cost more than a million DOLLARS in your area? Holy cow! I don't think you'd ever find that in the burbs of Paris, unless you were looking to buy a mansion or a castle. WOW!

  39. Your new house is gorgeous! So so lovely. It's spacious and bright with an amazing view. There's nothing boring about it.

    The whole house that I grew up in with my mum and brother, and am trying desperately to not have to move back into now because I simply won't fit anymore, would fit inside your living-room.

    Your pictures look to me like the greatest luxury, and I just hope that someday I will have somewhere as lovely. Congratulations on finding such a beautiful place to create a home for your little one.

  40. The kitchen/great room is gorgeous! Love it. I have a hideously ugly kitchen/well whole house actually. It has "potential". We've lived here almost nine years and it's still in the "potential" stage. It isn't the way it looks, it's the way it feels that makes all the difference. Congratulations!

  41. I once lived in a cookie cutter neighborhood where all the houses looked the same. Luckily we didn't have a association fee so we could paint and plant all we wanted to. And we did. We painted the trim of our white house...wait for it...purple. Yes purple! Sure some of the neighbors were shocked but it looked like an Easter Egg.
    Right now I live in a 60 year old home that is bright blue. I've heard that people talk about it.
    Besides it not what the house looks like on the outside its the memories and happiness you have in it. Good Luck on your move!

  42. WOW! Everyone has their own "opinion" but that doesn't make it right to say that the house she is moving into isn't very interesting....maybe not to you....but obviously Kristy and Ish saw something in this house! I think it is beautiful by the way! Maybe one should think before they give their opinion just in case it may come off as insensitive. Kristy....I give you a big Hug and a huge Congrats!!

  43. Though very open, Kristy only gives little snippets of her life here. To judge something out of sync one would have to know someone a lot better.

    Am I correct in asumming, Anon you don't have children? That you don't understand how tired a 6 month pregnant woman is all the time, then once the baby is born, how much of your time and energy they absorb? There wouldn't be anything left over for house renovations. My baby girl is 4 months old, there are still some days that I don't get a shower and barely have time to eat lunch!

  44. I just don't think a house with a vinyard in the backyard can be called "boring". It's gorgeous!

  45. moving from one place to the next as your lifestyle and needs change is called evolving. Being open to change, recognizing the past as an important part of that evolution and being able to move on, while still bringing with you everything you've learned is the only way we can grow.
    A house doesn't define its occupants. The occupants will define the house. A "cool fixer-upper" can be just as boring and mid-brow as a suburban tract home if that's who the occupants are. At the same time, the only way this house will be boring and mid-brow is if Kristy and Ish become that way.
    I kinda doubt that will be the case.

  46. That backyard view is amazing. And with a vinyard there you know it won't be spoiled by new construction.

  47. There is nothing boring and mid-brow about that view! It's awesome!

    As for rude-ass comments about your life, consider it practice for when you become a parent! :P The comments will be fast and furious. I've found that with my (plus sized) pregnancy and parenting, a well-placed snark and eyeball roll helps. Although my eyeballs are starting to hurt from overuse. ;)

  48. Why is it that anonymous commenters always say the most assholeish things?! Why can't they at least have some balls and show who they are if they're going to be rude or insulting. But whatever.

    Your house is great - I am green with envy over your island in the kitchen and your vineyard of a backyard.

  49. I'm here in Santa Barbara...which is just as expensive as well...and completely understand the limited choices. And would have never guessed you were even 'limited' by your choice - it is beautiful and I wish you every happiness there in starting your family!

  50. Ahh, the old say-something-mean-anonymously approach. Rubbish.

    I think your house looks GORGEOUS! That view is stunning and I'm hugely jealous (from my tiny rented flat in London, that looks like a palace!). Enjoy, and good luck with the move.

