"You Sound Like A Horrible Parent"

Here's an email I got a couple days ago: 
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "The Top 10 Weirdest Things On "Yo Gabba Gabba"":  
This whole post was stupid . I highly doubt little kids see anything sexual about the show. They are KIDS not idiot adults . I also don't see why it's a big deal that god is black and just because he's cheerful that makes him gay. You sound like a horrible parent . 
DJ Lance Rock

Which is really awesome, because of all the insights.  

So to respond:  

First of all, OF COURSE I am a horrible parent. I am a blogger.

Secondly, I KNOW my kids don't see anything sexual about the show. That's why I think ALL children's shows should feature characters that look like sex toys and/or sex organs. Then they will be prepared for later in life, for the day when a friend convinces them to go shopping at Good Vibrations in San Francisco, and instead of blushing or panicking they can be all, "Oh hey! Relax! That thing looks just like Hoobie The Space Goat* from my favorite show when I was little!" and then everyone will marvel at how sex-positive and comfortable my children have become. It's a good plan. 

Next, well, I can't believe you played the race card but you know what? In my (albeit limited) experience, we're led to believe that God looks less like DJ Lance Rock and more like Dumbledore. Is this fair? Probably not. But please direct me to the nearest book or movie or church or house of worship where God is depicted as a young, hip, dancing black man in an orange track suit. Then I will reconsider.

Lastly, it's not because he's cheerful that I say he's gay. It's because he's just like Dumbledore. Who is gay.  

And there you have it, folks. Fighting insights with insights.

*Hoobie The Space Goat should definitely be a thing


  1. Brilliant. Really LOL I concur!

  2. You've just worked sex toys, church, and raising kids into a few paragraphs. You win at blogging. Also, you might find God in an orange track suit at Glide.

  3. It's okay ! I'm a bad parent too. We all have our weaknesses. ;) great response!

  4. So, I've been reading your blog forEVER. And sometimes I'm sad that you don't post every day about your mashed potato boobs anymore. But then there's mornings like today. I just open up my soon-to-be-extinct Google Reader, and see She Walks. And, it's a lovely go eff yourself post about something totally random and I love you all over again.

    PS - congrats on your marriage and all the lovely babies and successes in your career that has kept you away from us. <3

  5. I think I just fell in love with you.

    I'm a horrible parent too, but just because my daughter has watched Yo Gabba Gabba for almost two hours now.

  6. LOL. I saw that blog post after googling Leslie Hall and I have to agree on more than one occasion me and my husband were like wtf. This is an acid trip! But it's the only thing my daughter will watch that will let me get a shower! And of course we have all the songs memorized. Some of the comments on that original post were hilarious!

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  8. DJ Lance is gay?! There goes that fantasy. All I know is that it takes balls the size of grapefruits for any man to put on that orange get-up just to entertain our kids.

    P.S. Don't bite your friends.

  9. Wandered over from supreme Write, and I'm excited to explore your blog some more... I completely know this sinking feeling as I realize I'm not the only one who comes up with good ideas, but you're totally right. You just have to tell a great story and stay true to your voice.

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  14. Perfect response, I particularly liked: 'OF COURSE I am a horrible parent. I am a blogger!'

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