Who's going as Palin for Halloween?

I have a friend collecting photos of her look now (in case you need costuming help) and who will be collecting photos of all the Palin Impersonators, aka Palinpersonators, post-Halloween.

I hope you'll add yours and those of friends.


  1. My son's birthday part at the beginning of the month was a costume party and one of his friends came dressed as Palin. She was SO CUTE! She was in character and everything. SweetPea took to calling her "Hey, Palin!" (Yes, she responded!)

    I'd post pictures except that she's not my kid. My kid went as a character from a video game.


  2. No, but some friends are putting on pig snouts and lipstick ...

  3. Thanks for passing that one, Kristy. I hope there'll be lots of pics there after Halloween. In the meantime, I've posted some Palinphanalia-- SNL videos, etc, as will as some pics of her for costume reference.

  4. ohh, too funny! i'll be sure to add my pic.

  5. Looks fun! Will this be just a one year phenomenon?

  6. I think butchy, fake, robotic, psychotically-grinning Hilary is a much more appropriate costume for a ghoulish holiday.


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