  51. Happy moving day, Kristy!
    Good luck in your beautiful new home with your happy little family.
    Don't worry, you can still be artsy, fun, fearless and creative.... Your walls don't define you. You should define them.
    Wishing you the very best for this new chapter in your life!
    Steph from NY

  52. Funny -- we're downsizing to what the anon commenter would probably consider an "interesting" house, because we HAVE to. I'd like to stay in the house we have, with the open plan and the gourmet kitchen and the gorgeous master bath. "Interesting" is going to mean more time on maintenance (time we don't have, with two small children), less space, fewer closets and cupboards, less efficient insulation, and so on. But we don't need so much house in this economy and with layoffs at my husband's workplace. Not everyone chooses a house based on the cool factor, anon.

    If we could get a vineyard in the back yard, we would feel our lives were complete. :)

  53. The only thing I thought when I saw your new house was...so that's where all the interesting, fun, new stories and adventures will come from.....goody!

    It's lovely! Enjoy!

  54. It's beautiful. You are very fortunate - and you know it, so it's all good - and you deserve all the fabulous things that are coming to you. I would KILL to own a house like that ! If someone else doesn't like it - oh well, they don't have to come to the amazing dinner parties that you'll have there. All the best to you and Pete !!

  55. As a fellow owner of a tract home in California, let me tell you this: your home is what you make it. I wasn't all that excited about looking into new construction, where every third house is the same, but prices in northern CA dictated that if I wanted a home, brand new it would be. And let me tell you, I love my house and have never regretted the decision for a minute. You and Ish will make it yours, and have a ball doing it. Lowes, Home Depot...all those stores suddenly become fun. Best wishes to you, the Bean, and Ish!

  56. Your new home is gorgeous and wonderful and you should feel very proud of yourselves!! Maybe ignore commenters with negativity, they could be jealous or having a tough time in the home market. Who knows! Chances are it's more about them than you. I love your new kitchen and your views!!! Much congratulations!!!

  57. Own it girl! You're doing exactly what's right for yourself and your family! And, the house looks super cute!

  58. Please, it's totally gorgeous! You guys should be proud, as I'm sure you are. Blessings all around. :)

  59. Some of the coolest people I know (my husband and me, for a start) live in the worst, most hideous suburb of boring houses on the entire planet: Highlands Ranch, Colorado. No vineyards to speak of, and most of the kitchens aren't as great as your new one. But we are still cool. Because we don't go around worrying about being cool in our thirties. We just do what we need to do. For us. Just like you and Ish are doing.

  60. Oh my god, so far from boring it's not even funny. The house is BEAUTIFUL and modern and envy-inducing and i am super, super jealous of that amazing mountain & vineyard view.

    Damn. Good luck on your move today!

  61. That view is anything but boring.

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  63. Anyone who feels justified in calling a home boring just by the realtor stock photo has absolutely no imagination!

    Your view is gorgeous and I LOVE your great room!

    You and Ish are creative, fun people and your home will reflect that even if it's shell is a little "standard".

  64. You are beautiful inside and out; therefore, so is your home, your neighborhood, and your greater community. Wishing you peace and joyful discovery in Napa!
    Apologetically anonymous: we are not all bad.

  65. Your (your!!) house is beautiful. I love it and can't wait for more pics. And stories. And hello.....a vineyard in your (your!) backyard? Its almost like fate. You belong there. Ahhhh :)

  66. Ack! My one bone of contention with SF is the coolerati. For them, you can do your own thing, as long as it's hip and interesting. Not that everyone is like that, for the most part, not at all. But wow is there a powerful undercurrent of bizzaro stepfordness at times.

    I can't wait to visit. I'm so unbelievably happy for you, proud of you, love you and Ish and my soon to be baby cousin soooo much that even I couldn't stay mad at the troll for too long (and I can stay in a state of self righteous anger as well and as long as most). It's going to be a really happy home, and I can't wait to help make it so.


  67. Long time lurker, and I felt the need to come out of the woodwork to say: the "midbrow" and "uncool" comment was jerky.

    Evidently some people's parents didn't teach them that if they can't say anything nice, they shouldn't speak at all.

    As for my opinion, the outside of the house is nice, but the inside is what does it for me. SO JEALOUS of that kitchen. And the area seems quite nice.

