The Great De-Plumping Project! Week Two! Boobs!

Yesterday morning I woke up, weighed myself, and decided to run to the computer to make a Week Two video. Before coffee.

This means I'm crazy. It also means:
  1. I am not wearing makeup OF ANY KIND and my hair is hilariously morningesque.
  2. The angle of the camera is about as unflattering as it can get, short of maybe sitting on the camera. Which I promise I will never, ever do. It's just that...somewhere under my jowels is actually a pretty face. Or, you know, pretty enough. PrettiER, certainly.
  3. I am mostly coherent, except I decide to chat about my boobs and then make references that are completely terrifying, such as "bowling balls in grocery bags" and then something about buying drugs from Canada and ordering brides from the Ukraine. 
I don't know what else to tell you. I've lost weight, but you'll need to watch my pre-7a.m. video to find out how much.

Reminder: You can order Medifast at a discount -- $50 off an order of $275 or more -- by using Coupon Code: SHEWALKS 

Yes, Medifast is sponsoring me, but I'm certain they didn't expect a pre-caffeinated lunatic to start posting videos on YouTube talking about her boobs, so kind of the disclaimer goes both ways. 


  1. Wow! Great progress, Kristy!

    Liz J in Central Illinois
    (dizzy ms. lizzy)

  2. 1. Totally cheering you on. 2. You are hilarious. I was dying laughing & I love your annotations.

  3. You're great, Kristy. So freaking great.

  4. Yay Medifast? No! YAY YOU! Great job, Kristy!

  5. I've been reading your blog forever and frequently have wanted to comment. Now I'm going to, every time you post a video. One, because you're so freaking funny. Two, because I'm right there with you (only not as brave. And probably less funny. And also? My hair doesn't look that cute when I first wake up, which frankly annoys me).

    Thanks for being a rock star!

  6. I can't watch the video because I am at work but Good Job!!

  7. KRISTY, KRISTY!!! Love these videos! AWESOME and so courageous! You go girl!

  8. love the way you are doing video posts. and yay, you for doing so well so fast. just don't get down if it doesn't all come off so fast (it didn't get on all that fast, right?)
    cheering you on,

  9. I am so impressed by how you are doing these videos without editing. Yes, i know there are annotations -- lovely annotations -- but the point is that you don't really NEED editing, because it sounds great. And inspiring! Congrats on your progress!

  10. Holy crap! Ten+ pounds already??? Color me impressed!

    Also: I happen to think you have a very pretty face, makeup or no.

  11. Buying a bra in a "regular store?" You might want to rethink that (if I heard that wrong, it might be because the sound on this laptop is so low). Regular stores (and indeed, many bra brands) try to force people into the "bra matrix," where the only cup sizes available are A, B, C, or D, unless you're say a size 40 or bigger (and even then, your selection is very limited). But the truth is that there are plenty of us (both normal-sized and plus) that need a smaller band and a larger cup -- and you can't get bras like that at regular stores.

    Now I'm definitely not the thinnest women out there; according to the BMI charts (which are a bogus way to assess whether someone is too fat or not... but I'm getting away from myself), I'm "overweight," but not "obese." I'm 5'3" and 160-ish pounds, and only learned in the past year that the 38Ds I'd been wearing weren't really giving me the right support, and that what I should be wearing is a 34G. So I'm ordering bras online from here on out, and loving how I look and feel in the right size bra.

    Based on what you've posted in the past regarding your "girls," I wouldn't be surprised if, no matter how much weight you lose, you're still going to need a band/cup combination that you can only get online (unless you're lucky enough to have access to a really good specialty store).

    Some women are lucky enough to lose in their boobs when they lose weight. Maybe you'll be one of those women, too. Maybe you WILL get to a size that can be bought nearly anywhere. I just wouldn't want you (or anyone else) to believe that's a goal that anyone can achieve. Some of us have hormones/genetics/metabolisms that won't allow it (surgery notwithstanding).

    Congratulations on your success so far! <3

  12. for whatever reason i always pictured you with a british accent...

    but great job so far! :)

  13. Thank you for doing these v-logs! I've been reading your blog for a while, and you've inspired me to try and lose some weight. Great job so far!!

  14. Your boob comments are my favourite thing, ever. I WEAR A K. It is less than awesome. I am more than familiar with the scary online world of bras (yay, UK stores). Go you - this is amazeballs.

  15. Good luck - 10 lbs is great but four months post partum is putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

    I am sorry that you are so unhappy because you are gorgeous even first thing in the morning!!

    What exactly are you eating? Is it tasty? Is it easy to do? Talk me through the menu? I'd love to know.

  16. Very impressed both with your bravery and your weightloss. You go, girl! Keep inspiring everyone out there to make positive changes in their lives.

  17. Kristy - I have been up and I have been down that scale. I never shied away from horizontal stripes, no matter what the number. I had to delurk myself (well, kinda) to let you know what you did. Here are my numbers: Last year at this time I was a size 12. I know I shouldn't bitch about it, but I'm short. And as you know, when you are short, even 5-10 pounds coming off your frame makes a NOTICEABLE difference. I had never considered Medifast and never would have if it hadn't been for your first sponsored go round with them. So I gritted my teeth, and ordered a 1 month supply. I'm not going to pretend I loved it, (except for the bars which were YUM-MEE!) but cut to a year later, and I'm now a size 8, headed for 6. Which is where I 'should' be according to those *%$# BMI charts. But more importantly, I don't know that I would be here if it hadn't been for you. I only did Medifast for 4 months, but it was the jumpstart I needed to get myself back to fighting weight. So thank you.
    Now: The boobs. Guess what? The best gift you can give to yourself is to get a really good fitting bra, even if it kills you to spend that kind of money, even if your boobs change shape and you have to give that barely-worn and pricey bra away after a couple of months. You will look SO much better in your clothes as you make this journey. Get one good T-shirt bra and one good seamed bra. Get fitted at Nordstrom, with someone who's been working that shift since Eisenhower was president, and you'll get the fit you're looking for. Be prepared, though: I have lost 20 pounds and I am STILL WEARING THE SAME SIZE BRA!!! That kills me, but I maintain the ta-ta's while the belly goes away. So it could happen to you.

    Try not to be horrified when you get put into an 'H' cup or something equally cringe-inducing. Only Ish will know....

    Keep up the good work, Kristy.


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