Contest Winner!

Congratulations to...

Hurrah! Not that it's not fun to share random sex-related products with strangers of all kinds, but Ms. Lizzy has been a long-time IIF and so it feels ever-so-slightly less weird. Er, sorta.

Rest assured that there will be more giveaways like this (perhaps of the pink sparkly kind?).

So congrats again to Dizzy Ms. Lizzy and thank you all SO much for entering.

(Also, do other blogging moms-to-be give away booze and sex stuff? I'm thinking no...)

* * * * * * * * * *

In case you're wondering how I picked the winner, I cut and pasted ALL of the comments into and decided to go with the first line that had a blogger's actual name on it, versus just a line from their comment (so as not to give unfair advantage to people who left long comments). Luckily, Dizzy Ms. Lizzy came up immediately.

(Screen shot. Duh.)


  1. AWESOME!!!! Thank you!

    Kristy, I will e-mail you my mail information right away.

    Can't wait! And neither can Mr. Dizzy . . . ;-)

  2. OMG So close!



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