    Either way, I hope you and Ish are just perfectly happy there. :)

  68. I find it boring and mid-brow when people find it their duty to spew out any old opinion that pops into their mind.

    I happen to like your life. Do you? Good, then anonymous can get bent :P

  69. What a condescending thing for Anon to say. :-|

    "It's a natural progression (for some) to leave the city and move to a suburb, but did you have to go with the most boring mid-brow iteration on this theme?"

    Excuse me, but who the hell are you, Anon, to tell people how "cool" their houses have to be? Some people are lucky enough to buy a home in this kind of market, you holier than thou effer.

    When I saw your new house, Kristy, I thought it was very cute. I love the stone work on the exterior, the kitchen kicks arse, and I would love to have that kind of view from the backyard.

    Congrats on your new place. I'm really happy for you, Ish, and little Baby Bean. I'd love to live in Napa.

  70. There's absolutely no need to 'apologize' for being in the position to buy such a beautiful home with such a beautiful view, Kristy! One of the reasons I was happy to leave California in 1982 for Europe was to get away from these supposed 'friends' with their oppressive views on how you should live, where was the 'right' place to live, etc, because I found it all too, too stultifying. Europe was an option I embraced and would do so again today. I had my moment in the sun in California (actually it was 8 years) and loved just about everything to do with California, but I was ready to leave and let someone else take up my place there. You and Ish enjoy your place, you've earned it, and best of luck and best wishes to you both always!

  71. Well, clearly, life is full of to-each-their-own moments... And this emphasizes that incredibly well.

    First of all... yes, posters can -- and should -- express their opinions. Even when they disagree. Sunshine blown up asses is only fun for so long.

    But, you know what? It actually IS possible to disagree and even to be negative without being a jerk. I know, I know... a crazy, utopian idea... Yes, it can be more work because it actually takes more intelligence and brain power to say things honestly AND nicely (brain power that, perhaps, Anon spent on renovations?). But it IS possible and, frankly, is the right thing to do when you're' commenting on someone's "I'm Happy, Share My Happiness!" post.

    For future reference, Anon, saying, "Given her previous lifestyle, it just struck me as a bit out of sync" expresses your thoughts AND manages to not be assholeish. See? You CAN do it!

    Secondly, yes, everyone's definition of "cool" differs, and that's part of what makes life great. I, personally, would take K's version of "cool" any day. A bright and airy kitchen/great room with fabulous light for taking photographs? Check. Beautiful countertops that make cleaning a breeze? VERY COOL. New appliances that will work fabulously for baking (especially with my recently-discovered Orgasm Bars?)? AWESOME. A house that I could move right into and begin decorating to make it even cooler? SUPER-COOL.

    And if I was 6 months pregnant, you'd bet I'd love to be able to just swoop in and get my babe's room ready -- no fixing-up necessary! I sure as hell wouldn't want to be ripping up shag carpet or redoing hardwood floors or repairing cracks in walls or painting from top to bottom.

    I know many people who adore their fixer-uppers, who wouldn't have it any other way, and that IS cool.

    But choosing to live in a split-level on a cul-de-sac with absolutely no mortgage (as we've done) is WAY cooler for us. At this point, ANY kind of fixer-upper is pretty damn uncool in my book, when that money could be spent on traveling and acquiring art and instruments, and introducing my kids to amazing things. And I'd much rather use the time saved on a NON-fixer-upper to hang out with friends, spend time with my girls, go on trips with my husband, make music, and watch Dancing With The Stars.

    Thirdly, if you want to judge other people's (and their houses') coolness factors based on what they post on the internet, most importantly, you're a moron. But beyond that, you're dead wrong in this case. If you'd had the pleasure of visiting the eclectic tangle of fantastic collected awesomeness that filled K's childhood home, or if you'd actually seen (in person) K's more recent apartments, you'd know there is NO WAY that K's home will even approach mid-brow or boring. 'Cause right now, that structure they're moving into is just that -- a structure, a house. When she and Ish are done with it and it is their HOME, I can promise you it will be exciting and fantastic.

    Finally, it seems to me that the true coolness of living in Northern California, whether it be in a subdivision or a costly fixer-upper, is that you choose to do so because you love it and you don't give a damn what anyone else thinks. Isn't that essentially the San Francisco (and vaguely general vicinity) motto?

    So you know what *I* think is boring? People who live in Northern California or any other We're-So-Counterculture! place and CARE about what everyone else is doing. Taking the time out of your day to make negative comments about someone's I'm Happy! post (not once, but several times -- anonymously at that) is seriously uncool. And, frankly, about as mid-brow as it gets.

    Can't wait to visit, Kiki. :)
    After you introduce me to your favorite wine (which we'll enjoy overlooking the freakin' VINEYARD [!!]), and once the rugrats have gone to bed, we'll have to see how many Jeopardy! rounds we can get through flawlessly. Or at least sing the hell out of some show tunes.

  72. Your house looks stunning. As for those of us who are broke and can't afford to buy a place, I personally enjoy reading about someone who can. It allows me to be vicariously thrilled and that, in my opinion, is well worth writing about.

  73. Can you have and offer your opinion? Sure. Of course. But that doesn't mean you should.

    Great house Kiki....and there are only two people that have to think it's cool - and I presume you two already do.

    Can't wait to see it!


  74. Oh anonymous (shakes head at thee)
    Your house looks awesome! Please show us more as you move in!

  75. In my humble opinion, the comments made were just plain rude.

    Let me put it this way, If Kristy were 13 and the school was about to have its first dance, and invited a bunch of girls over for a sleepover, at which point she decided to show the girls her new dress...it would

    A) Only be bragging if it was done in an insensitive manner, which it wasn't. Everyone would expect her to show off her new dress.
    B) Be incredibly rude for one of her guests to say "It is just so.., well sorta really uncool. It's a natural progression (for some) to leave the goth movement and move to a preppy look, but did you have to go with the most boring mid-brow iteration on this theme?"

    Now, Kristy has leveled on open invitation to her blog. Its your job, as her guest, to respond to her politely. While you are entitled to your opinion, there are times and ways to express it that aren't rude.

    I was hoping Kristy would post pictures of the interior!

  76. If everyone had the same taste in houses, then they'd all look the same and EVERYONE's house would be boring by definition. It's the same with men: if we all liked the same type of guy, well you can just imagine...

    It is very rude and closed-minded to assume that everyone should have the same taste as you do, and especially rude to then voice it.

    Vive la difference!

    ps. I am house-hunting too, and I love your house!

  77. Hello there, my name is Cat. I found your blog linked to another blog. I don't blog, I just read them. If that's creepy, oh well. I particularly like your blog b/c of the way that you write. It really makes me laugh out loud. There are not many blogs that I follow regularly, but you are one of them, how lucky for you. ha.
    Anyways, just wanted to say the house you bought is gorgeous. GOR-GE-OUS! I just bought my first house and I was so proud and yes it is a townhouse. I wonder, is that would be considered low-brow or maybe even brow-less??? I digress. Congrats on your beautiful new home. Enjoy it! You are very fortunate!
    Just thought I would add my two cents
    Keep up the fantastic blog :)

  78. Umm.. maybe it's the northeast talking in me, but I think that house is amazing! It's super cute, has fun architecture and look at that kitchen. K, don't get yourself all huffy over this silly person. Using the guise of "anonymous," people can say whatever the hell they feel. It's rude, cold and inappropriate. And something they wouldn't say w/ a name attached to identify themselves.

    Just enjoy your life with your new hubby, new bebe and new home. (!AND new not-workingness). You're lucky to have all of this. And you deserve it all. Best wishes! -C

  79. For what my opinion is worth, I LOVE your new house...the pics you've shared look amazing!!

    The one common thread to most comments like the one you got...they always post under "anonymous" -- because they KNOW they're being rude and mean!

    Screw 'em and ENJOY your wonderful new house! :)

  80. I LOVE your new house. And the view. Anonymous people are so annoying. Give me a break. Once you actually go to buy a house you realize that "interest" costs money. I have a tract home in a great school district and my family is very happy there. Of course I dream of retiring to a fun little cottage one day, but this is where we are now. Those neighborhoods are great for families, that's why families keep moving into them! Duh!


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